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Trouble with a seductress

Ashan 15 721

Author's note: I used an antagonist in this thread named Sunpha. I submitted her here: viewtopic.php?f=233&t=26161#p173035

The weather was chilly as was normal for this point in the season. The sunlight that Goku had missed so much in the winter provided enough warmth so that the residents of the town could leave their homes without their heaviest of jackets. Goku was happy that things were at least starting to warm up because his job was not easy to do when he was encumbered by clothing.

Goku looked out at the building that had journeyed to this fine morning. His job was to provide manual labor to some businessman. Goku knew little about who he worked for since that had never mattered in the past. He’d found that doing his work was easiest when he kept his mouth shut and head down.

An assistant stood waiting for Goku to arrive. He held a stack of papers in his hands which he used to keep track of everything that was going on with the business today. He waved to Goku and handed him the details of what he needed to accomplish to get paid. Few words were exchanged because not too long after Goku had read the instructions did someone else come by to be given their set of instructions.

“Let’s see here,” the hybrid said with a pursed lips. “I’ve got to move some boxes to a specified location, sounds simple enough.” Goku appreciated that the boxes were well designed. They were the reusable sort that had spots on the sides for one’s hands to fit in. Run of the mill crates that were designed to be broken open and never used again were the more annoying things to lift because he had to apply extra force just to keep his grip on the box.

“I hope you’re not too heavy,” Goku said when he approached his first box. He gave it a tug with one arm to see what he was dealing with. It was heavier than he would have liked. “Heavy bugger,” he commented while assuming proper lifting form. His muscles tightened against his shirt as they engaged and lifted the box. Half way through lifting it to the appropriate height the contents of the box shifted and Goku stumbled nearly dropping the box. Thankfully he fell forwards against all the other boxes so he didn’t drop the goods.

“Careful, careful!” shouted the assistant who smacked his stack of paper’s against Goku’s head. Goku realized that his wings had spread out instinctively and pushed against the assistant.

Goku said “Sorry about that” and hurried to finish lifting the box. “I’ll be on my way.”

As was common with most of these kinds of jobs the destination was not that far away. It was close enough that it did not make economical sense to hire horse drawn vehicles to do the work. It was also not so far that the average laborer could not make the trip. Goku nearly got lost on his first trip when he missed one of his turns and he had to take a break to ask for some directions. People were generally helpful and Goku was able to deliver the first box without tiring himself out.

Now that he knew the way Goku felt comfortable taking off into the sky to travel back to the starting point. He took a running start when there was a lull in the traffic and used his wings to catch wind. Goku flapped as hard as he could to bring himself over the buildings. He was lucky that the street was wide because he veered to the left enough that he nearly ran into a building! Luckily he cleared the building vertically just at the right time to avoid getting into trouble. Once in the sky Goku let his wings do their thing. They thoroughly enjoyed feeling the air rush between their feathers and though Goku did not care for flying all that much he still got a rush of pleasure from doing so. It was no walk in the park however because the air was still cold and there were no updrafts to be had at this altitude. Goku’s wings worked hard every step of the way until he came to land.

“I saved all that time flying but I think I tired myself out more than I would’ve just by walking,” Goku thought when he approached the next box.

Despite the chilly air Goku had worked up quite a sweat and was feeling very hot in his shirt. He pulled it off and exposed his bare torso to the elements. He would not spend all that much time shirtless, only enough for his body to cool off. He tied the shirt around his waist and hoisted up the next box so he could make his next trip. Little did he know that he had caught someone’s eye. A woman who had just stepped out of the building was captivated by Goku’s appearance. Her name was Sunpha and she was the wife of the businessman who owned this joint who made a habit of having sex with the workers she found attractive. Most wouldn’t complain about this but she always had an angle. Sometimes she let it slip to her husband so he’d seek revenge, other times she wanted only to get the workers in trouble for failing to successfully complete their job. She wore a sly grin as a plan formed in her mind. She checked with the assistant to find out where Goku would be going and then she set off to put her plan in motion.

