Down the Rabbit Hole (of Research!)

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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Down the Rabbit Hole (of Research!)

Arc 721, 30 Ashan

Good research always started with a plan. Step one had been researching the various legends of the Heart of Scalvoris. Elisabeth was relatively certain she had done what she could there - at least for the time being. Now it was time to move on to an entirely different issue.

Flipping the pages of her notebook, she found her notes and lists from her encounter with the mysterious Immortal guy. He had, in fairness, asked a lot of her. Most of it was still shrouded in mystery but something told Elisabeth that she was in the right place to find information, even about such sensitive things as Originals and Immortals.


“What We Know”
- Chrien is angry at Scalvoris – Anger must not go unnoticed
- Three reasons for anger
* Ancient - Death of her mother (Fei? Immortal guy heavily implied Chrien's mother is Fei - who is an Original)
* Arcs ago - Tricked by another
* Recent - Lost battle - lead to the devastation of Faldrass (manor on Faldrass destroyed, connected to events?)
- Chrien is fury, grief, spite, storms - hurt and confused, was manipulated. Spite is self-destructive.
- Scalvoris - places that seek to reconcile power from beneath - mortals seek to intrude at sacred place
- Chrien was tricked, but not only one
- Fei's daughter knows - Darkness overcame light
- Fei/At'iel Originals

- Childen of Fei, Sons of Ati'el - Combat could 'rend' reality open
- Oaths and Prophecies are binding in complex ways
- Balance holds seasons in sway - if broken, future impassable for 'living souls'

- Pirate Lords - pact - disappeared in storm

- Chrien - Storm
- Vhalar - Oaths
- Audra - Shadows/Deception
- Immortals approach things through their Domain

- Faldrass - Heart of Scalvoris in under Faldrass (according to Balthazar, whose been there)
- Scalvoris Mts - Vision showed Vega going into Heart of Scalvoris from there (more than one entrance or "Heart"?)
- Death Forged?
- The Inn?

“Current Research”
- Who are the children of Fei? (Chrien)
- Who are the sons of At'iel? (Does At'iel have daughters? Why aren't they mentioned?)
- What are the Domains of the Immortals involved?
- Look into Fei's death
- Look into Pirate Lords

- Ask/Learn/Study each Immortal - ask why they say what they say or what they do
- Ask/Learn/Study each person involved - ask why they say what they say of what they do
- Consider all information from different angles
- Ask about Immortals known, and figure out which ones are not present and why?

“Questions Which Need Answers/Topics to Consider”



It was an extensive list but Maz had helped her once before. Maybe she’d be willing to help again?

Picking up her notebook, Elisabeth poked her head through various stacks and hallways before finding the curious woman re-shelving some books on one of the upper levels. Elisabeth had already done some extensive research on that trial, so a small bit of weariness was setting in, but she ignored it. What she was doing was important – she could feel that. She just didn’t know why.

Smiling, she approached the woman and explained her issued. “Maz – I can’t thank you enough for your advice and expertise on the first matter I was researching. I will, obviously, pay for the use of all the books – they were invaluable to my research.”

Pausing, she looked down at the extensive list of things U’frek wanted her to look into. Sighing a bit, she condensed as much as she could. “I have something else that is a bit more…sensitive in nature. Do you have or know of any books that focus on beings called “Originals” and/or Immortals? I need something a bit broad in nature as I’m researching all of them, not just a few specific ones.” By narrowing down her request, she wiped out a good portion of her list…but she had one more thing. “As well, books on the Pirate Lords as a collective? I keep hearing rumors of a pact they may or may not have made before they vanished, and I wanted to see if there are any legends that speak to such a thing. I found it…curious.”

A curiosity indeed.

 ! Message from: Peg
In the time you have - and taking into account the resources here and the research skill levels involved you can find the following information:
1. Originals are the creators of the Immortals.
2. There are rumoured to be 8 Originals (nels have 8 sides for this reason).
3. Other rumours are that there are 7.
4. The Shattering and a vague idea of what it was.
(this equates to Rare Knowledge on the Originals here )
word count: 766

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