Dax Veldaris (Work in Progress)

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Dax Veldaris (Work in Progress)

NPC Name: Dax Veldaris
Race: Human
Age: 100th of Vhalar 675
Title: Appraiser for the Veldaris family
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Able/Willing to Mentor?: Yes
Skills able/willing to Mentor in: Appraisal (M), Etiquette (M), Intelligence (E), Leadership (E), Linguistics (C)
Description: Dax Veldaris is the uncle to the jarl of the Veldaris family, Amelie. He is a soft spoken man preferring to outwit his opponents. While not acting the most intimidating, the man has been known to have a temper when his family is threatened. As he grew up, the man chose to work as an appraiser to make sure that no one would be able to swindle them out of money. As any head of house would do, he made sure that his children had the same education with only slight variations.

Credit: Dahlia Veldaris
word count: 138
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Re: Dax Veldaris (Work in Progress)

Hello Dahlia

I hope to see you back around but will address this NPC. The base is good, can I get some more details though, there is little on his physical descript, family and past. Doesn't need to be hugely long but just wanting to the basics if he finds his way into threads.

Thank you
word count: 58
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