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Here is the City in the Trees. Desnind, home of the Immortal Moseke and much more! All IC writings in Desnind go here.
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Overwrought Flesh


Ash-flaw and Rakvald were walking beneath the canopy of the village, on the outskirts of Desnind. It was a good day for a walk, and Rakvald was getting acclimated more and more to his new body. His tail, he’d long since gotten used to, and begun to enjoy the way it offered a counterbalance on his feet.

He still hadn’t mastered the art of sitting in chairs. In fact, he’d yet to understand exactly how to sit even on the flat ground. Ash-Flaw was a help in this, but more than once his disciple had openly chuckled at Rakvald’s awkward posture as he tried to relax at their campsites. Yet now, at least, he was able to walk without embarrassing himself. It took some time for him to not sway his tail too much, but by now, at least, he got the hang of it.

They walked into the village of lower Desnind, after having enjoyed a reasonably successful hunt. It was a bit of a switch, hunting without the benefit of tools, but if there was a humanoid totem capable of it, it was the Paltharnum. Rakvald found himself reveling in its physical prowess.
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