The Viridian Wing

Institute of Science

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The Viridian Wing

The Viridian Wing
The largest of the four wings in the Academy, the Viridian Wing is home to all rooms, theatres and laboratories related to the natural (e.g. biology, chemistry and physics) and applied sciences (e.g. medicine and pharmacology), but it does not include technology and engineering. The term “largest” is twofold: physically, the space required makes it the largest building, and thus is a stand-alone structure located just east of the main Academy building. The individual faculties inside, combined, also teach the largest number of students out of any other Institute in the Academy.

The Viridian Wing cannot be entered from the main university building, as it is not physically attached by any commonly known corridor. There is a lesser-known exits in the lower basement floor, which acts as a second thoroughfare to the Facility for Retrospective Analysis. This corridor is rarely used, except by senior researchers, who are based primarily within the FRA and use the Wing as a front to hide their true work, or as an emergency exit for others who work part-time down there.

Covering approximately three acres of land, the Viridian Wing had three stories above ground. It also has two basement floors, both of which are smaller, covering about an acre of land each. The lower basement floor is little more than a storage ground, storing anything from excess non-perishable ingredients imported for Cold Cycle usage, to a large store of pre-made medicines. In a smaller room, which is kept under lock and key, the storage continues: vials of blood taken from members of each of the different Idalosian races used in the FRA. Vials of most known venoms from animals and poisons from plants are also stored, along with a number of antidotes. The upper basement floor is the pharmaceutical floor - here all medicines and antidotes are created by a highly trained team of specialists.

The ground floor of the Viridian Wing is an extension of the Infirmary, which is situated next door, and attached. It offers further examination and treatment rooms, and surgical theatres for practical elements of training for those studying a medical-based qualification. Any member of the public being treated by a student who holds a lesser degree than a Diploma can be confident in the knowledge that the student will be overseen by a highly qualified practitioner.

The upper floors are dedicated to the natural sciences and more academic, theoretical studies, such as biology, chemistry and physics. Access to the roof is granted only to Astronomy students, where they will have use of the oldest (but unfortunately not the largest or most powerful - that is found in Rynmere’s University) telescope.

Orik Qy'Azour

Name: Orik Qy’Azour
Created by: Doran
Race: ½ Human/Biqaj
Birthday/Age: Ashan 31, Arc 689 (31 arcs old)
Title: Associate Professor at the Academy of Viden (Chemistry)
Skills: 76 Chemistry, 51 Research, 51 Teaching, 26 Physics, 26 Alchemy, 26 Writing
Details: Orik is one of the newest employees of the prestigious Academy of Viden. Having completed his Letter in Chemistry in Rynmere, he moved to Viden as he did not agree with the political developments in his homeland. In Viden, he gained his Certificate and Diploma in Chemistry and finally assumed a position as an Associate Professor at the Institute of Sciences. Orik specializes in Materials Chemistry, a relatively new branch of chemistry.

Orik has tanned skin, brown hair, color-changing eyes and slightly pointed ears. He prefers to dress sensibly, in occasionally somewhat old-fashioned suits and muted colors.

When Orik first started to teach at the Academy, he was very shy and barely got a word out – he was quite overwhelmed by his new responsibilities – but he’s become more confident and enjoys the scientific discourse, even though nothing will ever be able to turn him into an extrovert. Certain, unexpected situations still cause him to panic though.

Generally, Orik is a rather friendly, honest and pleasant man.[/b]
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