The Azure Wing

Institute of Arts

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The Azure Wing

The Azure Wing
What was once the section of the Academy dedicated to the Technologies was, approximately 50 arcs ago, given to the Institutes of Arts. As more and more students poured into Viden and took up places, many institutes could not continue to use the spaces they had originally occupied. The Institute of Arts - which was seeing more minstrels and players coming through their doors to gain professional qualifications - could no longer share with the theoretical faculties in the Arts. Half a century ago, with the move to new premises, the Institute, too, was split up. The new Institute of Arts now comprised only of the faculties of performance arts and fine art subjects. The two left behind in the Caesious Wing became the new Institutes of Languages and Humanities.

Three of the instructors who took over the building reworked the three classrooms very early on. There is a desk area at the front of the building that has three windows on it showing the rooms. To the right is the dance studio, potential students can stand and watch each of the classes to see which they would be interested in. In the middle is the musical instrument class that has figured out a way to keep the noise in their room alone so that it does not bother the other classes. The window to the left has the pottery, painting, and candle making class. Instead of having all three of the skills practicing at once, the instructor has each class a couple of hours at a time. The students from the pottery class will help cleaning up for the candle making class, and so the candle making class will clean up for the painting class to come in.

There is a room behind the others that is a kitchen and dining area. The instructors highly encourage students to go in the room and eat after classes so that they can socialize with each other. The three instructors love to meet with the students while they eat to see how they can teach their classes better. Prospective students are encouraged to join the students as well during meals to see what they love about each set of classes.


Name: Philthy Johnny, Professor John
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ashan 78 690
Place of Birth: Blackbrine
Occupation: Dance Professor
Skills: Dance; Master
Acrobatics; Expert
Disguise; Expert
Acting; Competent
Combat; Martial Arts; Competent

Master of dance, Professor John is a wild force to behold on the stage. Through cunning disguises and costume he puts on an eclectic show of mania and sheer wit. That being said he is also well versed in ballet and other forms of dance, but interpretive dancing holds a special place in his heart. He is said to hold the strong philosophy that dance is the true expression of human vitality and soul, that without it all would be lost and history would never have been written.

Passionate and smart most are thrown off by his wild disguises and ostentatious behavior. Not a mean spirited person he holds himself with a sort of dignity that only a sailor could have. It's well known that he and Chry'thio get along, being from similar roots.


Name: Lathew Mewis; Maestro Mewis
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Zi'da 76 789
Place of Birth:
Occupation: Maestro
Skills: Musical Instrument; Conducting; Master
Musical Instrument; Winds; Expert
Musical Instrument; Strings; Expert
Musical Instrument; Percussion; Expert
Singing; Expert
Socialization; Expert
Deception; Competent
Psychology; Competent

The professor of the musical arts in the arts wing of the college, Lathew is a sneaky guy for sure. Some say there is just something off about him, but no one can pin point what. Still, he is more than competent at his job and gets it done to a T. Good at what he does, he claims that conducting and teaching is his passion. But then why does he often miss class and have the woman from the Playhouse teach in his place? There is something beneath the surface of this man that begs many questions.

An honest liar, he is known for telling tall tales of little importance, often leaving the listener in stitches even if it is obviously a lie. He lies about trivial things, such as his shoe size, what he ate last night, leaving much of his talk to hyperbole. As a teacher he is fluent in conducting and has a working knowledge of many instruments.


Name: Chry'thio Nji'gwar; Ms. Nji'gwar
Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: Vhalar 101 691
Place of Birth: Upon a ship in the southern seas
Occupation: Fine Arts Teacher
Skills: Painting; Master
Sculpting; Expert
Teaching; Expert
Candlemaking; Competent

While most biqaj are shy about their works of art, leaving them close to their heart and hiding them away- considering them too sacred; Chry'thio is a blacksheep among her race. From a young age she enjoyed showing off her works of art and even teaching others what she knew. Finding her passion and love for arts too closed off on the seas, she took to travel on land to find her niche in the arts of Idalos. Eventually her travels would land her here, in the coldest city called Viden, and through a true demonstration of her talents she was able to become a Professor. It is true she is sweet on the dance professor as they both have a wild passion for the arts, Chry'thio often becoming covered in paints. Sometimes, after hours, it may be possible to spot the two of them combining their craft with paint and dance. Though they will never admit their relationship status.

True to form Chry'thio is a spitfire as many biqaj are with a great sense of humor and laid back mindset. There is no doubting her competency though some snobs may like to complain about the young woman being a teacher

Hope Dewispe

Race: Human
Age: 62, 8th of Cylus 659
Title: Dean of the Institute of Arts
Qualification: Licentiate of Arts in Literature
Skills: Leadership - Expert
Linguistics - Novice
Calligraphy - Competent
Politics - Competent
Research - Master

Hope Dewispe is a beautiful woman that knows how to play the game. She has been a member of the Viden Academy since she was young. As a member of the city of Viden it was expected of her to get an education. In turn she began to work with the professors at the institute of arts. Though her parents were not happy about the change from their interests for her. The woman got into calligraphy while still in school; she even began to work on learning new languages and the politics of the city. She is known to be understand and yet hard on her students at the same time.
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