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12th of Ashan 721

Here is the City in the Trees. Desnind, home of the Immortal Moseke and much more! All IC writings in Desnind go here.
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Careful with that Axe Zuny


12th of Ashan 721

True to Ekohdene's advice, Safira tried her best to fit in to the regular populace of Desnind. It was a challenge, with the language barrier, but thankfully there was an inexplicable influx of immigrants from Quacia. Safira was at first excited to see them, and talk in her own language for once, letting her hair down. But then, they started relating tales of horror, of death, and chaos. It was then that Safira realized she'd missed out on the fun, which made her pout bitterly. Yet, there was also the fate of her sister, Omesintihlih, who she cared for still. But then, she may yet show among the crowd of Quacian refugees.

She wore a thick long tunic of elkskin dyed charcoal gray and lined with wool. She wore strapped sandals on her feet, long elkskin gloves of the same kind as her tunic, and a fur hood and mantle of wolfskin. From the wolfskin mantle, a short cloak of charcoal black wool hung. A braided belt of fox-fur and linen rope wound around her waist, decorated in places with colorful feathers in green and red.

The work she engaged in helped to drive the thoughts of home and the terrors that had visited in her absence, by working at the fire pit, gathering kindling and sticks from the outlying woods in order to tend the flame, which to Zunylanih's reckoning appeared to burn day and night. It was carefully tended to and guarded, lest any mischievous individuals try to abscond with any of the flames, or try and bear a torch from it.

She went back and forth between the pile of kindling, the leaves and small sticks that fell from the higher canopy. Each step along the way, she was aware of the attention that she was garnering from the Sev'ryn hunters, who laughed among themselves at her awkward carrying technique. Or else perhaps they were interested in Safira. She'd find out about that later, but for now, she was all about her task of carrying the kindling for the flame.

Sean had expressed some pleasure at the initiative she took in seeking a job at the fire pit. It was a good place to work in Desnind, and a decent way to obtain the trust of the locals, even if she never got anywhere near the flame. It ensured a semblance of normalcy, which was desperately needed by all Yludih, so he tutored her.

Eventually it was time for a break, and for her time in aiding with the upkeep of the flame, she was allowed to partake of some of the meat that the hunters cooked at the fire. She was given a small rabbit's leg, which was already skinned and dressed. She smiled coyly at the hunter who granted it to her, and then swayed up toward the fire, shoving a stick through the rabbit's leg and then settling down to cook at the fire.

While she was waiting for the meat to cook, her eyes were drawn toward the men and women, taking turns at cutting the larger timbers, splitting them with axes. The axes were made of knapped stone, with some long shafts. Safira wanted to know how to get their job. Axing the timber logs looked really fun!

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