[Hopetoun] Cool Resources.

13th of Ashan 721

A small island with an active volcano, Faldrass is the home to Saoire's school and to the Faldrass Induk.

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[Hopetoun] Cool Resources.

13th Trial of Ashan, Arc 721


Who would ever have thought, Vega considered, that she'd ever be teaching anyone anything?

Yet, she had already taught a whole group of settlers here how to make arrows, and then she'd taught wood working. Now, she had a third thing which she'd promised Darius she'd get done. The cool box which she'd previously made for Arlo. But, Vega had decided, she was going to use this as an opportunity to help the settlers more than that. It was all well and good them learning what she wanted to teach them, but there was something which she could do which might help them even more. That, Vega believed, was an attitude which many of them didn't currently have.

She couldn't blame them for that, it wasn't an attitude that most people who lived in houses had, as she believed, and it didn't come easily to people. But here? Here it would significantly improve their lives, Vega believed. So, she glanced at her cousin, Huw, who was going to be helping her to-trial. "You got everythin' we need?" Vega asked and Huw nodded. "What are you planning on doing here, exactly?"

Vega considered how best to explain it. "The thing is, I want to try an' get people thinkin' about resources, Huw," He looked at her with a question in his eyes. "Like, thinkin' about how to absolutely maximise everythin'" He nodded at that explanation. "Like the fences. They could have jus' been fences, an' that would have been fine, but I want to get people thinkin' about how to maximise everythin', make it useful an' functional." Huw considered this and he pursed his lips. "It is hard to think that way for many land-livers"

She frowned at him. "You've seen these people, Huw. They're good an' they're hard workin'. Jus' because you're biased doesn't mean that people can't learn, an' at the end of the trial, they can think about it an' then not follow it if they choose." He glared at her. "I am not biased, I am speaking from experience."

With a chuckle, Vega shook her head. "Yeah, right. You're speakin' from experience of Arlo? Or Mister Creede?" Huw frowned. "That's different. They're different." He was mostly cornered, and he knew it. "Yeah. So are the people here, you steamin' dweeb. Now come on an' carry this for me?"

Huw grumbled under his breath, but did as he was asked. Frankly, he knew when he was beat and, of course, so did Vega.

word count: 442

Vega's skin has a reflective metallic sheen with a red glow. Her eyes still swirl biqaj colours, but one colour is always bright red which glows like fire. She has a bright red glow in her chest, situated directly under the mark of a heart (Daia mark) in the middle of a glowing silver dragon on her chest (Xiur). She's unnaturally warm to the touch

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