• Closed • Urban Warfare.

A horror show in the making unfolds before our very eyes.

2nd of Vhalar 716

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Urban Warfare.

Before Niv could even think to evade, sharp mandibles flew dangerously close to her and Patcha causing both to visibly recoil in fright. The power behind the attack was enough to nearly push Niv of Patcha with the aftershock it produced. Had there not been a group of other fighters keeping the shadow beast busy, Niv was sure it would have killed Patcha and left the Tunawa in pieces. Niv could always recover in time, her real concern was for Patcha. The bird had only joined this fight because Niv and dragged him into it. Still not wanting to give up the fight, Niv did the unthinkable and jumped.

Had Niv thought it through, she would have realized that jumping off her mount was a stupid idea. Unfortunately she didn’t and found herself free falling from the sky towards the shadow beast. Niv was accustomed to falling from high places but there usually wasn’t a blood thirsty shadow beast at the bottom ready to rip her to pieces. The fear she felt caused the sap within her bark casing to pulse with something close to adrenaline. She thankfully still had her sling in one hand and a pebble in the other and with a nimble motion was somehow able to load and fling her projectile. Whether it would it hit the creature, the broad side of a barn or absolutely nothing could only be determined by fate and if Niv had used her weapon as well as she thought she did.

She collided with someones shoulder before hitting the ground unscathed only to find herself under a mud soaked boot. She could barely even protest as she was pushed into the ground by the immense weight of the person above her. Even after it was lifted, the trampling didn’t stop as the fighters struggled against the beast.

In the meantime Patcha, was left to circle around frantically looking for his reckless friend.

Art credit to Yoshitaka Amano
word count: 337
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