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[Drink] Baron's Brew

Baron's Brew

Developed by Darius Baer
Type of Alcohol: Beer
Short Description: A beer that has been brewed with Faldrass potato.
Found: Hopetoun
Toxicity/Hazard: The alcoholic content of Baron's Brew is comparable to other beers.
Appearance: With an orange-brown colour and a frothy head, Baron's Brew is reminiscent of most beers. It is typically served in a tankard.
Properties: Baron's Brew is a beer that is standard in almost every way, except that it is brewed using the Faldrass potato. This gives it a uniquely earthy spiciness that is attributed to the vegetable, while its temperature can ensure the drink retains its warmth almost indefinitely - certainly long enough to ensure the drinker has time to consume it at any pace he or she chooses. Baron's Brew is popular all arc round, but particularly in the colder months, where it is not unheard of for people to purchase it and hold onto it as a way to warm their hands, before eventually drinking it. Baron's Brew received its name after the brewer had Darius Baer, one of the Barons von Smooglenuff, taste test some beers and pick his favourite. As such, it is occasionally called Baron Baer's Brew, but it is rumoured that Darius Baer prefers its more common name so that he isn't mistakenly credited with its creation.
Side Effects: As Baron's Brew is a beer, excess consumption may lead to dizziness, impaired judgment, and a generally inflated perception of the drinker's singing and dancing abilities.
Rarity: Common in Hopetoun. Not available elsewhere.
Price ~ This becomes available at Wealth Tier 3. If purchased outside of Tier, it costs 1 WP.
Fast Facts Skill Levels Required~ please fill this in using this page for reference.
Fast Facts
Knowing It
-- Scalvoris: Competent
-- Idalos: Master
Wealth Tier
-- Scalvoris: Tier 3
-- Idalos: N/A
Sell/Buy It
-- Scalvoris: Competent
-- Scalvoris: Rare. (Common in Hopetoun.)
-- Idalos: N/A
Finding It
-- Scalvoris: Competent
-- Idalos: N/A
Collecting It
-- Scalvoris: Expert
-- Idalos: N/A
Using It
-- Drinking!
Killing It
Capturing It
-- (if applicable)
Tending It
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Re: [Drink] Baron's Brew

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