A Storm Is Coming

20th of Cylus 721

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A Storm Is Coming

20th of Cylus, Arc 721

He was falling again, falling through darkness, surrounded by nothingness. Nothingness that turned to clouds, thick and black like smoke lit up by the flashes of lightning contained within them. The cracks of Thunder were deafening, like standing too close beside a war drum. The flashes from the lightening blinding as it forked its way through the complex cloud structure as Xander found his senses completely overwhelmed and bombarded by the sensations. Then suddenly he broke free from the clouds and the sudden relief on his senses was just as startling. But still he was falling, approaching the far off land with the rain plummeting at his side.

There was land below him, land he did not recognise houses built from upturned boats and stacked together to form strange sprawling structures. This was a land that was foreign to him a place he did not feel he had ever been and yet it seemed familiar like he should know it. If he could remember it now he would realise it was the same place that had been popping up in his dreams since the start of Cylus and yet he did not. As he plummeted towards it and the whispers of far off screams and shouts reached his ears. Words were thrown around that he did not recognise in a language he did not speak but as he fell closer and closer to the ground he could see enough to know that they were shouts of anger and fear.

As he drew closer he saw more, he saw the curls of a woman he knew, a woman he had been planning to let teach his children as she took hold of a dying woman. He stopped abruptly above the scene, fixed inplace as a helpless onlooker, watching the as the scene unfolded. Watching as Yeva was covered in blood of the woman and then the man as he cut his own throat. The nobleman winced at the sights he was seeing before suddenly he dropped again, He passed through the coblestones and seemed to come out of the otherside of them standing up. His feet fixed to the cobblestones as he stood opposite an elderly woman. The rain soaked everyone around as the large droplets fell from the stormy sky above.

He was here again, yet he did not realise it, he was watching a scene play out that as always he was helpless to change. Alas he did not remember that he had been here before, that he had seen the same conversation multiple times before.

Yeva stumbled towards them, blood soaking her and running from her in red streams as the rain washed it away onto the cobblestones. He tried to call out to her but his words did not come out and he watched and listened as the old woman spoke with her. The father tried to listen tried to understand what he was hearing but to him it made little sense, they spoke of a place, Faldrass. He tried to commit it to his memory, tried to make sure he'd remember it this time and he heard names, Chrien, Linca and Lisirra. He tried to remember them too although there meaning was not clear to him.

What was clear was the confusion and raw emotion escaping from Yeva in her words and actions but there was something more than that. The rain itself seemed to drum against his skin with rage, it burned him like acid as it grew in intensity. The storm itself carried with it an anger so intense that it seemed to start to drown out the emotions of mere mortals like him and Yeva. It was strange to watch and it did not feel real and yet what Xander was seeing struck him as being beyond the ability of his imagination. It was unlikely he would come up with something so unusual. His attention remained however on the scene in front of him.

The young woman spoke of her desire to protect and help those of Rharne and Scalvoris, to stand against those who stand against her. As he listened to here it seemed that Xanders attention was suddenly stolen from her as the older woman rose to her feet though she no longer looked so old and weathered. The storm seemed to gather too her, swirling around her form. Xander sturggled to hold onto the scene as the growing winds threatened to blow him away. Clearly something was wrong here, very wrong and he tried to hold onto the feelings and the names, holding onto them as he was swept off his feet once more. This time he had to remember.

This time he was carried on the wind like a leaf in a storm. He was tossed around and thrown through the air like he was as light as a feather. Once again he was pulled through the clouds and the thunder screamed at him this time, rage and fury were overwhelming him as the lightening flashed images into his eyes. He saw wild, vast and terrible destruction, land gone as if it were never there to begin with. The mortalborn was bombarded by images many of wish were too terrible to repeat, he saw what could come to pass should he not remember, should he not help.

The storm continued to rage around him as he tumbled and twisted on the currents of air, carried along against his will. Nothing but an observer in a world that was not his own. Forced to watch as the images continued to bombard him with every flash of lightning and howling crack of thunder. The loss was great and beyond count, the death and destruction beyond words and Xander felt himself recoil at the images and sounds on the wind. He could not understand it, he could not comprehend the complete meaning of the jumbled story he was seeing before him. Still, he clung to the names he had heard from the old woman and Yeva's conversation, he had to remember, he had to try to understand lest he wish to bear witness to a horrific calamity.

Then finally he saw her, just a brief flash of a being giant and scaled, surrounded by the storm and half submerged in the sea. She thrashed and lashed out at the world around her, the waves created carrying her spite like a messenger carries a letter. Spreading the anger and loss into the world in an unstoppable force.
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