Magic With Roshi

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Magic With Roshi

Saun 4 720

“About time you got here. The others left, are there any people outside?” Roshi asked when he peeked out his door. He looked tired but then again he always looked tired.

“nobody.” Goku said. He pushed the door and stepped inside the old man’s home. Roshi was an ancient man who by all logic should spend every waking moment in bed at this point in time. Somehow he had managed to defy nature and use his supernatural energy to keep himself functional albeit barely by Goku’s standards. He had no doubt that Roshi could whoop some butt if he needed to but Goku had never seen him do any fighting whatsoever. It was not as if Roshi would ever need to fight anyone else for as long as he lived. Not many would bother picking on someone that had his appearance.

Roshi stroked his beard and leaned on his cane. He gave the door a good kick to shut it and then used his free hand to do up the locking mechanisms. He was very cautious by nature. “Good. The less people the better. We need to get you working on your basics so you can hurry up and do something with your gift. You have spent far too long in my home learning to waste your talents.”

Those words instantly put Goku on edge. He said, “I’m learning as fast as I can. I don’t know what you expect from me. The last thing you did to me nearly killed me. I think I have every right to be scared out of my mind.” Goku was of course referring to the time that Roshi had imparted some of his power unto him which had thrown Goku for a loop that had changed his life forever. Goku respected the geezer as much as the next but he had been scarred by the experience.

“Scared?” Roshi let out a wheezing laugh. “That’s not fear you feel BOY. That is a lack of discipline. You do not have the will to go on and finish the job. How many training sessions have you finished lately? None by my count. You always end up giving up and wandering off. Sometimes I wonder why I even took you under my wing with that thick skull of yours. Hurry up and start doing your runes, isn’t that what you have been working on lately?”

Goku took out his rune scribing utensils and several scrolls that he used for practice. Roshi had given him a thick empty book to take notes in but Goku had never used it. It sat collecting dust in his home where it would stay until Goku felt he had anything useful to put in there. He told Roshi in retort that, “I do not care what you call it. Fear, lack of discipline, fact is that I do not want to die. I know I risked my life taking on this power when I trained under you but I was young then. I know the value of life now and I am scared shitless whenever I think of using this power.” Goku did not look his teacher in the eye partly because he was scared of the man and partly because Goku needed his full focus on the rune he was scribing onto the scroll. Focus was relatively easy when there were no distractions. It was quiet outside and Roshi was as quiet as if he were dead. Goku still managed to get distracted now and then by sweat running down his forehead which made him have to start all over again. The patterns were still very difficult to get right. Goku had a reference for the rune that he drew but it was so hard to replicate it. That was the point of training was it not?

Roshi grimly kicked a stool to the side so he could sit on it. He sat on it with his typical grumpy expression. He asked “so, you’re scared shitless of this? I guess it would be too much to ask for you to do it all over again.”

Goku felt a tear form in one of his eyes while he tried to focus. He still had trouble keeping intrusive thoughts out. The memory of the pain was too much to bear. He hated to even think about how close he had come to death. He knew what Roshi wanted. Roshi wanted him to take on even more supernatural power. Roshi wanted him to do something with his gifts and go join a military force of some kind or become a mercenkary. Goku wanted to do the same but he could not fight off his fears. He might look tough on the outside but every aggressive encounter he ever had resulted in fear that haunted him for many days. Being brave was hard.

Roshi took Goku’s silence with a grain of salt. He would never stop grilling the student until he did something with his life. Roshi had sacrificed too much of his time and energy into Goku to allow him to fall to the way side. He had a reputation to maintain and that reputation was not to be someone who took on students that could not become titans in their own right. Roshi looked over to the work that Goku was doing. Scribing runes. A rune, to be specific. This rune was meant to cause one to bear the fruits of increased strength. Roshi had made sure that Goku could do it properly but Goku still needed a lot of work when it came to practical applications. Roshi leaned forward to hit Goku on the head with his cane.

