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Non-Skill Knowledge

Possibly a silly question but can you pick up more Non-Skill Knowledge via rp? I would guess yes but have only really been seeing things talking about gaining skill knowledge through rp.

Also in regards to non-skill race-specific knowledge is there any benefit to taking knowledge about the race the character is part of or would that just be inherent knowledge that doesn't need to be specifically called out for them to know?
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Re: Non-Skill Knowledge

So we meet again! Your posts keep popping up whenever I visit the front page, they are questions I can answer, and no-one has responded yet, so I figure I might as well.


1) Yes you can. When posting a review request in the queue, you can request any number of relevant non-skill knowledge. It can be anything, from cultural stuff, to rumors, to myths about the Immortals. They don't count towards skill progression, even if they could feasibly apply to a skill. For example, when listening to a bard singing ...ehhh... a song of ice and fire, you could request "Song: A song of ice and fire" as a non-skill, or you could request "Singing - song: A song of ice and fire". Or it could be Storytelling instead of Singing, if it is a song telling a story. But, once you've been awarded the non-skill version, you cannot use that to increase your knowledge total for any skill it might be relevant too.

Does that make sense?

2) Race specific non-skill knowledge of your own race doesn't have any benefit as far as I can tell beyond RP. One assumes they have grown up immersed in their culture, and the relevant knowledge would indeed be inherent. If the PC grew up in a different environment and/or a large part of their story is learning about their own race and culture, requesting the non-skill knowledge can be a good way to track their progress. The same goes for antropologist PCs or, idk, Yludih who want to learn about a specific race to blend in better.
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