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A more grizzled Goku

Saun 8 720
Goku was standing with an air of calmness about him in the bright moonlight. He walked on into the wooded area towards a small pond that Goku felt his prey would find refuge for the night. There were many trees that now blocked the sky up above from being seen most of the time and there were many shadows cast upon the ground that made it easy for prey to hide in the comfort of the night. There were tracks of every which animal that had passed through this exact way throughout the day but Goku did not need to reference those as he knew where he was going. The years he spent living here among the pureblood humans and learning their ways of hunting had come with some benefits.

Once Goku arrived at the pond he took the bowstring in his pack and strung it with a practiced hand. He had three arrows that he could commit to this kill. He took one and knocked it and kept the other two arrows tightly held with his hand. He had a feeling he would need to fire them quickly so going into the quiver would take too long. Goku walked silently around the edge of the pond and let the moonlight reveal the body of the deer he was after. It was laying peacefully in the grass at the very outermost edge of the herd that it was a part of. It was incredibly fat and to Goku that meant that it was going to be very slow.

Goku moved ever so slowly towards the deer and made sure that his bow was prepared to be drawn at a moment’s notice. He had spent days of his life tracking this herd so if he messed up this moment he was going to hate himself and go hungry. At last he felt as though he was ready to fire. He took a couple breaths that calmed his body and let loose an arrow. The bowstring smacking against his forearm made a sounded like an explosion that echoed throughout the forest.

It did not take long for the herd of deer to make a break for it. The deer ran all over the place without any rhyme or reason. Goku leapt towards the deer he had picked who had been spared death by Goku’s missed shot. Goku nocked the next arrow and let it fire this time the bowstring did not make such a loud noise but it was next to impossible for him to hit a moving target. Goku cursed and let loose the final arrow which likewise missed just by a hair. “Not good,” he hissed while making a desperate sprint for the slowest deer he could find. He drew a knife and jumped at it but he could not out run a deer who was frightened for its life.

The hybrid expended his anger into the sky with an enraged roar. The clouds responded in kind with low rumbles and a crackle of electricity that shot a lightning bolt into the forest. A tree was incinerated in the blink of an eye right next to Goku which threw him to the side mercilessly. His body was mostly spared from injury but his wrist made an ominous cracking sound when he landed. His non dominant hand was broken and he was going to have to trek back to town without food or some of his equipment if he was going to have to sling his wrist.

Goku started from the pond and headed back on the trail that he knew well. Along the trail there were various traps that he would check up on as they may have caught something in the past few days since he’d laid them. From the pond he made his way along a small stream and trail to where he had set some snares in the hopes of catching some rabbits. The traps had gone off by the looks of them but only one rabbit had gotten caught. It was an old looking rabbit that was so skinny that Goku wouldn’t even think of eating it unless it came to life or death. He tossed it into a bag with his free hand and left the traps as they were because he was in no mood to set it with only one hand.

There was a pit trap to check up on too but he could tell at a glance that nothing had fallen in because the grass and leaves he’d put over looked undisturbed. If it’d been tripped then he would’ve seen a big hole in their place. He would have to revisit it sometime because he usually relied on that to be a major source of game.

Goku trekked for two days to get back home. The journey was annoying because he couldn’t rely on flying or taking any rough paths because he could not bear the pain of moving his wrist. Even walking was difficult but at least then he could force his wrist to be still. He was fortunate to even have the materials to make a sling.

When he arrived in town a healer woman made use of some kind of magic to help heal his wrist. Within three days his wrist had finally healed to the point where he wasn’t worried about re fracturing it from moderate use. Without the healer Goku’s hand would have taken so much time to heal, nearly the entirety of the season. Inner ramblings aside, what better way to test out his newly healed wrist than to go straight to fighting with it? He wasn’t intending to earn any money today and was content with a simple sparring match to get back in the groove of real fighting. Since he’d returned from his hunting trip empty handed he needed to get ready to gamble on a fight to help pay the bills.

Goku decided to head to Roshi’s place to practice fighting a little bit. All that time he had spent with his teacher learning runes had definitely changed up his definition of fighting fair. He stood facing one of his regular sparring partners. His teacher had given him knowledge of how to use runes to amplify his strength in battle. Supposedly he would one day be able to imbue others with runes, but as of right now he was powerless to do so. They touched fists in the center of the sparring circle and even that was enough for both combatants to respect each other’s power. The fists pressed against each other so forcefully that they pushed each other back just a little.

“Baby steps,” called out Roshi. He didn’t want them to go punching each other’s heads off. The two sparrers circled around each other and threw out some test punches. Goku for the first time could throw punches with full strength without having to worry about breaking something due to his built up resistance. He threw a quick jab which was blocked and even that was enough to set his opponent off balance. Magnified strength was turning out to be pretty awesome when it came to this particular activity. It was Goku’s turn to block and feel the massive pressure on his forearms, but he was ready and kept his balance. He had been fighting enough to know to spread out his legs to prepare for the powerful blow.

Goku’s next couple punches were only a distraction. A jab and a cross to the head, then the same combo to the body leading up into a strike inside his opponent’s arm with a purposefully misguided hook. Getting hit on the inside of the arm was painful enough without magnified strength, so this blow really did a number even though all the other punches had been blocked. The effects of the punch were immediately noticeable. Goku’s opponent had difficulty keeping that arm up and decided to go all out with his uninjured arm, pounding Goku with some shovel punches that took him by surprise. Angry at Goku for hurting his arm, he was determined to hurt him back. Goku had to punch his waist just to make him stop. It was a dirty blow but it was the easiest way to force a break and regain his bearings. Frustration ran through both of them now and Roshi decided to end things before they got out of hand.

“That’s enough,” Roshi stated then they moved onto working on their footwork for a while. They practiced their footwork which was a way of moving round the fight and making sure your weight was grounded and ready to attack or defend at any moment. Goku felt like the main point was to make sure that you didn’t accidentally cross your legs, but who was going to do that at the higher levels of fighting anyways? It seemed like a waste of time that was only thrown into the workout to make his sparring partner feel like he wasn’t here to just be a punching bag. Ever since Goku had gotten stronger he had become Roshi’s favorite and center of his attention.

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Re: A more grizzled Goku

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You set up the scene well! I could picture the forest and the deer clearly. Don't be afraid to throw in a few more senses. You touch on what is seen a lot, but what about smells? Sounds? I enjoyed this thread. I will say - OUCH. Goku's bow string hit his forearm. That's gotta hurt (although its a dream, so not really). I just took archery class in high school and that's a telltale sign of a bad shot, as well as a good lesson. I was pleased to see you make notice of that here.

My favorite part of the thread was when he was pissed and roared into the sky, then the rain and lightening hitting. Overall pretty interesting. Also, am I the only one who sees all the dragon ball references? Master (sorry, mentor) Roshi and the PC named Goku? I've seen every episode of Dragon Ball so I see you. lmao

This thread also covered a lot. Hunting, failing, healing, training. It's fast paced for sure, which is something I could learn from you. If I could give you a challenge? Write a thread where only one or two things happens and really see if you can dive into those scenes. I would love to see how you approach that. Of course, you don't have to. Happy writing!
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