No Son Of Mine

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No Son Of Mine

6 Cylus 721
Sometimes it was just easier to move through town as Morton than it was to move as Revan. Dedication to a facade was difficult and Revan didn't want many people to notice his limp was fake unless he absolutely needed to. Morton didn't have a limp. He carried the cane around like a prop, gesturing with it and pointing at things with it. He used the cane far more like a showman than Revan because that's exactly what he was. Only the best would do, nothing less. However Morton tempered his expectations in the Earth Quarter because it was not the Glass Quarter and he could not afford to have a property in both places yet. He would settle for the best of the Earth Quarter. Nothing chipped, damaged, or dirty. When he figured out what more things were worth he might be able to refine his snobbish attitude further but for the moment he kept his focus on the untarnished.

He had spent the majority of the trial walking around the Earth Quarter as Morton, looking for locations that might be worthwhile to mention to the Blackhands. Zoro was new so they couldn't do anything too big but it had to be profitable. He stopped outside a small food place with outdoor seating and took out a pencil along with a little notebook he kept in the bag he was carrying. He thought that he might have discovered something useful and took a seat to case the area. He began sketching the top of the table in front of him so it would look like he was doing something other than watching for guard patrols but a few bits into the sketch he found himself more interested in finishing it than in actually casing the building.

It didn't look very good when he was done with the drawing. It was disappointing for someone of such refined taste but the practice was good. A poorly drawn table here, a horribly drawn scenery there, and when it mattered he would be better at it. Morton could not fulfill his role as a forger if he could not reproduce things perfectly... and his table drawing was far from perfect. His hand had smeared some of the pencil lead while he was drawing. It created a somewhat shaded look, but not one Morton was going for. A few bits after his drawing was ruined by his own hand, he went back on the move. The building he thought might hold something useful for them was not what he expected it was.

He walked up and down the streets for a few breaks until the cold of the Cylus dark drove him back towards his house. Returning home with Morton's face was a mistake. It was not truly Morton's face, but the face of his long dead friend Jacques and with Jacques gone, Revan didn't see any reason he couldn't borrow his likeness. Fate seemed to present him with one. He noticed the tail on him as he began unlocking his door and he cursed in his mind but said nothing. He stopped unlocking the door and turned quickly to find a strange duo standing behind him. Two people? That would have explained the abundance of footsteps he thought he'd been hearing behind him. He had assumed it was one tail moving quickly to keep up but two made more sense. He put on the trademark sneer of someone who truly believed they were the immortal's gift to the world and looked down at the two. After all, Revan built the Morton persona around the idea he was the Immortal's gift to the Earth Quarter.

"Is there a reason you are breathing so close to me?" Revan asked the woman and the little boy beside her. She seemed confused for a moment, then offended. Morton didn't care but the Yludih was certainly curious. Unfortunate for her that she was dealing with Morton. He made a gesture with his hands as if to shoo her away and then turned back to his door.

"You moved?" The woman said asked before moving on and outwardly saying, "Jacques, he is your son."

Oh shit. It was terrible when your friend got up to a little more than you knew about. Morton turned to the woman, without missing a beat because his cover depended on it, and said, "My name is Morton, not Jaques. Don't come calling after me because you couldn't keep the boy's father." It almost hurt to say that, knowing what had really happened to Jacques.

"Jacque, how can you say that?" The woman reached out and turned the Yludih to make him face her. "Don't you remember me? Bella, your Bella. Jacques, please-" Morton had never known Jacques to speak about a woman named Bella. Then again, Jacques would have kept quiet about such things. Given how it ended for the man, it was probably good that he did... even if it was coming around to bite Morton now.

"That is not my name," Morton said in a stern voice before turning to the boy who stood mute beside his mother, "You are no son of mine. Now take your mother from here and don't come back."

"You're an ass. Like a donkey with nice hair." The little boy said, prompting a shocked reaction from Morton but not even a little surprise from the mother. Oh no, he is definitely Jacques son. They had the same way with words and upon inspection, Morton saw more than a few shades of his friend in the boy's face.

Morton turned his attention back to the mother, unwilling to look at the boy who reminded him of his friend. "Well at least he has taste. My hair is majestic. Now go."

"What? Jacques, talk to me! You just disappeared and left us-" It hurt to hear that she believed Jacques had just disappeared. He'd been murdered. Killed. He was dead. He didn't abandon them, but Morton could do nothing to prove that.

"I am not Jacques!" Morton shouted, effectively silencing the mother. He turned and knocked on the door to his own house. He was hoping he could convince the mother he didn't actually live there and was simply visiting a friend, but he didn't know if she had seen him unlocking the door earlier. While he waited for no one to answer the door, he added, "I would never have lowered myself to make a child with someone like you." He tapped his cane on the ground, acting as if he was growing impatient while he was waiting.

"Jacques, I'm not here to take anything from you. I just want you in our son's-" Once again the caring mother insisted and Morton kicked the door to the house to startle her.

"He is not my son." Morton said one last time before making an escape attempt, "If you won't leave, I will." Morton turned and began walking down the street again. He needed to find somewhere he could change faces, or he needed to walk in a wide enough circle that the mother lost him.

"Where are you going?" The woman asked as she and the boy began following the Yludih.

"Home and if you are still following me when I get there, I'll report you to the guard. Begone!" It seemed that threat had a little traction. For whatever reason, the woman did not want to be reported. Her pace slowed and Morton heard what he thought was crying. He didn't turn back. He couldn't turn back. Morton could not care but Revan, Revan could not forget what he had just done to the mother of his good friend's child. He walked on until he found himself back in the Glass Quarter where Morton felt more comfortable. He went to The Flying Moon to try and collect his thoughts but they kept going back to the mother.

He knew this was not the last he would hear from her. He knew he could not let Morton get involved. His replication of Jacques face was not perfect but it was enough to cause him trouble. As much as he liked stealing faces, it became a bit of a problem when you lived in one place. A face from Yaralon, the Empire, or Etzos? That wouldn't matter but a face from his home was dangerous. It was a good lesson to learn but that sentiment didn't remove the problem. He was going to have to find a way to deal with the mother and her child.

If he could not convince her to stay away, he would have to make her.

He hoped he didn't have to go that far... but he might.

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Re: No Son Of Mine


Player Name: Jacq I mean Mort... I mean Revan.

Points awarded: 10
Magic xp: none


Art: Sketching an empty table
Art: Pencil lead smears if you touch it
Deception: Wearing the wrong face home can damage your cover
Deception: Pretending your house is not your house
Detection: Hearing footsteps following you

Skill Review: All Skills used appropriately to PC's level
Notes: Hah, Morton is a cool customer, and not very nice to this poor woman who lost her lover. I almost felt bad for her as she pled with Morton who she thought was Jacques to be in her son's life.

I think you played the Yludih double-life angle very well here, and I'm always happy to see players using starter quests with such great execution. This was a fun way of exploring that idea. It'll be fun watching Revan develop as a character and as an Yludih. He's already made a great start here.

I just worry a bit about what Morton will do about the woman and her son. 😬

Good writing!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this review, feel free to PM. Enjoy your rewards!
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