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Which is more applicable to hone? Drawing or Writing?

I could not figure whether the runes would fall under drawing a picture or writing because it seems to be a language. I take it that putting the runes on your body would fall under hone but I'm talking about using a writing utensil to put runes on paper for learning, etc
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Re: Which is more applicable to hone? Drawing or Writing?

Normally I'd say there's some overlap between the two when it comes to writing runes. It's mostly writing, for the precision and correct way of scribing the runes at first. As you get farther along in hone (like expert or so) the exact drawing becomes less important, and it becomes more an issue of general correctness in the shape of the runes and intent and physical contact (with either pen, hands, or a weapon in some cases). At master, you can practically just slap them on people with merely a thought.


So I'd tentatively say that writing is the way to go for Hone at least for beginners.
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