The War of Slags Deep (Exposition 3)

Things move apace.

30th of Ashan 721

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The War of Slags Deep (Exposition 3)

30th Ashan, 721

Slags Deep
The Girl sat and looked in the water at the child and the man. There was a flicker, then, a momentary something.

But it was gone as quickly as it had come. She frowned and then dismissed it. Looking up in irritation The Girl sighed. "Why do we delay, Father?" The Girl wondered this, often. The seals were broken, all except the sixth. She was so very hungry.

Scalvoris Town: The Glass Temple

Things had happened there. Winter and Glass had met there as three mortals stood together in conflict. Now, the Temple stood quiet, flickering candlelight meeting the sunlight streaming through the stained glass. Yet, sunlight does nothing except create shadows, and the shadows stirred as she stepped out.

"Good trial!" said Stan, who had watched what happened from a distance. But now, this woman was here. "May I help you?". She turned to look at him. "Interesting," she said, her voice a whisper. "I think you may, yes."

Scalvoris Town: Element Hall
Above the Element Hall there was a storm.

It was enormous. A swirling tornado built within seconds and then?
Lightning struck Element Hall.

And again.

And again.

"What is wrong with you, you spiteful child!!" Grizelda stood. "You're going to hurt someone!"

The beggar-woman stood and, as people started running from the burning building, as the screams started?

She walked towards.

Egilrun: Everywhere
The storm came from nowhere.

It was intense and awful and lightning struck the ground and the sea and the docks. Waves crashed inland.

And the Ranger Hall seemed to be the middle of it.

Faldrass, Immortals Tongue, Scaltoth Jungle, Scalvoris Mountains, The Tower, Watch, Sweetwine Woods, Ishallr.
The skies above Scalvoris boiled. But not as a whole. In specific places.

And in those places?

Dark storms circled and those who had thought that maybe Chrien was angry at the island were left in no doubt that trial. Hailstones the size of golf-balls pelted down. Massive waves shook the seas and shores. And lightning struck again. And again. And again.
 ! Message from: Peg
This here is why nothing past the 30th for the war. Please continue to post pre-30th objectives.
You may also post to how you react to these storms. Those can go in the objectives thread, please.
There is a thread with Kura, Woe, Elisa and Ru. You guys can assume at what moment within that thread this happens. But please note, it'll be sooner, rather than later. If this can happen before you get there / as you arrive - it will.
 ! Message from: Oh, also!
There are no required skill levels for this.
It is - undoubtedly - dangerous. It's a war.
What will get you hurt is NOT if you are low skilled. What will get you hurt is doing something foolish. There's plenty for everyone to do.
Equally, being highly skilled is not a guarantee of anything. This will need teamwork and smarts.
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