Academic Happenstance Pt.2

1st of Cylus 721

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Academic Happenstance Pt.2


Academic Happenstance Pt.2
1st Cylus 721

Professor Griffith Clark had randomly joined Yrmellyn and her partner Haze at their table in a tavern. Now he continued speaking about research.

“So, let’s see if I understood you right Griffith. Interdisciplinary research means studying a combination of fields of knowledge. You want to find out how they work together and impact each other?”

“That’s correct, Cole.”

Yrmellyn was still a bit unsure of this. Griffith had told her that he held a Licenciate in Cartography and a Charter in Immortal history. That was two disciplines, that was true. But, to Yrmellyn it wasn’t clear what the interdisciplinary perspectives were. He researched places, where he hoped to find information about immortals. This seemed like archaeology. She could understand that this as The Archeology and History of the Immortals. Griffith also made maps of those places, yes. But, it seemed like a tool. He made maps. Yes. But, he didn’t study the technology of cartography in the light of immortal history or vice versa.

“What would be the interdisciplinary element in your research?”

“Maps of Immortal history. It’s complicated. But, like you can make a political map you can make maps with historical themes. One of them being immortal history.”

“I see that, But, Griffith, to me it looks like you are doing field studies on archaeology and Immortal history. You aren’t studying cartography. You are using it as a tool, making maps of the places. Or am I misunderstanding something?”

Griffith stared at her. It took several bits before he answered. “It’s right that I don’t study cartography and immortal history together on a basic research level. But you could say that it’s interdisciplinary from a project perspective. The projects can include many fields of knowledge and disciplines. It’s applied research, interdisciplinary applied research.”

So ... it was getting more complicated by the bit. But, Yrmellyn was what her companion in Emea used to call “a complicator”. She didn’t shy away from this new information. “Basic research and applied research . Can you explain this a bit more?”

"Basic research is the fundamental pure research aiming at crafting theory. Applied research aims at solving specific problems by creative innovation and new solutions."

Yrmellyn abstained from delving deeper into the topic right now.

“But what is research?” she said. "I mean, what do you researchers do?"

“Research is what it sounds like. We search for knowledge over and over again. Every time you search you attempt to add new knowledge to what’s already known. First, you read up about the existing knowledge. There you find unanswered questions. You decide what questions you want to answer by doing new research, built on theory and your ideas. You have to be analytical but you must also be creative. Without being creative you can’t find new knowledge and make innovations. But, without knowledge and analysis, you can't understand your results.”

Yrmellyn glanced at her partner Ha’zel. The sevryn didn’t say anything. He listened in silent patience to the highbrow discussion. She knew that he understood way more than some people would think. Still, he didn’t seem inclined to join the conversation. It was often so with Ha'zel.

“I didn’t know that research demands creativity”, she said to Griffith.

“It does. But, as I said, first you need knowledge.”

Yrmellyn nodded. She got it. “But, people who don’t have those academic qualifications? They can still have a lot of knowledge and a skill in their field of knowledge. As I told you, I’m a painter. Some would even say that I’m a master painter. I don’t know. I’m not so renowned, but according to my partner here, my art sells for good prices.”

“That’s right.” Ha’zel smiled at her.

“But, I never studied art at a university. I have no academic qualifications in art.”

Griffith looked at her. His gaze was thoughtful. “I confess that I don’t have any formal qualifications in arts but I still find drawing useful in my projects. The painting would be useful too.” He paused before he continued. “Tell me, Cole. Are you interested in making paintings of places of interest to Immortal history?”

“It sounds interesting”, Yrmellyn said. "Very interesting, even."

“In the case. If you want to register for studies in metaphysics I’d like to offer you the position of assistant researcher. I could use your help in upcoming projects.”

Yrmellyn could hardly believe it. Her fifteen arcs as a painter and vagrant had opened the door to unexpected possibilities. The prospect was new, it was interesting and it was exciting. Well, she didn’t know about the studies ... but the projects seemed fun. The idea of travelling to mystic places in search of the history of magic beings appealed to her. She could get so many inspiring motifs - a painter’s dream - and hoard so much knowledge - the attunement spark’s desire. A perfect combination.

She liked Griffith too. Otherwise, she wouldn't have considered the offer. Her impression of him was excellent. The feeling that they would get along was as important to her appraisal of the offer as the other benefits she saw.

“I would like to work with you if you aren’t kidding me. But, how do I apply to the institute?”

Griffith laughed. "I'm not kidding you. Turn to the administrators and they will help you out. ”

“I will!”

“Splendid!” He smiled. “I'm looking forward to soon seeing you at my at my lectures in Immortal History then, Cole.”

He had finished his drink and rose from the chair. “I must be on my way. See you soon!”

“See you.” A very encouraging teacher, Yrmellyn thought. No layers of dull academic dust there. The studies and the - potential - new job seemed promising.

“You’re drunk Yrmellyn”, said Haze.

“I’m not. It was only a couple of glasses of wine.”

“You ordered an extra glass. So it was three.”

