An Order to Everything

45th of Ashan 721

The shallow bay Egilrun is situated upon is used, these trials, for crafts and crafting. From boatmakers to weaponsmiths, glassblowers to metalworkers, the sound of hammers and saws can be heard almost every break of the trial, with crews working in shifts to produce the beautiful craftsmanship which they might, one trial, become famous for.

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An Order to Everything

45th of Ashan 721

Woe had arranged for lodging at the North Lodge. He had no intentions of staying at his mansion in Egilrun. In fact, he had very specific plans for that place, now that he’d been away a while, and had time to think over his intentions toward Egilrun, the Order, and Soraia more specifically.

He cleared his throat as he approached the door that still belonged to him. He sighed, obviously shaken to his feet, but nevertheless worked up the nerve to knock on the door. No answer yet. That wasn’t odd in itself, it was a big house. He knocked again. Still no answer.

”Soraia? Are you in there?” Woe ventured to ask in Vahanic. His brow furrowed, as he stared at the door. Then he lifted his hand to knock once more, when the door inched open, to reveal the face of Soraia peeking out of it. At first, she appeared surprised to see him, then her surprise turned to ire, as she swept the door fully open, giving him a chastising glare.

He knew he deserved it too, but hadn’t expected it from his former slave, a girl that was so meek and gentle that he didn’t even think her capable of the emotion of anger. Yet there she was. And it didn’t take long for him to puzzle out just why the anger. He had a lot of explaining to do.

”Where have you been?” She demanded, ”Iago and I have been worried sick, and Botany is beside himself!”

Woe couldn’t help but flush. Although whether from shame or anger, he couldn’t really tell. He decided it must be shame. Interesting how an expert Empath and great reader of people could be so blind to his own emotions, yet there he was.

[color=lightsteelblue}”I…”[/color] He started, searching for the right words. Ultimately, he decided deception wouldn’t get him far, so he decided to be honest as he could. The only problem was, he didn’t know how much he should leave out, and how much he should include. ”I’ve been trying to puzzle things out for myself.”

This didn’t have the intended effect on Soraia, and she seemed even angrier than before. ”Oh is that all! Twenty days, no word no sign or indication that you were about! And you were just doing a bit of heavy thinking? Quite the luxurious life you must have, to be given to so much self-indulgence.”

Woe wanted to calm her down, to exercise his Empathy, but refrained. He would let her get it all out. But it seemed she’d exhausted what angry energy she had to spend on that last tirade, as far as his view of her tapestry could determine. ”Listen Soraia.” he said after she had a moment or two to cool down. ”I want you to have this house. It’s yours. I don’t want you to worry about your future anymore, so you make this place your own. I won’t be far from here, I’m staying at the North Lodge. I will be returning for Iago in a few days, and we’re going somewhere but we’ll be back… So please explain to him that we’ll be leaving for a while… But will be back, so it’s only a temporary goodbye…”

After this, she seemed to calm down. Or so it seemed until it became apparent that she was sinking into a fit of sorrow. He just gave her a house, did he not? Why was she sad?!

He would’ve asked, but she didn’t give him a chance, before shutting the door in his face. He could hear her sobbing from the other side of the door.

A break or so later, Woe was taking a walk with Jann, the Order head of Egilrun. He'd confided his issue with the gold cloak, with Soraia, and being absent for so long from his family. "I'm not sure I understand her reaction... She gets a house out of the bargain. What cause does she have for upset?"

Jann smiled at Woe as he went along, clasping his hands behind his back as they toured the grounds of the Order Outpost. It had come a long way since Woe left it. More healers were present, as well as patients and space to keep them there. Finally, after a moment's pause, the Gold Cloak responded to Woe's complaint. "You realize that people care about others, don't you? That they have concerns, loves, and cares all their own? Did it occur to you that perhaps she was worried? Or what she had to deal with in keeping your son calm during the absence?"

Woe wanted to scoff at that, but he couldn't. He knew it was true that he'd been inconsiderate. He'd lived for so long with a broken-hearted tangle, that even as he left the Glass Temple, his heart restored, he found it disorienting still. He was still very much the shadow of a man, albeit with the potential to develop ordinary mortal feelings again. It was a scary prospect and one that he still held under tight lock and key in his mind. He wouldn't let his heart lead him astray, down destructive and reckless avenues. He'd given himself a second chance, not so he wouldn't ruin it again.

