Journey to the ruins

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Journey to the ruins

Cylus 6 721

Author's note: the setting is all made up. the city and ruins mentioned do not correlate to anything in idalos.

Goku looked out the window from his home. He heard trouble. They had launched a surprise attack and he was off guard. And if he had not been alerted yet then the whole city was likely caught off guard. He looked over to a uniform that looked familiar to him that was draped over a chair. Thoughts ran through his mind pertaining to how bad of a situation the city was in for. Was it an invasion? Civil unrest? Tensions had built for so long that several crises might have occurred at once.

The uniform fit snug like a glove but it was hard to put it on when he was this nervous. His sweat made for great lubricant for getting the armor put in place. He had just pulled on the last of the pieces when he got the message. The message was delivered right into his mind. His mother was already in battle, the fight was nearly over.

“Already? I did not even get to fight?” Goku thought. Then the part about his mother hit him. If the fight was nearly over did that mean she was done for? He had so many questions. The thought of his mother passing brought him to his knees. He couldn’t even breath anymore… couldn’t even see… And then all he knew was blackness.


The next thing Goku realized he was standing with a group of others like him. People that had were here to make sure that the threat was neutralized before things went from bad to worse. There was a leader among them. A woman with a plan that involved the use of mystical artifacts that would be able to destroy the threat’s abilities. The threat being an incredibly powerful entity that had been able to bring an entire city to its knees. From there the team would aim to imprison the threat in a special prison. Goku did not think it was possible to stop such an entity but he had little choice. If they did not at least try to succeed then they were all done for anyways. He also did not know why they would not just kill the entity instead of imprisoning it. If it had gotten loose once, surely it could get away again.

Goku felt like a very small cog in this scheme. A select few seemed to already be up to speed with what needed to be done. Goku could offer little other than his muscle which begged him to question why he was even here. He kept his mouth shut while people discussed and when all was said and done he was given the task of going off to some distant ruins. He was given little more than a map of how to get there and the money needed to hitch a few rides and get past checkpoints.


“I always wanted to leave my home and explore the great beyond but I never thought my chance would come like this,” Goku said to himself after his surroundings shifted again. He soon wore his travelling clothes and set off in a caravan that dropped him off many miles from the ruins that he was meant to go to. He was suddenly thankful that he had wings but he was not going to use any flight capabilities for this journey. He did not know whether the skies would be watched or what kinds of enemies might be in the area. If these ruins were so important to the destruction of such a powerful being then Goku did not want to draw attention to himself any more than necessary.

Goku was hard to miss as he stumbled around the rough terrain. He made a lot of noise as he walked and he encountered his first obstacle fairly quickly. A green creature of humanoid creature with a long hooked nose and sharp teeth stepped out in front of Goku. It had claws but otherwise bore no weapons. It wore clothes too which made Goku wonder if it were sentient or if it was just some sort of monster. All things considered the creature was not intimidating in the slightest. It bore a curious look and held a baby in its arms.

“Hello,” Goku said. He waved a hand. The creature hesitated and then waved back. It turned to a hole in the side of a massive boulder that was her home. It stepped inside and grabbed a wooden stick and put the baby down.

“I don’t want to fight…” Goku said when the creature came back out. “Can’t I just go by? I am no threat to you…” His words were either not understood or the creature did not care. It only saw a threat that needed to be neutralized. It had been tasked with guarding the child with its life while its partner had gone fending for food. Goku was fortunate however. The creature seemed to be just as inept at holding its weapon as Goku was with his sword. Goku did not notice this until the creature fumbled the stick and dropped it on its toe. It yelped in pain.

Perplexed, Goku drew his own weapon. It was a sword but he barely knew how to use it. He had gotten sheathing and unsheathing it down but even that was slow compared to others he had seen. He had never gotten to the part in a formal lesson where he was supposed to swing it. How hard could it be? Goku walked quickly towards the creature and tried a basic overhead swing that he put far too much power into on the backswing. He fell over backwards when the sword lifted over his head. He struggled to get up as the creature whacked him once in the side with its stick.

“Ouch you blimey bastard,” Goku shouted. He gave up on using the sword and went for the creature’s stick. He grabbed it with both hands before it could wind up another attack. “Stop it!” Goku shouted as the two wrestled for the weapon. Goku thought of himself as being pretty strong but his opponent was fairly strong too. It was a pathetic struggle to watch and neither ended up winning. The fight was ultimately stopped by a solid whack to the back of Goku’s head from someone he had not even noticed. Another creature had snuck up behind Goku in the chaos and had decided to end things for the time being.

Goku came to. He was tied to a chair with thick slimy rope. The only light he could see was a small fire that lit up some kind of cave. He could see the outlines of many creatures standing in front of him. One noticed that he had woken and stepped forward. It asked, “what business do you have travelling through our territory?” Its voice sounded raspy and very accentuated in all the wrong parts of its question.

Goku said, “I am merely looking to trek to some ruins. I believe they aren’t far away I just need to pass through.”

“You go there and you have very bad time. There many ruins in these lands. Pick another perhaps?” The creature said to Goku.

“I can’t I have to go there. There are others waiting for me there. The details are a bit hazy but I believe we seek artifacts that can be used to help defeat an entity that threatens everything that exists. I mean you no harm…”

The creature spat on the floor. “your type always come for artifact. No thought as to why artifact is hidden away in ruins to begin with. Keep bad dangerous things hidden. No get. Use now for good use later for bad.”

“Well the bad people are going to use it for bad now.” Goku said but that just made everyone mad. He was sure there was a better way of persuading these creatures but he had not said the right words. “okay, so what happens to me now? You just going to keep me here for wanting to walk through? That’s pretty harsh.”

There was some bickering that lasted a few minutes. The creature said “we let you go. Only capture you because you wrestle mother of child.” Goku was then hit on the back of the head to knock him out once again. When he woke up again he saw the ruins off in the distance. “That was quite the detour,” he said. He felt a very distinct throbbing pain on the back of his neck and shoulders. His legs also had scrapes on them too. He was thankful that he had not died but that did not mean he had to be handled like a corpse while he was unconscious.

“Guess I should be thankful that I’m still alive all things considered,” Goku said. He got to his feet and went to the ruins to meet up with all the others that would inevitably be there. He could not wait to get beaten up by whatever threats he still had to face. He would appear to have dried blood on his face and legs and his clothes would be torn in many places. Hopefully nobody would ask about them because the story was fairly embarrassing.

word count: 1580
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Re: Journey to the ruins


Review Rewards

Name: Goku

Points awarded: 10

Non-lucid dream

Skill Review: Non-lucid dream

Another lovely non-lucid dream. I thought you expressed his thoughts and actions well. There was a bit of action and you did great with that too! I'm assuming that they kept knocking him out so he wouldn't see where they lived? Regardless, he passed their tests and got back to the ruins. Yay! Non-lucid dreams can be a bit of a beast to write but you are doing well with them! I find it easy to follow along and know what's going on during each part, which credits the writer. Nicely done!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this review, feel free to PM. Enjoy your rewards!


word count: 133
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