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Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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Re: Bloody Resemblance

24 Ashan 721

Yeva leaned into the Mother's embrace, curling into her warmth. She pulled back, soothed while the rain drummed around them and the soothing pressure on her chest lingered long after the hug was finished. Balance had to be achieved again, and Moseke laid out the foundation of her journey. The map which would guide her first steps. Feed the moss to Linca, he would wake and walk. Yeva nodded, repeating each step in her mind and looked down at fuzzy foliage while a new question was presented.

"Is there anyone you'd specifically like me to ask?"

"Yes," Yeva answered quickly, images of Dari flashing to her mind. But those images were soon followed by memories of his expression when he looked at Astra. How they had looked out at the dark sea together and the stars and how happy he was. A captain, a leader. A man starting a settlement, alongside a woman he loved. Could she ask him to come with her on a journey that was dangerous?

Darius was... not a fighter.

Not yet, and not in the way she had always known those to be in Rharne.

If Moseke herself was insisting a bodyguard, as much as she wished for the company of her dear friend, he did not meet the criteria. Who else?


How he held Elisa at the Dusk Event. How Yeva had learned their story from Elisa, and how she spoke of him as if he was the only thing that mattered. The one person who had saved her. Yeva frowned, imagining the two training together. Them against the world.

"Balthazar's the best fighter I know," The best one she was close to, at the very least. They had drank together, adventured together, reminisced together.


That was a lifetime ago. It shouldn't have mattered.

It didn't matter. It couldn't.

Elisa wanted deep friendship, a bond that Yeva had shuffled about, trying to give since her resurrection but struggling to. Now, to pluck the woman's love away for a bit of danger, unannounced and not included... Could the redhead be so selfish? "It's just... complicated," Yeva chewed her lip, shaking her head, "I... I don't know."

"I think..." the medic chose her words carefully, "You have marked me. I should trust you. And I do! I just..."

Wish I could have it all?

She could pick Balthazar but he hadn't picked her.

That was the end of it. This was about survival.

About Scalvoris.

"I would like you to choose." Whoever that would be. Yeva nodded resolutely, stuffing her strange feelings back down to focus on the task at hand. Solving this problem was so much more important than mortal 'what-ifs' and insufferable men, "May your friends be mine."
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Re: Bloody Resemblance

Your Review


I enjoyed this thread very much - thank you for being such a good sport through it. Yeva certainly went through a whole gamut of emotions in it and I truly believe that Moseke was exactly who she needed then and there. I had a really clear visual of the rain and the storm and Yeva standing there so very determined. I hope you enjoy your rewards!


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Moseke marks Yeva with Sevrath.

You are awarded the following abilities:
Willows' Sanctuary
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Sevrath's Skills
The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Meditation, Medicine, Singing, or Musical Instrument. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.
Moseke's Light (Minor)
Similar to Sevrath's Will, the user is capable of focusing divine energy into a minor injury (abrasion, small cut/puncture, etc.) and coax the cells into healing. This ability requires multiple events to "convince" the cells to heal, and even then they may not heal. This ability does not weaken the character as another, more powerful healing ability would, however, the character is unable to heal major injuries. When this ability is in use, a pale green/yellow light emits from the character's skin like a mist and is focused towards the palms and fingers where it is released upon contact of another individual's flesh. Multiple uses of this ability for long periods of time will cause headache and fatigue.

3 x nel (silver, copper, gold)
The Silver Nel: Will heal 1 curse.
The Copper Nel: Will teleport you twice.
The Gold Nel: Moseke's Favour. It may be used to call on Moseke once.

Medals Awarded:
Right in the feels (your writing as Yeva is exquisite, and truly emotion-provoking)
In Your Favour (for acquiring Moseke's favour)
The way you have managed Yeva's plotline after she was resurrected is amazing. Superb writing.


Cryptography: Sometimes, spoken words are puzzles to solve
Detection: Observing the movements - and clothing - of people around.
Detection: Is as much about listening as looking
Discipline: Trying to make sense of your anger
Discipline: Fighting grief
Disguise: Can be as simple as dressing differently
Discipline: The overwhelming sense of having seen too much.
Discipline: Emotions can bubble inside you and sometimes, they have to be let out.
Endurance: Being pelted with hailstones
Endurance: Outside in an unnatural storm
Endurance: Standing in the face of Chrien's wrath.
Investigation: History can give clues to mysteries.
Investigation: Dealing with a sudden shift in focus.
Investigation: Asking questions can help you make sense of your own theories
Investigation: Working out who someone is, not who they seem to be.
Investigation: Never lose sight of the big picture.
Leadership: Short orders in a crisis
Medicine: Sometimes, there's nothing you can do.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this review - drop me a PM.
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