Memory Diligence & the Payoff

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Diligence & the Payoff

Saun 14 720

Goku woke up startled because he was not in his home. The rays of sunlight that normally met his face were absent and instead they were causing his wings to feel warm. He thought “Where am I?” He put his back against the wall and rubbed his eyes gingerly. When his vision came to full focus he remembered where he was. He was at his mentor Roshi’s home. Goku remembered practicing meditation with the old geezer and getting so bored after hours of repeated failure that he fell asleep out of boredom. “Roshi must have felt sorry for me to not wake me up again,” Goku thought with a yawn. “Let’s see if I can get out of here before he wakes up.”

Goku got to his feet and tiptoed to the door but his underused wings flicked outwards to stretch. In Goku’s home this would not be such a big deal because he knew to keep his things spaced out and out of the way of his wings. Roshi had not arranged his things so conveniently. The wings hit a shelve of a book case and sent a dozen or so trinkets tumbling to the ground culminating in the sound of clanging metal and torn pages. “So much for getting out of here without making a sound,” Goku said sadly.

Roshi was up in an instant. He kicked his bedroom door open and saw Goku scramble to get the mess he made cleaned up. When the cleanup was finished, Goku looked at his mentor. He lacked the courage to ask if he could leave. Roshi said, “Since you knocked that book over, it must be fate. Bring it over here and let’s get to some studies.”

Goku groaned. He knew what this book was. Just like every book on that shelf it was no doubt a lesson aide of some kind. Goku opened the cover and saw that he had invited himself to another lesson. Today he was going to learn a little more about runes. The rune of touch was on today’s topic of discussion. Goku read inside his teacher’s grimoire and saw how to place the rune and what it did. It seemed fairly straight forward. Place the rune and get enhanced touch senses. He could only imagine how useful this rune would be for enjoying sensations. When he asked what Roshi used it for, he told her that he rarely used it for enhancing his sense of touch at all because it was so useless to his lifestyle. He had only learned it because his teacher had taught him and it turned out to be very useful later on.

“The rune of touch is only as useful as you make it,” Roshi lectured, “you have to be creative with how you use your runes if you want to get the most out of them. When you’re in a sticky situation, go through the runes you have available to you and weigh in on how they might be able to help. I have heard of people using it to help with torture and even using it to help detect flaws in counterfeit goods. An old man like myself has no use for it other than to jump start my senses to enjoy the sweet caress of a maiden.” Roshi laughed at his own joke; he had not had a love interest for decades and had never used the rune for such trivial purposes. “On a more serious note, it is incredibly useful for helping to activate runes so it is imperative for you to learn the rune.”

Goku asked “activate runes? Don’t they activate when I inscribe them? I don’t understand.”

“A lesson for a later time,” Roshi said after contemplating the appropriate answer. “Sometimes things only make sense if you look at the big picture so I gave you a taste of what’s to come. You will not always want to activate runes the moment you inscribe them and let’s leave it at that.”

Goku absorbed the advice and he was already getting a couple ideas. None of them were very ethical… such as making someone’s hand extra sensitive and then slapping it to punish them. Goku’s thoughts wandered and his expression showed a hint of horror when he pictured what might happen if the wrong sort of person got their hands on this kind of rune. Roshi didn’t pay any mind however. He had enough to do getting all the inscription materials such as paper and pens.

After reading Roshi’s short notes about nuances of the rune’s usage Goku felt he was ready to start the second step. He both enjoyed and dreaded writing the rune down repeatedly. He could stand to study and learn but the act of writing was something that Goku felt he would never feel comfortable with. Aside from knowing how to hold a writing utensil he was mostly incompetent at writing. Most times he would barely get to write more than a handful of runes on a single page because he needed to use so much space and he couldn’t even keep his lettering level with one another.

Goku wrote away on the pieces of paper up until it got too distracting to continue. The audible irritations started after he got through his first page. The rumble of foot traffic coupled with the noise of conversations just within earshot distracted the hybrid to no end. Once he got distracted it was hard to regain focus and within minutes he wanted to quit. Roshi’s sharp smacks on Goku’s head with his cane only pushed Goku to continue for a few more minutes before Goku called it quits.

“How does anyone study outside of sleeping hours?” Goku asked angrily while crumpling up his sheets of paper and tossing them carelessly onto the floor. The hybrid got to his feet. “Alright see you later Roshi, I have to get going.”

“Ohhhh no you don’t,” Roshi said. “Have some tea, calm down. Get through at least one more page. I want you to at least attempt the rune when you return tonight.”

Goku groaned. “That’s easier said than done. You know how hard it is for me.”

Roshi calmly put his hand on Goku’s shoulder and helped push him back into his seat. “Difficult or not this is what you signed up for when you started learning runes. Believe me, it gets easier with time. I’m here to help you get past your hangups when it comes to focusing on the more… well what you would call boring parts of your training. You won’t get better at anything unless you work at it and like it or not you won’t be able to go your whole life hiding away at night to practice. You must learn to work with minor annoyances.”

Goku hated every moment of writing the next page of runes even when he knew Roshi was looking out for his best interests. The runes looked absolutely horrible too with only one of them resembling anything close to what it was supposed to. Roshi did not give Goku a hard time about it and sent Goku off with a thumbs up. “See you tonight.”

Goku returned that night after most all the noise died down. He had not done much with his day other than stay around in his own home. He took his well deserved break from practicing Hone runes but the thought of placing runes kept creeping into his mind. He did not understand why he wanted to do runes when it was the wrong time and when it was the right time he did not feel like it. It was hard to think of anything else when Goku didn’t have much else to do. By the time Goku met up with Roshi again he was eager to try placing the rune for real.

“Let’s see it then,” Roshi said, “Place it on your leg.”

Goku sat cross legged and tried to put the rune onto his leg. It was so much easier to place on his skin than a piece of paper but the paper step helped his hand learn the general motions. The Hybrid used his mentor’s book to help guide his finger in the exact shape of the rune as well. Goku failed several times which was to be expected but he learned quickly. Every few attempts Roshi would force a break so that Goku would not feel overwhelmed. The two would chat about their day in the lull and sip on some tea.

On Goku's tenth try he started putting more ether into the rune and by the fifteenth try Goku finally got the rune to stick, although it faded after just a few short seconds. In those short seconds Goku definitely felt a difference. His leg felt very sensitive for a brief moment. He went to try again but Roshi stopped him there. He did not want Goku to use up too much ether and he had a feeling that Goku may have already gone a little too far.

“Baby steps Goku,” Roshi said. “I’m proud of you for sticking with it today. This may be what he have to do going forwards. Have you practice a little in the morning and more at night, I mean.”

Goku said, “That might just work, at least up until I get better at working with distractions.” That spelled the end of the day's lesson. Goku felt fulfilled and for the first time he felt like he might actually have a shot at being a great runewrite someday.

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Re: Diligence & the Payoff

Your Review


Goko thank you for the chance to read this thread. I honestly haven't really read up on Hone. It was interesting reading some of the ways that a person can practice the basics of Hone. I like how you focused on the trial and error of learning the new rune. Sometimes practice can be very tedious. Roshi sound like a good teacher. It would be nice to read more of there interaction together through conversation. Again nice training thread. Enjoy your rewards.


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Hone: Rune of touch general applications include activating runes
Hone: Rune of touch general applications include torture
Hone: Placing rune of touch
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Discipline: a partner can keep you on course

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