[Haven] Make Yourself Useful Or Leave

A small island with an active volcano, Faldrass is the home to Saoire's school and to the Faldrass Induk.

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Re: [Haven] Make Yourself Useful Or Leave

19 Ashan 721
Balthazar suppressed a smile when Harold tried to clap his wings together and the noise that was produced was a soft thump. There were so many human things about the way he moved and spoke but he seemed to be completely an owl. Balthazar would have plenty of time to look into the professor after the meeting but he couldn't deny his curiosity was threatening to get the better of him. The meeting wrapped up quickly, Harold saying he'd send Myran with a contract. "If the eccentric can't find a home in Haven, I don't know where they would." Balthazar said with a smile after Harold warned that Myran's approach to his research was a little bit out there. Balthazar shook the owl's wing when offered again and said little more beyond pleasantries. He'd have to look over the actual contract, have someone with wider range of knowledge about legal matters look over it, and make sure there were no loopholes that the Academy was trying to exploit but otherwise he was glad to have the issue more or less resolved.

He'd also have to write to Darius and see if they had anything that might be worth giving the Academy to look at in a little more depth. After walking Harold out, Balthazar returned to his tent and looked over the chair Harold had been perched on. What a strange trial it had turned out to be? He noticed a small white feather on the ground and picked it up. It looked like nothing more than a feather but he slipped it between the pages of his notebook to join his collection of mementos. He lingered with the notebook in his hand for a few trills after he'd slipped the feather in before setting it back down and turning to the Flame Trooper behind him. "So that was a taking owl right?"
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Visible Mutations/ Marks

Defiance: Skin always glows faintly and he is warm to the touch. His is also the center of a field of static electricity so people get shocked touching him on occasion.
Rupturing: Orange etheric cracks spider-web up his arms to his elbows. His eyes and the glowing cracks going down his cheeks glow dark blue.
Transmutation: He has a series of emerald, glowing cracks on his right pectoral.
Bellinos: His fingernails are always black. The color fades into his fingers.
Celarion: A dim glowing ring surrounds his left forearm.
Palenon: A silver lightning shaped mark about the size of a hand stretching up towards his torso.


  • Oops, Oops, Ouch: Balthazar Black has twenty scars across his back from a lashing as well as scars on his hands and arms from jagged rocks on Faldrass. There are two scars on the sides of his abdomen from being stabbed and a slash across his back which blends in with the whip scars.
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Re: [Haven] Make Yourself Useful Or Leave

Experience: +15 xp


Logistics - Planning to set up a research station
Logistics - Planning to set up a clam farm
Leadership - Telling people what you need, clearly
Psychology - People enjoy the feeling of control
Psychology - It's harder to read the facial expressions of an owl
Negotiation - Stating non-negotiable parts of the deal
Negotiation - Clear terms help make good deals
Negotiation - Be willing to change your terms

Skillplay: Appropriate to level

Loot: None.

Injuries/Overstepping: None.

Magic Experience?: None.

Renown: +10

Consequences Improved reputation with both the University and the settlers at Haven. Balthazar will be known as someone who drives a hard bargain but who will listen to reason. The prosperity of Haven will improve somewhat going forward. Haven will henceforth have access to a modest but steady supply of coffee.

First, I agree that this should be reviewed as a collab and not as a solo that got modbombed. This was an enjoyable thread, and one that puts Balthazar’s positive qualities as a governor on display. Hearing out the professor, pushing back with respect, and making a decent counter-offer all led to a good result here. I also liked the Coleridge reference. :p

Let me know if you have any questions/feedback. Enjoy your rewards!
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