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Turned Around Day

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Author's note: the setting is at a river nearby scalvoris town. If this is better suited for another subforum I can move it. Nothing really seemed to fit better though.

A hunter was in a kneeing position on top of some grass that did not look like it had been stepped on in the recent past. He looked around and tried to find the tracks that he was after with a glint of expertise in his eye. He spotted a number of prints here and there and within minutes he found the ones he was after. The tracks informed the hunter that the four legged creature he was following had been here not too long ago. If he were to make an educated guess he would say that thirty minutes was the latest the creature could have happened by. The hunter looked into the dawning sky with annoyance. He wanted night to come slowly so he could find this injured deer-like creature before it got devoured by something sinister. The hunter was impressed that nothing had gotten to it yet because he had tracked this animal for nearly a whole day yet it soldiered on in search of its herd. It was heading the wrong way, the hunter could tell that easily enough. The tracks led towards a populous bustling town that he frequented to sell his game once he’d secured the kill.

Not too far away Goku was practicing flying by one of the main rivers in the area. He had only started a short time ago and his plan consisted of running as fast as he could and leaping into the air. Once he was in the air he opened his wings to catch the air but never did he get any good lift. It was not a particularly windy day so it did not make trying to fly very easy. The point of his exercise was not to simply fly as he could do that if he tried hard enough. He was instead working on taking off. Birds in the trees could take off in an instant. He was much larger than a bird but he knew it was possible to take off without having to run about first. Sweat covered his body from how hot he’d made himself from all the exercise.

The hunter crept up the hill and saw Goku running with an awkward gait back and forth stumbling nearly every time his wings expanded. “Doesn’t look like he even knows how to run when his wings come into the equation. Ouch, that’s got to hurt,” he added when Goku tumbled to the ground after tripping up on a rock he hadn’t quite noticed until it was too late. The hunter turned to walk away and leave the hybrid to his much needed training but something caught his eye. It was the deer. So it was a deer after all. A doe in fact. The hunter’s eyes glinted and he quickly went for his bow. The deer was not too far away from Goku. It had gone to the river for some water and walked almost as bad as Goku ran. It seemed not to care that Goku was nearby or that the hunter made a blunder with his equipment that made a loud snapping sound. All it wanted was water so that it might be able to head back where it came.

The sound was incredibly loud and distracting to Goku. The sound was followed by more snapping sounds from the hunter’s bow that sent arrows splitting through the air and into the deer’s body. The hunter was not effective at such a range but he felt it was necessary to unload his quiver to ensure the kill. He did not need the deer to get washed away by the river if it was stupid enough to try crossing it. Goku in the meantime had done his best to try to figure out where the sounds were coming from. They were obvious enough to detect but pinpointing them was difficult. He spotted the deer by the river and went over to investigate. Upon closer inspection he saw four arrows embedded in the carcass. Goku looked around some more to try spotting who’d shot the arrows. He’d assumed they’d come from across the river so he was rightly surprised when the hunter patted him on the back.

“Sorry if I startled you. I’ve been tracking her all day and I did not want her to get away.” The hunter got out his tools and started working on the deer.

Goku wretched and turned in disgust. “It’s not a problem at all. I was just curious is all.” Goku stepped away then got even more curious. He turned back and asked the hunter more questions. “I’ve always wondered how you hunters get your game back to town. Even from here it’s a long ways away to go around the river unless you’re able to hoist that beast over your head and swim across. How’d you even find this deer? It’s not exactly something I expected to see so close to the river and without any others of her species.”

The hunter grunted as he worked with haste but he was able to weave in some answers. “well, I cut out what I killed for and carry it back to town. It comes down to what you’re after. For this deer for instance the meat goes bad if it’s not processed quickly after death. Some things can be hauled to town. Sometimes I don’t care about the meat if I’m after something else, save its teeth or any special body parts that the creature may have. Take what you need and hurry it back to town, that’s how I operate at least. As for finding it, I used tracks to follow it. With some practice it’s easy to find out how old tracks are. I was rather fortunate that this deer got lost or separated and thought it smart to come all the way out in the open like this.”

Goku folded his arms and sat on the ground. He hated the smile but he wanted some more conversation. “Not that crazy though right? Had you not been here it would’ve lived at least a little while longer. Getting late isn’t it? I should probably head back to town before it gets too dark. Not enough wind to practice flight. I must have taken off a couple dozen times with nothing to show for it but a sore back and legs.” He let out a deep sigh that advertised his disappointment. The hunter was silent while he worked some more. He took Goku’s question to be rhetorical. The deer wouldn’t have lasted more than a couple days at most with that leg. If it could not reproduce or look after its young it was as good as dead in the eyes of the hunter.

Goku got up when he saw that the hunter was packing up his tools. “You heading to town now? I can help if you need it. With carrying, I mean. If I could get some good use out of my arms it’d make me feel a little better about not getting to fly much today.”

The hunter looked Goku over a couple times and noted that he looked in decent shape. He’d guess that Goku was at least as strong as himself if not stronger since the hunter’s muscles were mostly built to walk long distances and fire a bow. He’d typically have his mount help carry the game but he had left without it. “Sure, who am I to turn down help. Just carry this bag.” He nudged one of the sacks of meat with his foot to indicate which Goku could carry.

Goku lifted it and slung it over his right shoulder. The weight was satisfying to carry. Not too heavy as to make the trip overly cumbersome. The hunter did not speak for most of the trip. He was too busy thinking about all the other things he needed to get done by the sun set. Goku on the other hand was enjoying looking into the clear sky while walking along with the sack of meat bouncing off his back with every few steps. A very light breeze stirred the calm air. He saw a grey accumulation of clouds off in the distance that looked ominous. The ends of the clouds seemed to glow with the setting sun’s light. The river offered a pleasing sound as well as it flowed ever vigilantly alongside them. As the river’s water lapped up over the sides of the river a small amount of mist crept up along the ground almost dense enough to obscure Goku’s feet at times. Nature served as the perfect distraction to make Goku feel like the trip had lasted but a moment when he was finally done with it.

“Thanks.” Was all the hunter said to Goku when they parted ways. Goku hadn’t expected much else. They were strangers who hadn’t even exchanged names. Goku wandered into a tavern to grab a nice bite to eat as a better reward for his kindness.

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Re: Turned Around Day

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Comments: What an interesting thread! And Scalvoris Town is fine. The hunter and Goku were both just outside town, and yes, you could take some deer that close in.

The idea of having Goku pick up some knowledge opportunistically while practising his flying is clever, and fairly believable. That said, the deer must have been in a bad way (maybe sick as well as injured) to just drink at the river with a half-avriel running around in circles nearby.

I’m a little surprised that someone untrained in hunting didn’t have a stronger reaction to watching a deer getting field-dressed. I wouldn't necessarily consider that an overplay, though. Perhaps Goku just isn’t that squeamish.

Let me know if either of you have any questions/feedback. Enjoy your rewards!
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