Looking below the Surface.

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Looking below the Surface.

Cylus 5 721

Gennadiya felt something trying to pull her focus. The young woman, even when board didn’t often let her thoughts wonder, but on this trial she was struggling with her focus. It felt like something critical was dancing at the edge of her consciousness. She was currently sitting through a meeting with a contractor to see about reroofing the main clinic. Genna had received a report that a few leaks had been spotted and so instead of waiting for it to become bad she was going to correct the problem. In the room with her were herself and secretary as well as the man who was presenting his proposal and cost for reroofing the clinic.

Genna was listening intently as he explained about some of the different options when she noticed he pause for breath and realized that he had done that a couple of times during his presentation. She tilted her head and that little gasp from the man seemed to bring the nagging part of her mind into focus. The healer couldn’t really describe it but it seemed as if he could see inside of the man as he stood there. She began to look him over losing total focus on what the man was saying and becoming total focused on her analysis of the man.

There were many times when she had wish for the chance to see into a patient to understand better what was going on. It seemed now she had the ability. Genna wondered briefly where this had come from and then in her mind felt Nayeli giggle, and she suspected Lovalus had something to do with it. Ever the courteous person Genna raised a hand and said. “One moment.” Interrupting the man. And her mind began to sink deeper into the man body. The gasping had made her wonder how his heart was doing, and that was where her gaze took her. It wasn’t very long before she found what she was looking for. The arteries coming in and out of the man where struggling to push blood through as he could see clearly there was a clogged artery.

Genna stood up bumping into her desk with the sudden motion. “Sir I need you to sit down.” She said very calmly and then turned and looked at her assistant. “Go get a bed ready.” Genna then quickly grabbed her medical bag. She walked over to where the man was kind of gabbing at her. “Please take a seat.” She said and gentle pulled the man towards on of the spare chairs in her office. “I am going to ask you a question. Does anything hurt.”

“Well my arm.” The contractor said looking puzzled. “That isn’t odd in my line of work.” Genna nodded her head and up close she could see he was sweeting and his skin felt slightly clammy.

“Any where else?” Genna asked as she opened her bag and pulled out some strips of willow bark.

“I work on roofs all day carrying stuff. Oh course other parts hurt.” He said a bit annoyed. “What is it?”

“Your about to have a heart attack.” She said calmly once the man had sat down. He gave her a panicked look. “I need you to chew on this bark.” She said handing it to him, and the man grabbed it with a panicked grab. “I need you to calm down and relax.” She said as he chewed the bark. “You are in good hands.”

It was only a couple more moments before others arrived with the bed. Genna smiled at the man as she followed the portable bed to a room. “Don’t worry, we caught it. We need you to rest and relax to help you get better.” She continued to talk with the man until they had him settled.

Once it was done Genna stepped away and left him to the care of others. Genna felt a bid distracted as she allowed the full impact of everything that had happen come upon her. The young woman was sure that she had observed the physical signs but as unfortunately in the case of a heart attack they were subtle enough that it was taking her a minute to put them together. This other ability though, she was sure it was a gift from Lovalus, appeared to be able to do that more easily. Gennadiya closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and just focused on that sense.

It was while she was standing their breathing and focusing that she began to realize she knew exactly how many people where standing in the room. Gennadiya paused and her mind examined this knowledge. Yes she was aware of how many people where there but she couldn’t really say more then that. Actually she could say more then that. She by no means was reading minds, no it was the presence of the body itself. Genna titled her head in that way that said she was thinking. Even as she studied she felt on of the bodies coming up to her. Her ability was only part of it, though it seemed kind of background Genna could hear the approaching footsteps.

“Ma’am.” Came the voice of her assistant. Genna held up her hand.

“Moment please.” She said and then counted. “Are there about six people, besides you and me in the front part of this ward?” She could tell there was a range to it.

“Yes, there are six people in this part of the room.” Came the reply.

“Seven now.” Genna said as one entered.

“Yes. Melodan is now walking towards us and the door.”

Gennadiya opened her eyes and smiled. She looked at her assistant who had a concerned look on his face. “That was interesting.” She then heard in his minds her dirri giggle. ‘Good job.’ The Lysorian woman looked at her assistant. “Lets go back to my office, and I will explain.”

Once they were there Genna sat down and Nayeli appeared and settled on her desk. Genna though for a moment before speaking. “After the battle with Rharne those in the battle were promised a gift. Nayeli said that it was related to my work as a healer and I think I have been subtle aware of it for a while now but today I really began to see it work. Lovalus has granted me the ability to sense other people and more specifically help me understand their health.”

