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Scaltoth Golden Scarab

Scaltoth Golden Scarab
Developed by Zemos
Price: Tier 6, or 1 wp for a measure that can produce four uses of insect-binder dust.
Habitat: Scaltoth
Lifespan and Development: Remains in Larval form for a season, emerges from pupae and livess out its adult life for four arcs, throughout which it produces offspring as most dung beetles do, placing their eggs in large globes of dung, which most often belong to large predators of the Scaltoth. They will roll these globes of dung for many miles through the Jungle, until they've found a nest. They repeat this process every season, save for Cylus, during which they're dormant.
Diet: Omnivorous
Temperament: Voracious.
Ability 1 ~ Can eat any plant, even poisonous ones. Highly resistant to pesticides.
Ability 2 ~ Highly resistant to poisons in general.
Ability 3 ~ Cohabitates areas with highly dangerous predator animals.
Weakness 1 ~ Easy to catch in a bug net. No real offensive capabilities against live capture.
Weakness 2 ~ Easy to trap, lure with the dung of predator animals.
Fast Facts Skill Levels Required~ please fill this in using this page for reference.
Fast Facts
Knowing It
-- Scalvoris: Competent
-- Idalos: Expert
Wealth Tier
-- Scalvoris: Tier 6
-- Idalos: Tier 7
Sell/Buy It
-- Scalvoris: Tier 6
-- Scalvoris: Common
-- Idalos: Rare
Finding It
-- Scalvoris: Expert
-- Idalos: Expert
Collecting It
-- Scalvoris: Expert
-- Idalos: Expert
Using It
-- Expert Medicine: Can be used to produce a binder reagent that can turn any plant-based ingredient into an insect-based product.
Killing It
-- Novice
Capturing It
-- Novice
-- Moderate to high because of its habitat.
Tending It
-- Competent
word count: 267


Nzi'Fuma is going by the name Zemos until further notice


Yithnai: Nzi'Fuma has glowing green eyes.
Witchmarks and Mutations:
  • Dread Warpaint: Zemos' upper face has a darkened discoloration, like sticky tar to the touch. It resembles warpaint.
  • Flies and other insects tend to crawl over his body intermittently. Sometimes a maggot can be seen crawling over his skin.
  • He has a slight slowness to his speech, as if he struggles to keep his tongue low in his mandible.

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