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The plot development forum is designed for players and groups to keep track of their plot lines, goals they wish their characters to complete in each season, and anything else that may tie into your character's past, present, and future. Please remember that this is not the Personal Journals forum and should not be treated as such. All information posted within this forum should be information that ties back to your character within the Standing Trials Roleplay.

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Plotnotes Rules

Welcome to the Plot Notes Section!
Hey there! Thanks for taking a look into the rules of the forum before posting. I just wanted to clarify what the use of this forum should be. Here is where player can post their plot notes about their characters, the goals that they have, descriptions of the personality, the things they hope to accomplish throughout the seasons and the things they have accomplished and how it affected your character. The forum was created to allow users to expand on their character without having to clutter up your character sheet. You can also list upcoming quests or quests that your character will be participating in with the coming seasons. All posts here are related to in character events and details. Please do not post in other player's plot notes unless the player has given you permission to do so.

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