[NPC] Order of the Adunih Mentor (Woe) Topic is solved

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[NPC] Order of the Adunih Mentor (Woe)

Heya, I'm putting in for a mentor for Woe in the Order of the Adunih. This is my attempt at one, for when he becomes a blue cloak, assuming nothing unusual happens in his rank up thread. Thanks, here's their info:
Camdyrr Badder
Name: Camdyrr Badder
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 34th of Saun 654
Languages Spoken: Fluent: Common, Scalveen.
Skill Table
Skill XP Level
Engineering 80 Master
Gardening 60 Expert
Brewing 60 Expert
Medicine 60 Expert
Science 30 Competent
Woodworking 30 Competent
Teaching 30 Competent
Discipline 30 Competent
Seafaring 30 Competent

Appearance/Biometrics: Gray-haired, standing at 5'9", with lines of age on his face. He wears plain clothing most often. His build is light with average level of fitness for his age.

Personality: From his years of dealing with difficult sailors who fight him tooth and nail over every treatment as a ship's doctor, Camdyrr isn't one for tolerating nonsense from his patients or students. Straight to the point and focused on results, he nevertheless is open-minded when it comes to matters of recovery or improvement in his patients or students.

Backstory: A former ship's doctor, working for one or another of the pirate lords, he didn't have much choice in his affiliation at the time, as the Pirate Lords ruled Scalvoris and there was little more lucrative or supportive ventures than to care for the wounded of those crews, as well as their captives. When the Pirate Lords left, he became an independent healer on the island, until eventually joining the Order of the Adunih as both a medic as well as a well-seasoned carpenter and architect. He helped build up their infrastructure under the leadership of the Order, and worked his way up to Gray Cloak.

Role in Order of the Adunih: Gray-Cloak, assigned mentor to Woe upon rank up to blue cloak. He works most often as an architect for the Order, either shoring up the facilities that exist or expanding into new chapter houses and ventures.

word count: 342
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Re: [NPC] Order of the Adunih Mentor (Woe)

Approved. I'll get it to the right place!
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