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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Saun Seasonal Events 716

Saun Seasonal Events 716
Weather in Rynmere

Trial 1-9

Finally some rain after a very dry Ymiden season. Farmers and residents everywhere are thanking the fates for this blessing from the sky. The weather is expected to get unbearably hot and people are encouraged to collect and store what they can for the long dry spell ahead.

Trial 10-32

There seems to be no relief from the hot, dry air and blazing sun. War is never fun, but cooking in plate armour is even less so. The hills are gold with drought and wildfires are expected in the three southern regions this season.

Trail 33-40

Light showers revive a lot of the hillsides and coastlines with rain falling overnight, miraculously pausing during the daylight hours while the whole country seems to be under attack from an unknown threat.


If you would like to help out in Rynmere and plan the weather for next season, feel free to send a PM to Kingdom.

4 Saun: Moderated.
Ziell visits the city and rumours suggest that he has been spotted in the marketplace in Midtown trading with the locals.

7 Saun:
House Krome and House Warrick withdraw their forces and support from Veljorn's army after a failed assassination of one of Burhan's nobles. Burhan is landlocked and all ships sailing up or down the river Zor are stopped or burned by Krome's forces.

11 Saun:
Reports of Veljorn's forces leaving the Burning Mountains force House Warrick to act and a secret alliance with Endor locks Veljorn's army out of both regions, forcing them to move through Venora with the Burning Mountains being too hot to house them anymore.

17 Saun:
The queen is dead, said to have finally succumbed to wounds sustained in Yimiden after catching an arrow meant for the king. Rumour has it she died of blood-poisoning, but those closer to the royal kin say it was the king who put her out of her misery. Her body is burned on a pyre beside the sea, one of her favourite places in Rynmere near the docks. She is only the third royal in history to go unburied in the royal crypt, though no one has been told why.

19 Saun:
The Moseke knights are suited and put on horses, what's left of the Skyriders gather on the walls with their mounts, and battleships anchored at the docks. War is on the horizon and reports say Veljorn Burhan marches his army towards the capital through the western region of Venora. The country is divided, with Warrick pulling the Skyriders from The Iron Hand, and Krome taking its share of Knights. Burhan has left the navy depleted, and the king finds himself with less than one hundred thousand trained men, while Veljorn is rumoured to command almost twice that number. Locals are confused about how the information had been so wrong, and believe their high walls give them added protection.

Today the king sends two riders from the Royal Guard to send his terms and seek out what Veljorn wants.

20 Saun:
Veljorn's army, camped at the base of the mountain, does not realise that they are sitting on Gawyne's forces who reside in the belly of the mountain. Scouts reports put Qe'Dreki numbers at one hundred and fifty thousand, and with pressure from Venora to move on, they are said to march towards the capital tomorrow.

22 Suan:
Whales are spotted off the south coast of Rynmere. The sighting is said to be a good oman.

25 Saun:
Veljorn arrives in Andaris, forcing the city into lockdown. With all four gates closed, Veljorn concentrates his attack on the west wall, his men taking shelter from arrows in the nearby forest while a group are tasked with taking out the gate with tar and fire. As a precaution, the gates between Midtown and Lowtown are closed and reinforced, with hundreds of the city's poor slaughtered like lambs by the rebel army, their houses now occupied by Veljorn's men.

26 Saun: (players decide) Moderated.
Qe'Dreki fortify the western gate and lock Gawyne's forces from the city. Negotiation talks start and end not long later with Veljorn's death via Elyna Burhan's blade. The king is injured during his escape, and twelve thousand Skyriders from Warrick attack under Ser Victor Warrick's command. This far from any major body of water, there is only one wave of 'White Fire' but enough to take out the army's cavalry, and devastate Veljorn's army, killing at least forty thousand, and injuring at least ten thousand more.

27 Saun: (players decide) Moderated.
The fight for Lowtown ensues and Veljorn's forces fight their way into Midtown only to be slaughtered by members of the Iron Hand, and locals who were prepared for the assault.

