Strange creatures, a meal, and a rock

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Strange creatures, a meal, and a rock

Cylus 10 721

Goku ever so carefully took his finger and ran it across his arm. The sensation of his finger against his skin tickled a bit. He looked outside of the window of the structure he found himself in to look out at a bountiful forest. Was today going to be another lazy day or would he go out on an adventure? He was not sure yet. He could not figure out just what he had planned for the day. In fact he did not remember waking up at all. Goku chalked it up to having a lot on his mind. He dressed in simple colored cloth that reminded him of the color of dry bark that had been torn from the tree.

There was something strange in the air outside. It all smelled like freshly cooked meat. The weather was odd as well. It was uncharacteristically warm for what the season ought to be. The sky was lit brightly by a sun that shone rays of life giving light across the forest and the town that it bordered. Goku spotted the town after walking down a path for some time. It was the only path available to him so he felt he had no choice but to follow it. The town was very small. Only five buildings existed and they seemed to be made of twigs. Smoke rose from the center of the buildings which was where some food was being prepared.

Goku had been so entranced by the forest that he had not even noticed the smell until he was in the town and saw people and creatures walking around with plates and cups. “What’s the occasion,” Goku asked a bear that was standing on its hind legs. Goku’s face showed shock when he realized that it was not a bear but a very hairy person.

The bear like person responded in a language Goku could not understand. At some point during the chattery dialogue Goku was handed his own plate and cup. He was then pushed on his chest so that he nearly tripped but his butt made contact with a wooden log that was supposed to be used as a bench. Goku looked to his left and right. The more he looked at them the more he realized that everyone here was strange. They all had animalistic qualities that were atypical from what he was used to seeing. He did not think to talk to anyone else since he clearly did not speak the local language.

Goku sat and waited for his food with all the rest. Goku could see that the giant cooking pot above the fire was still being loaded. “This is torture,” he said with a sigh. He had to find something to take up his attention. He looked intently for someone here who did not have a plate other than the cook. He did not spot any after many minutes of searching but he did not do well to track who he had already examined. Most people here moved around a lot to chat with one another. They seemed to be indifferent of Goku’s presence. It was annoying and nice at the same time to be ignored like this.

“I wish I had my sword with me. This would be a perfect opportunity to practice my sheathing and unsheathing. I have not practiced in so long. Or would be the perfect opportunity to send the wrong message? I do not want to threaten these… people creatures. Who knows what they are capable of? I should just be thankful that they are not aggressive.”

The sun was unmoving in the sky as time seemed to draw out as long as possible as Goku felt hunger creep up on him. The chef threw Goku looks every so often. These typically coincided whenever Goku thought about the food as if the chef knew when people were hungry. Goku did not notice this because he was staring anywhere but the chef. Taking his mind off of the food and hunger was not working. Goku wanted to get up and walk around a little but he felt so invested already in getting this free lunch that he talked himself into staying put. It took everything he had not to complain. If these people understood his language he would have not seemed so politely quiet as they’d have heard a lot more than his grumbling stomach. That was when his wandering eyes finally spotted something interesting. It had taken forever to notice but he did in fact notice that there was a pile of red apples in a basket right next to the chef. Goku wanted to be patient and quiet but he could not help himself. If there was food available now he had to have it.

“Apple please?” Goku said pleadingly. He pointed to the basket after approaching the chef. The chef said something indistinguishable but he gave Goku the thumbs up.

“Thank you! I am so famished…” Goku said. He stacked his cup on top of the plate and held the apple in his free hand. It tasted delicious. It was the best apple he’d ever tasted in his life. It was sweet and full of fiber. The crunch was so satisfying to listen to and also to feel between his teeth. A single apple was enough to sate Goku’s hunger. He was able to sit and wait until the meal was prepared. The meal turned out to be some kind of porky broth which also tasted delicious but Goku had gotten too ahead of himself and his tongue got singed a little.

When the food was all gone and the town’s populous was satisfied the games began. Different sorts played different games. The women played with some kind of rope, the kids played with some rudimentary toys, and the men played with some rock tossing game. Goku watched a great number of rounds and picked up on the basics. The goal seemed to be to take a rock and toss it into a hole that had been carved out of a log that was pointed towards the sky. It was not as simple as hitting the mark. There was a tricky loft component involved since the rock had to fall in just the right way so that it landed in the hole.

Goku was welcomed to play once the villagers tired. There was a scoring system but Goku did not care about that. He knew that he would never even get one of these special rocks into the hole to begin with. The only reason the villagers could do it were because they had such strong muscles already attributed to their animalistic looks.

Goku walked up to one of the rocks and held it in his hands. It was difficult to lift but once he held it to his chest he could examine it. It was round and it glowed blue. Goku thought it best not to question why especially when he couldn’t communicate with anybody. He gave it his best shot at tossing the rock when it came his turn. The goal was to toss it about ten meters. Goku threw the rock with all his might and it barely cleared a single meter. Thunderous laughter came from the mouths of the males which annoyed Goku. He thought to prove that he could do at least better than that. Goku picked up another glowing blue rock feeling the weight strain his lower back. He threw the rock again and it landed right next to his other rock. He didn’t improve at all.

“I know,” he thought, “let’s see if I can use my wings to help. You know, put my back into it?” Goku tried one last time. He picked up a glowing ball and as he walked over to the throwing line he extended his previously unused wings. They flapped around and Goku suddenly felt stronger with the wings extended. He felt more confident due to the pleasure his brain was conditioned to deliver when he used them. He flapped a couple of times to get his blood flowing and Goku threw the ball as hard as he could!

Goku watched expectantly as the ball soared through the air and landed right… next to the other two balls. “You’re kidding me!” Goku shouted into the sky. The thunderous laughter came back again and Goku decided he had enough of these villagers. “Am I just a poor sport or am I justified in my anger?” he thought. Goku was not going to stick around and try again. He took a running start and flew off into the sky so that he could spend the rest of this strange adventure alone. Everything had been perfect up until he had been made fun of for being weak. “It is not like I make fun of a child for not being able to pull a man’s share of weight…” Goku told himself as he fumed in the skies.

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Re: Strange creatures, a meal, and a rock


Review Rewards

Name: Goku

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None: Non-lucid dream

Skill Review: Non-lucid dream

This was an amusing little dream. Non-lucid dreams are tough to write because the dreamer isn't aware they are dreaming. I've struggled a lot with them over my time here. Focusing on actions, setting, and words instead of inner thoughts can be tricky, especially when we are used to explaining how our characters think. In a dream, it's a version of our character, not the character themselves.

One constructive comment I have - I've noticed you tend to put a few different subjects in each paragraph, which can make your wonderful writing feel a bit rushed. Maybe try taking a paragraph and focusing on one thing and see if that flows any better for you? Might be worth a try!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this review, feel free to PM. Enjoy your rewards!


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