“Enough practice. Do it for real so we can get this over with. If you even think about quitting I will hit you again. Door’s locked too so do not think you will get away unscathed.” Roshi said to Goku with his usual serious look. Goku sucked at writing and drawing so he was never going to get it perfect on paper. Thankfully when he used the magic on his arm his spark would help guide him.

Goku shuddered. “Fine.” Was all he said. He put his finger to his forearm and focused his energy into it. He knew the shape. He had studied it hard. What he lacked in practical experience he had in knowledge of how the rune should look and be performed. Goku drew the rune over the course of five minutes of painstaking silence during which he made every effort to replicate the rune as he had been taught so many times before. There were no distractions, no noises in the dead of night. Therefore he was able to scribe the rune well but not well enough. It took multiple tries to get it right. Eventually he got it to work and the rune was scribed on his arm well enough to cause it to go into effect. He felt the power of the rune he had scribed course into his arm. It was almost exhilarating to feel the power coursing through his body.

It was the simplest rune and typically the power left Goku’s body shortly after it entered. Roshi was prepared this time to help gauge how effective the rune was. He pointed to some weights that he owned. “Go lift them. See what your limit is.”

Goku was under a strange predicament because he had only enhanced a single limb with the rune. His right arm pulsated with energy that he wanted to sit and marvel at if not for Roshi’s command. Goku went to the series of dumbells and started with the lightest ones and worked his way up with a simple arm curl until he reached his limit. Mid repetition he failed and the arm stopped flowing with energy. The weight dropped suddenly to the ground and made the ground quiver slightly from the impact.

“Not too bad.” Said Roshi. “definitely some improvement from last time. You still have a long way to go. I do not even think you are lifting more than ten more pounds than you can normally. Try again with your other hand.”

Goku sighed. “Can we just stop? It already took so much out of me to do that. I am not going to succeed two times in a day that’s crazy.”

Roshi growled and whacked Goku with his cane. “It only sounds crazy because you always give up. Sit down and try again!”

Goku rubbed his head where he had gotten whacked. It did not hurt any more than a slap but combined with Roshi’s tone it injected Goku with some motivation. “I will give it one more try I guess.” He said. Goku sat down and ran his fingers over his other arm over and over again until he felt confident that he could reproduce the pattern with his energy. When he started adding energy into the mix he failed three times before he found another success. Goku impressed himself by his ability to at least create a second rune at all. He did not even need Roshi’s prompt to go test out how strong it was. He lifted weights one after the other but the rune wore off before he got up to any appreciable amount of weight.

Roshi smiled at long last and said “be happy you made a second one at all. We can work on making them stronger and longer lasting with time. Your focus now should be imprinting the pattern in your mind so that you can repeat it on a whim. Good work. Now get ready for the non magical portion of today’s lesson…

Author’s note: Roshi is an approved magic mentor viewtopic.php?f=362&t=26157

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Re: Magic With Roshi

Experience: +10 xp

Magic xp?: Yes, for Hone.

I’m treating this memory thread as a narration of how Goku initially learned the Strength rune, so I feel it can be counted as “Learning a new technique” in spite of the fact the strength rune is already on your character sheet.

You will not, however, be able to earn more magic xp going forward simply by practicing the Strength rune some more, nor by using it normally. You gain magic xp by pushing yourself to do new, risky, creative things with your magic.


Hone x4
Strength x1
Discipline x1

Skillplay: Appropriate to level

Loot: None.

Injuries/Overstepping: None.

Renown: None.

Comments: It’s good to see Goku struggle with unfamiliar skills. Not because it’s fun to see characters suffer (it isn’t), but because it’s relatable and because it makes the eventual payoff when they get good that much more satisfying. Who knows? Maybe one day you will make Roshi proud.

One note: In the future, make sure you mark your memory threads with the "Memory" attribute. It's in the menu options at the top when you start a new thread.

Enjoy your rewards!
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