“Ha’zel, I’m not drunk. I may be a little bit tipsy but I know what I’m doing.”

“I hope so. It’s a major life-changing decision. Becoming a scholar. And you took it while being drunk."

“I will still paint too. And we will still be together. I’m sure there’s a lot of labour to do in those expeditions. And for a start, I’m only going to the institute. ”

Ha’zel nodded. “Let’s see how it goes.”

They left the tavern and walked home.

It was the next trial. Yrmellyn went to speak with the administrators at The Institute for Innovation. She arrived early in the morning as she didn’t want to mess up. The building was huge. It took her a while to find her way to the office administrator Leta Viotto. It was in the chancellor offices part of the institute.

There was a queue. It was a long queue, people lined up along the corridor outside the door to Leta’s room. Yrmellyn couldn’t see the administrator yet. While she moved forward with the queue she fantasized about the studies. Metaphysics. Yrmellyn knew quite a lot about magic already but she was still interested in the theory. The mysterious Original beings were also a curiosity trigger. But. Later ... because Griffith Clark had told her to enrol for Immortal history. It was his speciality. The position of assistant researcher seemed to demand it. Despite not being much of a worshipper, Yrmellyn had nothing against it. The attunement spark in her seemed made no resistance either but seemed to agree.

“Next, please.” The female voice sounded efficient.

Yrmellyn realized that it was her turn. She stepped in met Leta Viotto for the first time. The woman looked to be around Yrmellyn’s age, take or give a few arcs. It was hard to tell. Her hair was medium blonde or light brown, her face was serious and she was looking busy and disciplined.

“What can I do for you?” Leta said it without sounding servile. It was professional and business-like.

Yrmellyn knew enough about people to see that she was facing a no-nonsense person. Leta was helpful but wouldn’t appreciate wasting time on confusion. It seemed best to be concise.

“I want to enrol for a Letter in Immortal History.”

“Letter, Immortal History.” Leta made notes in a ledger. “Your name, please.”

“Yrmellyn Cole.”

“Can you repeat that please?”

“Yrmellyn Cole.” Yrmellyn knew that she was already getting annoying. She had an inefficient name. “Here’s my registry papers, you can read my name there.” She pulled out the mage registry papers and put them on the desk so Leta could read the name. She didn’t use to tell people that she was a mage but it was the fastest way to solve the situation.

Leta’s eyes widened a bit. But, she composed almost at once, looked at the registry papers and wrote Yrmellyn’s name into the ledger. She nodded and even gave Yrmellyn a brief smile. It looked like it pleased her to see people put efficiency before privacy. This done she asked: “Are you entitled to any discounts?”

“Not to my knowledge.”

“That a no then.” Yrmellyn paid the fee and Leta wrote a new note. She gave Yrmellyn all the information she needed and then it was goodbye. “Next, please.”

Yrmellyn left the office but she didn't leave the institute at once. As she was there, she could as well look around and learn the layout of the place. She took her time and tried her best to memorize as much as she could.

So ... the easy part of this complete. She had registered, paid, and scouted the place. Yrmellyn was ready to begin!

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Re: Academic Happenstance Pt.2


Skill Knowledge:
Research: Interdisciplinary research involves more than one discipline
Research: The concept of basic research
Research: The concept of applied research
Research: Research demands analysis of the accumulated knowledge in your field
Research: New results and innovation demands creativity
Appraisal: Appraising the potential of a job offer

Non Skill Knowledge:
NPC: Leta Viotto, Administrator at The Institute for Innovation
Location: The layout of The Institute for Innovation

Loot: -
Lost: -
Wealth: -
Injuries: Haze is correct. Yrmellyn is drunk after three glasses of wine at Novice Resistance. Fortunately, it's not bad enough to affect her trip to the Institute the following trial!
Renown:5, for signing up for a qualification.
Magic XP: -
Skill Review: Appropriate to level.
Points: 10
- - -
Comments: You protrayed Yrmellyn's inquisitive nature very well in my opinion. I like how she asked Professor Clark to explain things to her until she understands what he's talking about. And what more, you made me curious about the interdisciplinary element of his research. I want to know what a map that has something to do with Immortal history looks like!

You also described what research actually is well in my opinion, and you made that subject sound really interesting. I agree with Professor Clark, by the way. In my opinion, a researcher should be creative as well!

And paintings of places of interest to Immortal history! I hope that Yrmellyn will really end up making those. That sounds very interesting!

I never expected Yrmellyn to study Immortal history, being a painter, but this thread makes me think that it would be a good fit for her!

That being said, I appreciate that you actually RPed Yrmellyn signing up for her degree out even though it doesn't seem to be a requirement, and I wish Yrmellyn good luck with her studies.

I look forward to reading those threads!

Enjoy your rewards!

P.S.: You didn't ask for any Renown in the review request, but in my opinion, you deserve a little, nevertheless. The Wiki page on Renown even mentions enrolling for a qualification as an example of a thread that is worth 5 Renown!

P.P.S.: I would have added "Resistance" to the list of skills used in the review request as Yrmellyn drank wine in this thread.
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