[Creed Camp-ish] Forged Souls

A small island with an active volcano, Faldrass is the home to Saoire's school and to the Faldrass Induk.

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[Creed Camp-ish] Forged Souls

Arc 721, 10 Vhalar

It hadn’t taken much investigation on Elisabeth’s part to realize someone was on Faldrass that she wanted to see. The descriptions of a certain Ithecal began filtering back to Haven, and the young leader knew who was being described. Praetorum was one thing, but Varlum was another completely. It also made sense that he would be visiting his sister, Vega.

Since he had no idea she was on Faldrass, she decided it was up to her to surprise him with a bit of a visit. It had been far too long since the friends had seen each other, and Elisabeth was a slightly different person than before. Magic and marks – she had both now, and to her knowledge, he knew of her possessing neither.

The last time they spoke had been the Mummer’s Ball in Rharne. So much had happened since; she scarcely knew where she would begin with her story when she saw Varlum. Her defiance initiation? Being arrested with Balthazar? The settlement? The Forging? Dying? Rynmere? There was a vast quantity of events to choose from.

Sword and bag on her back, Elisabeth made her way alone to the outskirts of Hopetoun. Of course, the guards hadn’t been pleased, but she usually managed to get them to see things her way after a bit. It had been a while since any mysterious vanishings had happened, so the anxiety about random disappearing was finally waning a bit. At least enough to allow for a brief visit to Hopetoun. Perhaps she could even convince Varlum to come to stay in Haven for a few trials so they could catch up.

She had made the trip to Hopetoun often enough now that the path was familiar, and soon enough, the terrain changed a bit, meaning she was nearing the settlement. By her guess, Varlum would be near Vega and Arlo’s camp, so she headed that direction, slowing her pace.

And just like that, there he was. Settled against a log, Elisabeth couldn’t see precisely what the Ithecal was doing as she was approaching from behind, but in some ways, that was perfect. Her visit was a surprise, and hopefully, he would be glad to see her.

The young defier sent a quick burst of air towards Varlum, lifting her hand gently and directing it to dance around him. He would find a very familiar and friendly face smiling brightly at him if he turned to look.

Speaking softly, she slowly walked towards him. “Ever a sight for sore eyes, my friend.” Varlum was one of the ones that knew Elisabeth as simply Elisabeth. Before anything, and one of her first friends, he was special to her, and the happiness at him being on Faldrass was evident in her voice.

word count: 468

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