The woman met Goku on his third trip. She pulled him aside about a block away from the building with the boxes.

Goku was so surprised and taken off guard by being pulled into an alleyway that he dropped the box and heard a very disheartening crack. “No, why’d you do that? I was doing so well now I’ve got to deal with this broken box.” Goku looked up at the woman and his complaints faded away when he saw a giggling beautiful woman standing in front of him.

She pulled him in close and placed his hands on her hips. She stood on her toes and whispered into his hear “I’ll make it up to you, don’t worry. Come with me and bring that box in here.” She gave Goku a quick kiss on the cheek and pulled him through a doorway into a shady looking inn that was meant for this sort of thing. A few steps later put them in a room that had little more than a bed and a cabinet.

“Sit,” the woman commanded and Goku had to draw the line here.

Goku said “I don’t understand what’s going on. I don’t have time for whatever you’re trying to sell me, I’m supposed to be doing a job right now. I’ve got to get this box to…”

The woman gave an exasperated sigh and said, “is it not obvious? You caught my eye and I would very much like to have my way with you. Come, enjoy a moment with me and then go back to work.”

Goku was not often propositioned for this sort of thing so he was taken aback. The woman was too seductive and Goku could not deny that he wanted to indulge in her beauty. His compulsiveness made it impossible to go back to work. After what Goku thought was an incredibly satisfying experience he was sent off with a kiss to go finish his work.

Thankfully the box was still useable despite the crack that had formed at one corner. He was able to throw his clothes back on and finish up his final trips without any issues and went to collect his payment with a happy smile on his face. He got a small sack of coins as payment which was decent pay for the amount of work he’d done.

All was well until Goku’s stomach turned when he saw Sunpha emerge from a back room. She wrapped her arms around her husband and started whispering into his ear while pointing at Goku.

“This can’t be good,” Goku thought as he started back towards the door. He did not know what the deal was but he could see that his employer was enraged with what he was being told. “Is she telling him that I broke the box? That I took a break? She’s holding him, are they ‘together’? Is that why is he so mad?” Goku started sweating profusely and decided that he did not want to stick around to find out. Goku ran out of the room and took off into the sky as fast as he could. He heard angry yells in a language he couldn’t understand echo throughout the market.

“This is going to come back to haunt me won’t it?” Goku thought as he raced for his home. His whole body ached from the labor he’d performed and now he had to deal with an angry employer who would have no trouble finding Goku if he wanted to. And that he would sooner than Goku would expect. Not an hour passed until he heard some angry banging sounds coming from his door…

word count: 1592
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Re: Trouble with a seductress


Player Name: Goku

Points awarded: 10
Magic xp: none


strength x4
Endurance x1
Flying x1

Renown: 5 for a minor 'bad' deed with the boss' wife.
Loot: none
Injuries/Overstepping: Some slight, general soreness.
Wealth Points: --

Skill Review: All Skills used appropriately to PC's level. Seduction was kind of pushing it, as Goku barely tried and was able to attract the boss' wife, but I chalk that up to her personality, at least in part.
Notes: Sooo sorry for letting this wait for so long.

I thought you wrote this one well, and the thoughts flowed pretty fluidly from one action and one scene to the next. You really needn't have given it a mature tag, although it's always good to be careful, there wasn't much here that warranted it. Still, it doesn't hurt to be careful.

I found it interesting that the wife apparently gets a sick thrill out of seducing the young workers who do jobs for her husband. And then apparently at the end,she ratted Goku out? I'm not quite clear on whether that's the case, or if we'll be given a surprise twist that she put in a good word for Goku.

I suppose we'll see! Also I would've included seduction here, as even though Goku didn't actively use seduction to get in with the boss' wife, he surely attracted her, so there was passive use of the skill.

At any rate, well done.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this review, feel free to PM. Enjoy your rewards!
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