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Re: Rqihvahman

Name: Willow Blackhand
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 20 Cylus 696
Skills: Stealth (46/100)
Larceny (52/100)
Seduction (26/100)
Medicine (26/100)
Running (10/100)
Appearance: (Image provided)
Personality: Willow is a woman like the sea. In one moment she can can be calm and serene, urging everyone to keep their heads about them, and in the next she can be a storm of anger and creative curses with a temper so fiery that even a defier would fear getting burned. Willow is a strong believer in a powerful force she calls 'karma' but she isn't patient enough for it to act on its own so she considers herself and her crimes an agent of karma. She deeply believes people should get what they deserve and wants to be the one to give it to them, good and bad. She can be both incredibly polite and incredibly rude but she never seems to walk the line in-between the two.
Relationship to PC: Willow has been a friend of Revan's for as long as he can remember. They met when they were children and formed a group that they called the "Sticky Fingers." The Fingers commit many different small crimes that they could get away with, working together to avoid being captured for arcs. When the group fell apart after the murder of one of their members, Willow became distant for a little while and started looking for other work in the Dust Quarter before ultimately returning to Revan and falling back into the life of crime. Together they formed the 'Blackhand' family with hopes that one trial they would grow and exceed the success they had in their childhood. Willow and Revan are close friends but they are not married. The surname Blackhand is something they came up with to indicate an individual could be trusted in public situations and the meaning continues to expand. Willow is one of the few people that Revan still trusts because she has been there throughout his whole life however he never intentionally revealed his true nature to her. She has begun to suspect he is something other than human, having been around him for so long she has seen strange light coming from his wounds when jobs go wrong.
Name: Duncan
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 32 Saun 690
Skills: Smithing (51/100)
Combat: Blades (51/100)
Deception (26/100)
Climbing (12/100)
Stealth (20/100)
Appearance: (Image provided)
Personality: Duncan is not exactly a coward but he is certainly a cautious individual. He is always careful to stick his neck out for anyone, even close friends, and it has served him relatively well. He's a loyal ally and both a hard worker and quick learner. He disapproves of crime in general these trials but agrees that some people really deserve to be knocked down a quarter. While he is cautious Duncan would never, ever sell out a friend or thief he aided in any way. It is one of the few parts of his old life that remains prominent in him now, the 'honor' among thieves.
Relationship to PC: Duncan has been a friend of Revan's for as long as he can remember. They met when they were children and formed a group that they called the "Sticky Fingers." The Fingers commit many different small crimes that they could get away with, working together to avoid being captured for arcs. When the group fell apart after the murder of one of their members, Duncan moved to the Earth Quarter and turned away from the life of crime. He was convinced their friend Jacques had been murdered by the Shadow Quarter and wanted to distance himself from it as much as he could. He got a job working for a blacksmith in the quarter and tried to start a family a few times but his relationships always seem to fall apart. In recent arcs he's shown a little more interest in returning to his old profession, but he is still afraid to stick his neck out too far. Revan visits Duncan from time to time for favors he thinks aren't too dangerous and to catch up.
Name: Zoro Whetman
Race: Caudori
Date of Birth: 12 Ashan 692
Skills: Appraisal (51/100)
Etiquette (26/100)
Stealth (51/100)
Acrobatics (32/100)
Appearance: (Image provided)
Personality: An incredibly curious and unfortunately naive individual with an unnatural fascination with all different sorts of arts, Zoro is like a child exploring the world for the first time because he is exactly that. He arrived in Rharne shortly before meeting and falling in with the Blackhands, having only experienced the world on his journey from Scalvoris to Rharne. Zoro is a kind creature who wants to make everyone happy but he is slowly learning to care for himself above all others. He does not like violence and often seeks to avoid it.
Relationship to PC: Zoro met Revan and fell into the thief's good graces with unnatural speed due to his abnormal appearance and innocent nature. At first it made Revan suspect treachery from the otter but after a season passed, he realized the creature was just new to the ways of the world. Revan acts as a sort of mentor for Zoro in hopes to mold the caudori into an efficient criminal and valuable member of the Blackhand family. Zoro, who came to Rharne when he was released from Saoire's domain, came to Rharne in order to try the various alcohols and he had stayed because of the plethora of other entertaining distractions the city had to offer- including Revan. Zoro has had little experience with the world, leaving his brother Walt behind in Scalvoris to pursue the more creative corners of Idalos shortly after Saoire set them loose on the world.

Name: Namira
Appearance: Namira has the ability imitate the shadow of anything but when choosing to manifest herself she most often appears like the shadow of a girlish body in a skirt with long hair in an updo. She is always projected against a surface two dimensionally.
Personality: Naturally curious and fond of the dark by concept, Namira seeks to connect everything in Idalos with shadows- or at least to find the oldest ones. She's not fond of working in or being around bright sources of light unless they cast equally impressive shadows and she's been known to make her opinion known. She can't speak but she can understand people who speak to her and those who interact with her long enough would describe her as very animated. Her curiosity and love of the dark pushes her to move around frequently- always seeking out the darkest spot or nicest shadow.
Abilities: Imitating Shade - Namira can alter her two dimensional form to imitate any shadow that can be cast by light. This allows her complete control over her shape/size and provides her with another method of communication since she can alter herself to look like different objects and letters. Larger shapes and sizes require more energy than smaller ones. This does not give her the ability to physically interact with the world. If she were to attempt to hide with this ability, her skill would be the same as the Yludih's who she is bonded with.
Naerikk's Friend - Similar to the Naerikk racial ability, Namira can create a sixteen-foot-diameter sphere of shadows that removes all sense sight, but does not impact the other senses. It snuffs out and prevents natural and weaker magical light sources. Also like the Naerikk, the sphere of darkness always originates from Namira.
Dark Chalice - Opposite her last ability, Namira can also absorb and feed off of all the shadows within a sixteen-foot-diameter sphere of where she is located. This makes natural light sources brighter and enhances visibility through the darkness she is taking in to make herself stronger.
Physical Shade - As an extension of her ability to alter her two dimensional form to match any shadow being cast and her bond with Revan, Namira has developed the ability to physically manifest a pair of hands (only two hands) within existing shadows. This allows her to interact with things that are inside of an existing shadow but not shadows she creates. The hands always emerge from the shadows and are bound to them. If a light source were to dispel the shadows, the hands would be destroyed as well. Performing this feat and maintaining the dexterity of fingers requires significant energy from the diri and so it can only be done twice a trial. The hands can only perform simple actions like pushing, pulling, holding, grabbing, and otherwise moving objects and inanimate things. Interacting with living beings that can provide force to resist the shadowy hands efforts often results in them dispelling. Coming into contact with the hands could be described as a sudden chill passing through you.
Special Abilities
Ballad of the Lost True Form Revan can assume his crystalline form in plain sight once per cycle. However, when people see him they won't see what he is, but just a person with 'one of those faces' of no note and unremarkable. This acts as an interdiction against identification, should he need to lay low, and will last until the next time he takes an offensive or criminal action.
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