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[Hopetoun] Hopeful Rest Inn (Addendum)

An addendum to the Hopeful Rest Inn. This is to add an NPC to the existing location. :)
Name of Location Here!
Write up the location here!

Please make sure that you have sufficient detail for someone who is using the location for the first time. Also, please be sure to state where in Scalv the location is.

Notes on NPCs.
1. Most locations don't need more than 2 or 3 NPCs. Please don't go overboard.
2. In terms of skills, most NPCs don't need more than 5 or 6 skills, and not everyone is Master. Remember that the skill levels are named correctly - if someone is an Expert, then they are an expert. Keep your skill levels reasonable.

Pricing / WP / Tiers
1. If appropriate include services/products available for purchase.
2. List the Tier at which these items would be available, and the price those beneath that tier would have to pay in order to acquire the service/product.

NPC Name

Name: Kerik Lan
Race: Human
Age: Arc 676, 109th of Vhalar.
Title: Brewer
Skills: Skill Name: Brewing (30), Business Management (18), Negotiation (26), Teaching (26),
Other Information: Kerik Lan's passion for brewing is infectious. Not content to 'settle' for the standard drinks that most taverns offer, he is inventive and creative, and is frequently on the search for ingredients to make unique drinks.

Originally from Almund, Kerik moved to Hopetoun in 721. After getting himself into trouble with some local debtors, he was aided by a small group led by his brother Mai - a farmer in Hopetoun - and Darius Baer, the settlement leader. As a result, he was able to clear his debts before leaving the capital city.

Kerik and Mai are twins, and, aside from Kerik's moustache and Mai's lack of facial hair, they are barely indistinguishable from each other: 5'9" with a stocky build, dark brown hair, and a large nose.

Price List / Goods Available

If appropriate
The following goods / services are available here.
Wealth Tier is the Tier at which these goods / services are available at part of your Wealth Tier
WP Cost is the cost for them if they are outside your Tier.
Item: Wealth Tier WP Cost
Name Tier WP

Player Notes

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Re: [Hopetoun] Hopeful Rest Inn (Addendum)


I'll get the Inn updated soon!
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