There was a pause and then the reply. “That could be useful. How extensive does it work.”

Gennadiya glanced at the dirri who was now contently snoozing on the desk. “I am not sure. If I focus I seem to know how many people are around me with in reason. In the case of what just happened with the heart attacking gentleman, I could in a way see the clogged artery. I could tell what effect it was having on his system.” She leaned back in her chair and though for a moment. “I need to explore this more. See if there is a way to really make it part of me. I really don’t want to have to pause and meditate every time I want to use the ability.”

“Yeah you did look a bit silly just standing there with your eyes closed.” Came the good, humored answer. Gennadiya paused and then laughed as the mental image of herself standing still in the hall meditating.

“Well we can’t have that.” She said and then stood up. “Well lets get to it.”

“Right now?” Came the surprised answer.

“You don’t have to help me, but yes right now.” Genna said, and then indicated to the report on her desk. “I can’t really finish this meeting since I just put him in a sick room.”

There was a shrug of the shoulders and the two stood up to explore Gennadiya’s abilities some more.

Gennadiya and her assistant found themselves in the diagnostic ward. The grey cloak stood by the edge of the room and looked at the people to be seen. Gennadiya still had to focus, but once the threshold had been crossed it was becoming easier for her to detect other people. As she was there should could see a Mrs Derart, a regular visitor who came in with any complaint. The young healer liked the woman but often felt she really was healthy. So she took the chance and focused on the woman. As she did so she could feel the rest of the world fade back as if behind a curtain. As she looked she could see her body as a whole. The blood was flowing well, which in her mind she still had a image of the contractors struggling blood flow. She could see the air coming and going. Over all everything seemed fine.

It was then that Genna focused on the woman and moved in on her breathing system. Genna looked and saw the air moving through her system, and found it fascinating in an abstract way. It was while she was doing there that she did notice that the woman’s air ways wrong and she began to understand. They were slightly swollen. Genna looked around and yes the system was suffering and as she wondered why she began to understand. She was allergic to something she was breathing in.

Gennadiya pulled herself back and asked. “What is Mrs Derart here for?” Her assistant looked down at a piece of paper he had picked up. “She is convinced there is something wrong with her foot it hurts when she walks on it.” Gennadiya sighed a bit frustrated at her self for not having seen that. Feeling a bit tired for all the mental training she once again dropped into that either sense. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong from the big picture. Focusing on her foot she couldn’t see anything wrong, and so she focused some more, and slowly spoke. “Her foot is fine, though at some point in the past she did fracture it.” Then she paused. “Wait, I think she must have kicked something, there is very slight bruising.”

She pulled her self back and looked at her assistant. “That’s what my notes say.”

“Does it say anything about allergies?” Genna asked curious. After a scan there was a shake of the head.


“Well she has a mild case of it so give her some anti histamine. That should make her feel better.” Genna said.

“You know that means she will be back with that complaint added.” Came the resigned sigh.

“Yes, but she pays her bills, and it makes her happy.” Genna said trying to resist a resigned sigh herself. She then turned her attention towards someone else.

It was while later when Genna returned to her office. It was a wonderful ability, but would still need so much more practice. The young woman quietly closed her door and putting her head on her desk awoke a while later feeling better for the nap.

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Re: Looking below the Surface.


Review Rewards

Name: Genna

Points awarded: 10xp

Knowledge: Detection: Using Healer's Sight to identify how many people around her.
Detection: Watching for visual signs of a heart attack
Detection: Healer's Sight Ability allows her to see all the body at once, or focus on specific areas.
Detection: Healer's sight ability allows comparison between different patients
Medicine: The way blood flows between a healthy person and someone having a heart attack.
Medicine: Old bone injuries can still be seen years later.

Injuries/Overstepping: Mentally tired from practicing. Nothing a little rest won't fix.

Skill Review: All Skills used appropriate to level


Genna exploring her new ability was a fun little read. As with most things Genna does, the way she approaches this ability is methodical and very analytical. This is great for the reader because we get to follow along as she examines what she can do.

The setting was perfect. A slice of Genna's trial provided the right backdrop for her to test out/push this new ability forward.

You have a great balance with your npcs. Genna is always the focus but the npcs add depth and dimension to the scene, which I appreciate as a reader.

I look forward to learning more about this ability with Genna in the future! Great job!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this review, feel free to PM. Enjoy your rewards!


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