Finally, he nodded at Jann, "Yes I suppose." Was all he had to say about that.

Jann turned to him, frowning in concern, "You don't seem convinced. Is it that you feel unworthy? Or..." Jann seemed at a loss, and Woe could sense the confusion on his tangle. Perhaps it was time to fess up some of his issues with a qualified therapist. But Woe didn't know yet how far he could trust Jann. It wasn't his motives that he questioned, but his discernment that worried Woe. In the end, Woe figured it wasn't important yet, to share with anyone. He would unburden himself of that accumulated load when he was ready. Not a moment sooner. And not with the wrong person.

"I just didn't consider that she felt that strongly about the matter." Woe said to him. "When I was in Quacia, she was given to me as a slave, a gift for my service to the Hospitality Guild. I of course freed her, because I see no value in servants who have no will of their own. Eventually though, she left my service, and became her own entity, as it should be. I haven't always felt the same way about slavery as I do now. It took some meandering to get where my ethics led me."

Woe didn't know how he came to the concept of slavery with Jann, but here he was. Jann was silent for a long few moments as they turned a corner, into the front entrance to the Outpost. Then, they stopped not far from the doorway leading into it. "You do dwell a bit on the past, Woe. It's alright, the past can inform the present, but be careful it doesn't present a hard leash to hold you back from where you're going."

Woe nodded, and looked into the Order Outpost. "I suppose you noticed I left my green cloak in there when I left?"

Jann smiled, dipping his head in amusement. "DId you think that by doing so you left the Order? Mister Morandi?" He chuckled heartily to himself, "The Order isn't a cloak you wear, Woe. It's an ongoing mission to do good in the world through healing and convalescence. A mission I still believe that you're very much a part of. You may not wear a cloak, but you're one of us."

Woe thought about that for a few moments, letting it sink in. "I still am interested in supporting the Order here in Egilrun. I just... may not have the time to devote to actual treatment of patients. And I never was the best therapist."

Jann shook his head, smiling at Woe, "We're just glad to still have you among us, Mister Morandi. Now, I must see to my fellow cloaks. Will you consult with me soon, so we can confer on certain issues regarding the Order's operation in Egilrun?"

Woe nodded, a somber look on his face. He shook Jann's hand, and after a few moments and a brisk handshake, he left the Gold Cloak behind, and went off toward the North Lodge.

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Re: An Order to Everything

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Etiquette: Tell people where you're going, don't leave them guessing by disappearing.
Politics: Patronage: Sometimes touching base with people can assure them that you still mean to support them.
Politics: Patronage: Promise your moral support. Sometimes it's as good as gold.
Politics: x 3

Loot/Losses: Gave his tier 8 house in Egilrun to his former slave Soraia. Injuries/Overstepping: none Renown: Yes if you see something worth awarding!

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Expert: Politics, Persuasion.
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GM: Psychology

Skillplay: Appropriate to level

Consequences The events in this thread will be talked about in Egilrun, especially the bit about Woe giving the house to his former slave. Shortly after, an agent of the Lamkey family (of Watchers’ Union fame) will approach and offer to buy the house from Soraia, who will not be interested in selling. The Lamkeys will be alarmingly persistent and kinda weird about it, upping the offer and pressure with each denial. It isn’t entirely clear what they’re up to…

Injuries/Overstepping: None.

Magic Experience?: None.

Renown: +10. It’s not every trial somebody just gives away a Tier 8 house, especially not in a small town like Egilrun.

I loved Woe’s interactions with the NPCs here, especially with Soraia. It amused me how oblivious he was to how hurt and angry his actions made her feel. I mean, she *is* getting a nice house out of the deal, right? The dangers of relying on Empathy, rather than empathy…

And Jann’s reaction highlights the differences between him and Woe. Jann isn’t the sort to give up on people easily, apparently. It will be interesting to see how the Order plot unfolds. Good thread!

Let me know if you have any questions/feedback. Enjoy your rewards!
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