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Resource Requests

If you are the leader of a settlement, then please post here with your requests for resources / help etc from the Council.

Please post your letters here - let me know what you want, date the letter, and let me know what you want it for. I'll then post in your settlement tracker, confirming.

Assume that the request goes to Gertrude Adric, an administrator - for the purposes of who to write to.

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Re: Resource Requests

30 Ashan 721

To Gertrude Adric,

I am grateful and thank you for the seeds and pamphlets you have sent about farming. As of the moment, Haven is set to be self sufficient in terms of crops come the new season- or so I'm told. Agriculture eludes me a little. We have been provided generous donations from Rita at Haven Farm as a result of a letter I wrote her earlier in the season that, coupled with your donations, are more than enough to keep Haven self-sufficient. However with the issue of gathering seeds behind us, new ones have emerged. I am writing to you to request further aid for the people of Haven.

With the war going on I understand if there is no manpower to spare, but if you could assemble and send any pamphlets and tools for construction, engineering, blacksmithing, and woodworking that the Council can get, I would be able to train the same unit of my settlers to build more sturdy and reliable structures. Haven has a good foundation set that I believe we can improve upon with more information and knowledge. Additionally if they could send any pamphlets they have about farming clams, it would help us expand and improve on what we have started near our shores.

Lastly, while we have set up a system of barrels to collect fresh water for the settlement I think it would be beneficial to have another source of fresh water should the weather turn against us. If the Council knows of any material or substance that can separate salt from the water, I would be able to make a well or a few wells in Haven with purified water for the settlers to use.

Should the Council need anything from Haven, we are a letter away.

With Haven's Regards,
Balthazar Black

Requesting: - Pamphlets on Construction, Engineering, Blacksmithing, and Woodworking
- Pamphlets on clam farming
- Any substance that can purify water to help Haven secure more reliable sources of fresh water.

 ! Message from: Peg
The don't have pamphlets on everything - they suggest some books that Balth could buy, perhaps?
Re: Purifying water - they don't know but suggest that talking to seafarers might help?
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