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wagon wheels!

Saun 3 720

Edit log: changed attribute to memory since that's something I didn't know was necessary

Goku was walking down the street on his way off to the grocery stands to get some food when he noticed that some people were crowded around a very broken wagon. All four wheels had rolled off to various parts of the street and the wagon itself looked in shambles on the ground. Goku examined it as he walked towards it. He had no clue why it had broken down but he guessed that it had to have something to do with how much stuff had been put into the wagon. Goku tried to gather more clues but came up short. The only other thing he picked up on was the horse that had reins but they weren’t attached to anything anymore. The leather dragged across the ground as the horse went around aimlessly. There was someone chasing after it but the horse deftly avoided them with a quick step and a playful attitude. Goku could not help but laugh at the sight.

“What happened?” he asked when he got to the handful of people that were trying to help out. There looked to be three people actively trying to move the wagon out of the way to little avail.

“Who knows? Alls I know is this is right in front of my shop and I have to get it moved out of here before it scares away any more customers.” The person who talked was older, maybe forty or more by Goku’s guess. He was large too.

“Aye. It’s a nuisance that’s what it is. Wheels broken and all the cargo is probably ruined. I pity him. If I were in his situation I would probably be off running after my horse as well.” The person he was referring to was the most obvious person to spot in the crowd.

Goku looked perplexed. He asked, “what are you doing then? What happens now?”

“We have to move it out of the street piece by piece. There’s no fixing things kind of damage.”

Goku offered, “do you need help? I have some time.” Goku did not have anything on his day except buying the necessities to live. Fruits and vegetables were big in his diet when he could not afford meat. He did not want to bother hunting either just because he did not think it was worth his time. That, and he did not think he was able to hunt well. He was sure he could do it if given enough time but how long would that take? Hunting was a gamble for someone with his skill set so he decided to settle on buying with money.

The men all stopped working and looked at Goku for the first time. They were not used to seeing a man with wings sprouting out of his back. Goku looked back and asked, “is that a no? If you have no need for my help I can get going…”

“No, you can help. We can use all the help we can get.” Said one of them.

Goku smiled and helped hoist up a wheel with the help of two others. He asked, “say, do I know you? I cannot help but think that I have seen you around my neighborhood.”

“Know what? I think you might be right. I knew I heard of one of your kind in the area. I must have heard it from a relative. I never seen you with my own two eyes though. I would know that at least. A hybrid like you is fairly rare, specially one that looks like you do.”

Goku nodded and grunted when the wheel was dropped against a building. The wheel had been pretty heavy so it was good that they were working as a team. He moved over to help pick up the second wheel and said, “I suppose you are right. What business do you run any way?” Goku looked at the name at the shop and could not make sense of the name.

The trio deposited the wheel against the first and headed back to the third wheel. “the name, the name! I always tell the missus that we need to change it but it’s named after her great great great grandfather. It’s a reference to a popular play at the time but you would be hard pressed to find anyone who understands the reference anymore. We sell vegetables and seeds. Mostly seeds this time of year so it is very busy. Now you can understand why I have to get this out of the way.”

Goku looked at the shop. The door was inaccessible because a lot of the goods had spilled over. There were a few customers that looked impatient that were waiting off to the side. They did not look like they were willing to wait much longer. Goku motioned to the window when they set down the third wheel and said, “could you hop through the window and service those people?

“Aye, if I were about twenty years younger I would in a heart beat.” The shop owner laughed then stopped abruptly when they hoisted up the final wheel. They put it down and he continued talking. “I would ask for your help but I can tell by the look of you that you are not a farmer. The missus should be the one helping but she went off to sit on her lazy ass. Let this be a lesson to you sonny, this is what marrying into money looks like. You will always be the lesser of the pair.” He had a look of longing in his eyes that disappeared before Goku noticed.

Now that the wheels were out of the way the traffic in the street could continue going past the wagon. The shop owner could have easily cleared his shop first but he felt it was his duty to help clear the street so others would not be burdened by this mishap.

The owner of the wagon came by to apologize. “I am so very sorry that this happened. Let me help clear the cargo.” He had finally gotten hold of the horse. He tied the reins to the heaviest of boxes and the horse helped clear those obstacles one by one. In the mean time Goku and the others helped with the smaller boxes to move all the goods to a neat pile beside the wheels. Within the hour the wagon had been pieced apart and everything was back to normal.

Goku felt tired even though he had not lifted very much weight on his own. He had the help of others to lessen the burden so all in all he got a decent work out. That killed two birds with one stone. He got to help these fine people and now he did not have to go back home to exercise.

“I never caught your name,” the shop owner said to Goku when he spread his wings to take off into the sky.

“It’s Goku!” the hybrid said with a smile. “It was a pleasure to help. Stop by next time you are in the neighborhood. I’m not hard to spot. We can have a quick snack and talk about your business some time.” Goku meant it because he needed friends. He was as friendly as could be but somehow skirted away from having any more than general good relationships with others. Nobody seemed to want to really befriend him.

Goku took a running start when there was a lull in the traffic and took off into the air. He did not fly like this often so soaring into the breezy sky was an offputting experience. He still wanted to fly every once in a while to keep up the skill set and knowledge. Ever since he had been able to use these wings he wanted to keep them as unnoticeable as possible but there was no hiding them. They were simply too big.

Goku tried his best to keep flying with his wings. He flapped hard and long like he had been taught but this was becoming a big waste of time. He could not catch the wind because the breeze died down and it was too early in the morning for there to be any waves of heat to carry him upwards. He did not try very hard after he lost altitude twice. It was too easy to give up and continue his journey on foot. His lack of discipline would come to bite him because without pushing through he would never truly improve.

Goku glided to the ground right on top of a wagon by accident and quickly hopped down before the driver noticed. Goku finally arrived at his regular grocer and at that moment he wondered why he did not buy from the person he had helped out earlier. “could have scooped up a discount probably,” he thought much to his annoyance. That realization put Goku in a bad mood which he carried all the way home. He did not know why it bothered him so much but it did. He had to chalk it up to his hybrid nature with his hard to understand emotions.

word count: 1559
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Re: wagon wheels!


Player Name: Goku

Points awarded: 10
Magic xp: none


Flying x1
Strength x2
Endurance x2
Construction x 1

Renown: 5
Loot: 0
Injuries/Overstepping: Sore back from all the hard work. Shouldn't hinder him too much as days go by.
Wealth Points: None
Consequences: none

Skill Review: All Skills used appropriately to PC's level
Notes: I found myself curious as to how the wheels (all four!) came off the wagon at once, or if they came off one after the other as the axles broke apart. It was a little mystery that kept my interest as the story progressed. Unfortunately, we never learned what happened to the wagon, if it was faulty construction, rot, or degradation. Or even sabotage. Either way, all the people involved including Goku pulled together in the end and disassembled the Wagon pretty well.

I didn't award Discipline knowledge because I don't feel like Goku's focus was tested very much here, and he didn't appear to be resisting any of of temptation. I've awarded Construction knowledge instead, as he surely would've learned something of how a wagon was made, by taking it apart.

Also, Avriel and their hybrids aren't all that uncommon to Scalvoris. While it's possible the merchant is new there and hasn't seen any or many around these parts, it wouldn't be the case if he were living there for very long.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this review, feel free to PM. Enjoy your rewards!
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