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[Rhakros] Seasonal Calendar for Ashan 717

Ashan Seasonal Calendar
~~123 Trials~~
Please note: I will update this table as events are responded to. Therefore, if you are going to be writing about a particular event, reply here to claim the event, with the link and an indication of if it's open / closed to other pcs and I will update this table so that other players can see and join in where appropriate!

Key To Colours Used
Moderated ~ a thread run by one of the Prophets of Rhakros
Open ~ available for anyone to create a thread about. Please use the code below to "claim" it - maybe someone new will join you!
Open: Reward ~ if dealing with this event will have the possibility of a reward (depending on how you deal with it!) this will be shown. Please note that the reward is not necessarily monetary but might be fame / infamy / items etc.
Open: Impact ~ denotes a plotline which will have an impact, potentially, on Rhakros generally. This will require mod input before you begin.
ImageDateLocationEventStatusLink/ Info
Image1stRhakrosXahexbn is the ten-trial long festival that Rhakros celebrates in honor of the growing temperatures of the season. A rise in temperatures means an increase in the lushness of the surrounding jungle, and its bounties.Open
Image2ndRhakrosA well-known traveling mummer's troupe comes to Rhakros in honor of Xahexbn. Their performance satirizes the creation and mutation of the Avriel, which raises tensions in the city.Open
Image6thUzkernian Caves A strange glow has begun emanating from a cave system behind the Enan'uh Falls. Rumors abound that there is some object of power residing inside.Moderated
Image8th RhakrosAs Xahexbn is winding down, the city vegetation is cut back and burned in honor of Lisirra, who demands the citizens breathe in the toxic smoke. This causes hallucinations.Open
Image11th RhakrosDirectly following the end of Xahexbn, two suspected Aiséiri Preachers are found brutally murdered outside the temple to Moseke, and their flesh mutilated.Moderated: Impact
Image13thUzkernian JungleStrangely mangled prey animals are being found throughout the jungle, whose bodies are preserved except for the festering wounds. The Serga Manravu sends people to investigate.Open: Reward
Image15thRhakrosThe tenuous relationship between the Serga Manravu and the underground Aiséiri practitioners destabilizes further, and the Talukynahi demands information pertaining to Aiséiri practitioners. Open: Impact, Reward
Image 50thAllNytb: As the mutated jungle animals once attacked the city, so too will the city attack them. The Nytb is the annual hunt of the surrounding jungle area, praising those who bag the greatest and most truly mutated creatures.Open: Reward
Image61stAllThe middle trial of the season is a day dedicated to the experimentation that Lisirra visited on the surrounding areas. A opioid-like plant drug is distributed to each citizen in the city, and offers a trial long drug-induced haze. Open
Image70th Rhakros Traders arrive to trade for the pelts and spoils from the Nytb. Because of the heat, most meats are spoiled, unless treated with water from the Enan'uh Falls. Any who has slain a beast in the Nytb is welcome to trade openly. Open: Rewards
Image85thRhakros The Talukynahi issues a decree that mandatory experimentation is to begin. Rumors circulate that it has to do with the animals whose preserved bodies had been found. Great rewards are promised to those who live through the trials. Moderated
Image90thRhakrosThe bodies from the experimentation are taken to an unknown site and disposed of. There is some speculation that they are dipped in the Fountain, but nobody outside the Serga knows if this is true. However, the trail isn't hard to follow... Moderated
Image101stUzkernian Jungle A foraging party is sent out to find more poisonous ingredients to make poisons. All are encouraged to come. Antidotes provided to those who become ill... Maybe.Open: Reward
To Claim One of These Events!
Players are more than welcome to create threads about any of these events. If you are going to do so, please post in this thread in order for me to update this list. Once updated, your post will be deleted so that it stays neat for the next person! To claim one of these events, use the code below:

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[b]PC(s) involced[/b]
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