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If you're visiting or living in the city, please post here!

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Hiladrith is seen as the gateway city to the other regions and is booming with trade, transport, and culture. Adventurers stop in Hiladrith at least once during their journeys across Idalos not only to buy and sell items, but to enjoy the scenery of the city and chance a look at the women there. If there is one thing Hiladrith is known for, it's the women.

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[Hiladrith] Cold Cycle Roster 716

Cold Cycle Roster
We are very excited that you've taken an interest in developing your character here, as we have many fascinating events happening within this beautiful city. To keep track of all the plots and drama happening within these stone walls, I ask that you please post your character to the roster so that we know who is playing here. Moderator planned events will happen often and since this is a starting city, I want to make sure I have everyone's character information so we can plan accordingly. I expect everyone who is coming into Hiladrith, whether they are visiting or living here, to post in this roster. Another reason being is that it helps players find others to develop their plots with. With that said, please post using the code below to this form. You may include any information you'd like regarding your character.
Character Name:
Blessings and/or Curses:
Reason For Being In Rhakros:
Character Goals:
Extra Information:

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[b]Character Name:[/b] 
[b]Blessings and/or Curses:[/b]
[b]Reason For Being In Rhakros:[/b]
[b]Character Goals:[/b]
[b]Extra Information:[/b]
Players are open to edit this code as they please. However, make sure you have the necessary information listed above.
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