• Location • The Ashen Alleys

A place visited by those most desperate souls..

Sirothelle rests near the Heart of the World, one of the largest active volcano known in Idalos. Within the walls of this city resides the Aukarians, a race known for its treachery and murderous intent. Stone is a main component in the construction of most of the buildings in this city as the Aukari have a habit of burning down towns with their fire. Almost everything is made of stone, even their house, room, and beds. Most travelers do not come here, whether out of fear, hatred, or both. If an adventurer had the courage to step foot within Sirothelle, they can expect not to be greeted kindly, if at all.
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The Ashen Alleys

Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:53 pm

Ashen Alleys
Deep in the slums of Sirothelle lays a series of narrow streets called the Ashen Alleys.

What was once a part of the slums was figuratively stripped away from the city after several problems with the design and construction of this disastrous project. Initially being one of the slums' most habitable locations, and a prime location for past buyers, problems with the infrastructure of this otherwise tight but cozy buildings was destroyed before it could even begin.

What started as a light tremor caused the streets that once laid in this location to collapse, along with every building and citizen that stood around it. While the tragedy inspired some grieving, what was grieved most was the wasted space which could be used to house the ever-growing populace of economically poor Sirothellese. As such, the plans began for the reconstruction of the zone, with the idea of making good use of every inch of the space available, compressing the buildings and reducing the size of the streets. The project was funded and approved by the Council, and initially, it showed great potential.

However, once the project was completed and the housing was sold, the problems started to show how poorly planned the project was. Sewers clogged by mere pints of water, slow water drainage, and generally inefficient plumbing made living in this zone impossible - not if one wanted to consume water without having to walk through half a district, anyway. Ever since, most of these buildings have been converted to storage room.

These days, these alleys are mostly deserted, especially at night, which is what makes them the location they are most used for: burning, setting oneself ablaze and crying at the skies in rage to relief stress. Despite Aukari society praising control over one's emotions, not all can handle the daily pressures of life, and those seeking for a relief away from prying eyes often go to the Ashen Alleys. Leaving their clothes at the entrance, those Aukari seeking for relief walk the dark alleys through the night until their release has been satiated - at least partially.

It is not uncommon to find ash spread throughout these streets, or clothes nobody has returned to reclaim, as there is always someone who prefers to burn their problems away along with their life, or those who simply lost control in the sweetness of their release.

It is because of this sad, or perhaps merciful, location, those that enter and engulf themselves in their own flame are protected from judgment from their peers. What happens in the Ashen Alleys must stay in the ash of these alleys.

No moderator approval is required to RP in this location.
Location Credit: Peake Andaris
word count: 468
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