fist lessons

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fist lessons

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This morning Goku would seek some lessons in doing some unarmed combat. The location was a sectioned off area of the proving grounds and not any place of significance in town. Ever since Goku had decided to get good at fighting there had been plenty of days where he wanted to receive training to refine his skills. Goku went to learn from someone who offered lessons but had recently gotten so busy that he scheduled Goku with one of his pupils. The instructor simply could not keep up with teaching on his own so Goku was sent to his go to source of help. Goku’s instructor had no experience with teaching, but he was more than willing to try. How hard could it be to show someone how to punch? He was going to start out small today and only take on one student. He wasn’t up for the task of talking to a large group at once and having to deal with all the pressure to not mess up.

Goku’s instructor brought the winged hybrid student over to their own little corner and he started explaining how to throw punches and what the basics of the sport of fist fighting were. Goku soon realized that the instructor had no experience in teaching so he did pretty poorly and Goku got all jumbled up with all the lingo. Sensing that he was being a little too confusing, he decided to give some demonstrations. He hit the punching bag with moderate force to show what a good punch was supposed to look like then he had Goku try.

Goku planted his feet on the ground flat then he struck the bag without even moving half of his body. The instructor didn’t even know how to put into words what he wanted the student to do. There was so much rotation and body movements that he had just built up with experience that it was hard to convey all the essential steps into a coherent sentence. Never before had the instructor had to work so hard to explain something. In the end he had to take it one step at a time. He showed that his feet rotated and moved with nearly every punch and he had to work on exaggerating all the steps so that he could emphasize what they were supposed to look like.

The one thing that Goku wasn’t quite grasping was the foot rotation. The instructor had to explain that he was supposed to punch with your whole body and that the rotation was what brought the power to the punch. He made him practice rotating his foot and had to scold him when he over rotated. The instructor tried to think back to the times that he had over rotated his foot in a fight and what the consequences had been. For one, he couldn’t move as quickly after the punch since he had to correct his foot before he could push off with it. Then there was the rotation of the upper body to deal with as there was no point in rotating too far. Doing so made you open for counter attacks if you missed and weren’t even that effective if you landed because it put you off balance. He told Goku all these things and the winged hybrid seemed to slowly start to understand what striking entailed. Goku was told to practice a few dozen more times on a punching bag and subtly corrected his posture as they worked together. By the end of the little drill, the student was sweating which reminded the instructor of his first days in the ring.

Another thing the instructor barely didn’t catch was how his student wasn’t breathing properly. Goku seemed to be holding his breath when he was punching for whatever reason. For most fighters it had become natural to breath out when exerting force and in when he was drawing his punches back. Stepping with his punches, breathing, and weaving his head had all come to be natural so it struck him as odd when his student seemed so tight when he was punching. Even telling him what to do wasn’t good enough because he always got distracted with other aspects of his form. The instructor had to get Goku to shout “BREATH” every time he punched to finally drive home the lesson. Their training drew laughs from other students but Goku thought it was worth it. Goku could not think of a better way to force someone to learn a lesson. Goku was allowed a break after his instructor realized just how out of shape he was in comparison to the regular students. They even started some small talk even though he was pretty bad at that. Unfortunately their time would be cut short because of Goku’s relatively low endurance and discipline, and umpteen other skills that he probably wasn’t even aware of that were so low that he was not able to do anything for very long at all. So he decided it was time for him to quit and to head on home.

Goku took a nap at home and when he got up it was time to go do some work. Goku went outside while in his standard work clothes. They were the clothes that had taken the most punishment over the last year. They hadn’t lasted in pristine condition more than a couple weeks from their purchase date so at this point in time they were covered in patches and threading repairs. He didn’t mind wearing these kinds of clothes when it was time to work. He had much better clothes and he saved those for the proper occasion. He doubted anyone expected a laborer to show up in formal wear. Goku’s wings shook off a few loose feathers as he stretched out for the morning. His body was recovering from the soreness of his training earlier in the day. He was lucky he was not pushed too hard so he still was able to do something else with his day.

The benefit of being so wimpy that he could not even complete even one beginner’s lesson was that he had plenty of time to do something else. “I know, I’ll go watch someone fight.” He flew overhead and looked for people that were fighting. It took some circling around before he realized that he should just go back to the proving grounds. he went there and looked around for a while until he saw two people going at it. Goku landed on top of a building and watched from above with his good vantage point. One of them had a sword and shield and the other had just a sword. They did not look like they were going all out. “They might just be showing off their moves,” Goku guessed while watching.

They paused to talk and critique each other’s form from time to time so Goku could tell that this was not a serious fight. The small crowd of people around laughed too at what was being said. Goku could not hear from this distance though.

The one with the sword was having a hard time with maintaining the façade of being able to keep going with each hit he took since he kept getting shield bashed. He had initiated a grapple of sorts, a flurry of quick paced blows was surely to take place soon. Unfortunately he had bitten off more than he could chew. He was pummeled so hard that all he could do was hold up his hands to absorb the impact of however much he could bear to take. The final hit literally knocked him backwards and he tripped over an obstacle and landed flat on his back. He slowly got to his feet without even knowing which direction his opponent was. He staggered and looked around and finally located the enemy. He ran at her with his fist clenched. He threw a few more punches but his heart and soul weren’t in them anymore. After those punches were thrown he realized just how much energy he had lost and decided to call it quits.

Goku glided down to be able to hear what they were saying towards the end. He came in time to hear “I think I’m done here. Thanks for the fight, you’ve shown me just how useful a shield can be in a fight. You wanted to know about my people correct? Unfortunately I did not grow up with my people. I was orphaned to a family of a different race. All I can tell you is that my people are supposedly fierce fighters and come from a place far away from here. If you have any specific questions perhaps I may be able to answer but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.”

The loser of the fight walked over to retrieve his weapon that had gotten lost in all the fighting. Goku didn’t even realize that the weapon had been lost up until that moment. “That was a good fight,” Goku thought. “I only wish I had been able to catch the whole thing. Maybe I can find some other people fighting…”

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Re: fist lessons

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Comments: A good use of setting and of skills. The idea of having Goku watch other people fight after he was spent physically himself was a good one. Also, he would benefit more from doing so after having tried fighting himself, as he would have a better appreciation of what was going on.

You worked in a couple snarky comments about Goku’s skills or lack thereof. That’s fine; I got a chuckle out of it. Just don’t overuse that joke and let it get stale.

Enjoy your rewards!
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