29 Saun:
The war is over and the winner is decided. The clean up work begins.

34 Saun:
"A scream announced their arrival, monsters born of shadow and hate. The city guards have been able to fend them off for the most part, but the kingdom fears for those locked outside its walls, beyond the region of Andaris. There seems no end to them, attracted to sound and sudden movements, they take the form of both man and beast, and cut down any in their path."

From the 34th to the 40th of Saun the kingdom is plagued by these shadow beasts, able to take the form of any living thing. They appear only during the day, crawling out from the shadows to attack and kill. People are safest in numbers and many have been encouraged to seek shelter, but for the time being the city gates will remained locked.

38 Saun:
A new Lord Commander is named. Komodo Enthor.

Rynmere Fashion:
Popular this season, corsets, sword canes, and the colour yellow.

Sword Canes

Owned and used by respected gentlemen, a lot of the canes on sale are fashioned after the sigil of Rynmere (especially the dragon head).

Image Image Image


First fashionable in a lot of the brothel houses, locals are now starting to adopt the trend. Corsets are quite expensive and only worn by upper class women.

Image Image

Colour Yellow

Caelan Burhan, Octavia Burhan, and Kaleb Venora were all spotted wearing yellow at numerous events last season. The trend caught on among the upper and middle classes during Saun .

Image Image Image
How Rumours Work: If you have an interest in following up on a rumour, reply to this thread with a link to your own thread where you character goes looking for more information and you will receive a PM or a reply with a lead. If you aren't sure where to start, have your character go looking at the source (one of the taverns).
Rumours from The Blacksmith Arms
 ! Message from: Kingdom
Lots of poor people going missing in Lowtown, I wonder if it has something to do with those strange experiments they carry out at the university? Or maybe there is a new Slaver in town who has escaped my notice?
 ! Message from: Kingdom
A guy in here yesterday said that King Cassander paid for the queen to be murdered and that the man who shot her with an arrow was really working for him. I don't know what to think anymore, he never stuck me as a boy capable of murder, wonder what else he is capable of?
 ! Message from: Kingdom
A group of Aukari burned down a farmhouse in Venora last night (8 Saun), and as far as I've heard, the guards refuse to investigate.
Rumours from Ye Olde Inn
 ! Message from: Kingdom
2 Saun: I heard that King Cassander has been prolonging the inevitable to wait on reinforcements from a city in the west. Looks like Veljorn will win this war.
 ! Message from: Kingdom
Faction VII extended an olive branch to Qe'Dreki and a captain from Veljorn's forces told a friend of mine that the Dragon King refused their support stating that he 'would not tolerate groups like theirs in his kingdom'.
 ! Message from: Kingdom
I overheard a close friend of Thomas Endor, the man slain in the fighting arena last season, tell his wife that Queen Freya was with child.
Old Guard Rumours from Ymiden
 ! Message from: Kingdom
My sister is married to one of the King’s torturers, says Yosef is being held in the city dungeons.
 ! Message from: Kingdom
Haakon’s Door was last seen in The Royal Glen. I wonder where it will land next?
How Bribes Work: There are ten secret rumours every season. Five of them are silly, non-important rumours that lead to nothing, three are handy, and two lead to big plots or treasure. To purchase a rumour send a PM to Kingdom with the rumour you would like, numbered between 1 and 10 (with 5gn already deducted on your ledger). If the rumour has already been taken, your character will be thrown in the dungeon for three nights for 'trying to bribe a city guard'. There is an option to escape jail time by paying an extra five gold nels to the guard.
Rumours that have been bought will be put up for everyone to see but can only be acted upon by the player who bought them. You're more than welcome to plot with said player to join in on chasing rumours, but saying the numbers used for rumours that have been bought will get you excluded in participating from buying any rumours for the following season.

Any of the ten rumours that are left undiscovered at the end of the season will become next season's tavern rumours.
Rumours discovered through bribing guards this season:
 ! Message from: Kingdom
Yanahalqah: Some say the king has made a terrible alliance with the Aukari. More and more seem to be arriving via ship every trial."
Note: The city is on high alert this season (Saun 716), and due to the war the guards are jumpy. Players will only be able to purchase one bribe each.
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