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24th of Cylus 721

A small island with an active volcano, Faldrass is the home to Saoire's school and to the Faldrass Induk.

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[Hopetoun] Treetalk, or Talking to Trees?

24th Cylus 721

The settlement of Hopetoun looked promising, a good place to start to do good deeds, fulfilling this quest or that. Yet there were so few trees! There was the faint promise of growing his own orchard on the outlying farmlands, but that design hadn't borne fruit just yet. So in preparation for the great planting of trees and orchards, he set out to find a real Faldrass tree, one that he could examine to get an idea of what kind of life a tree might expect on this island. He had learned there were trees that could resist fire, and then others that burned brightly for days before charring. And then there were some that grew up to two hundred feet tall, and were entirely resistant to fire. It stood to reason, in Kisaik's mind, that the trees left over would be resistant to fire, as the ashfall from the Volcanic eruption must've been devastating otherwise.

Kisaik was wearing his shining cobalt armor, of course, which was enchanted to take on a woody-appearance, with vines growing in and out of the harness, crossing over the armored plates and around in decorative patterns. He felt very gallant and safe when wearing his armor, and so rarely was without it, even when he wasn't currently engaged in the business of knighthood.

It took Kisaik some time to travel before he ran across any trees in the outlying area, around Hopetoun. But eventually, going northeast, he made his way to find one. It was a great tree, and one of a kind he'd not seen before. It was large, with a light orangish bark that was remarkable to look on. It seemed very healthy, for being on a volcanic island, near the site of a very explosive event, to hear tell of it.

Kisaik skipped and jumped and bounded toward the tree, and with his hand reached out to touch its bark. He smelled the moss growing at its base, breathing in its delightful rustic scent. However, something remarkable happened. It began to... speak! In his mind! He nearly fell down on his backside from surprise as it's voice reverberated through his little mind.

"Hello young sprout." The tree spoke into his mind with a voice the quality of a musician's breath channeled through a light reeded instrument. It was quite musical and pleasant to Kisaik's ears. "Well... met... to my roots." It was a strange way of speaking, but then a tree talking at all was a strange occurrence on its own. Kisaik wasn't quick to judge its grammar or syntax, not at all. He was merely thrilled that a tree could talk to him!

"Oh my! You can... well of course you can talk. But I've never been able to understand a tree before! How grand!" He looked at his mirror necklace, curious if this was the reason he was able to understand. "Well... I have so many questions, this is really quite extraordinary!"

The tree hummed slowly and spoke slower as it practically leaned its mushroom-like canopy over him. "Well.... Ask."

"Oh my, yes. Let's see." Kisaik's mind was racing with thoughts. What could he say to this grand creature? Well, he supposed he could start with the pragmatic, the reason he'd come to check on the flora of the locale. "Do you like Faldrass soil? Is there anything we can do to improve its condition for you?"

The tree hummed once more into his mind, and spoke slowly in response, "Hmmm... roots... perhaps?" Its cadence in his mind was slow and plodding, dragging each vowel out into a long groan that wasn't altogether painful or uncomfortable. Just... awkward. He didn't mind, of course, as this was quite an extraordinary occurence and not at all an inconvenience of any kind. But well, he'd like to have more elaborate conversations with the tree, if he could. Idly, he wondered if flowers might have more to say if they could talk.

Well, it wasn't much of a conversationalist, but at least they were getting somewhere! Kisaik was still excited to speak to a tree that could talk telepathically. He furrowed his leafy brow when the tree mentioned its roots, however, "Oh? What's wrong with your roots, friend? Are they getting enough nutrients, enough water? And what manner of tree are you anyway? I've never seen such a magnificent fellow as you."

"Hmmm..." The tree half hummed, half groaned as it seemed to consider his questions. "Not... so... soon." It groaned again into his mind, and he took a step back, trying to temper his enthusiasm. He understood that trees liked to grow slow, and moved slow, and everything about them was rather slow. But he didn't doubt their wisdom, which was half the point behind his asking follow-up questions!

"Yellow, dragon, tree." He said first, answering the last question first. "Sustenance... good. Soil delicious. But... hmmm..." Kisaik was starting to get antsy from the tree's slow plodding way of speaking. He had to temper his impatience, however. This was an opportunity like no other, something he'd never seen before. Perhaps nobody had! It wasn't every day a tunawa even got to speak to a big tree!

"But... hmmm... The Roots, confused. Dancing, spirits. Souls. Focusing." Kisaik furrowed his brow. Spirits? Well, he could see about that, and he told the tree as much, as he prepared to peer into the Beneath.

"I can check it out for you, if you like? I can peer into the beneath to see what kinds of spirits might be causing this, just... if I happen to fix it, keep talking to me, so I can track what affect I'm having if any."

So saying, Kisaik didn't wait another moment for the Yellow Dragon Tree to speak to him, before he swept aside the curtain between realities, and looked into the beneath. There, he saw a veritable maelstrom of spirits. All swimming and dancing and rushing around each other in a sort of vortex. They weren't disturbed, per se, as far as Kisaik could tell. And he couldn't identify any one individual of them. There were simply too many, and their ephemera seemed to blend one into the other. It was like nothing Kisaik had ever seen. He didn't think it was normal at all, but he wondered who he might tell about it...

Then it dawned on him that he was speaking to one such that might benefit from the knowledge. Wondering what the tree would say about the spirits swirling around in a vortex just beyond its roots, he asked it, "My friend, you seem to have a convocation of spirits swirling around just beneath you. But how are they causing you to speak to us telepathically?"

"Hmmm... Roots?" The tree seemed genuinely perplexed by Kisaik's question. But then, that was the end of that conversation. The tree wasn't willing to acknowledge or address the issue of the spirits swirling in a vortex just beyond its root system. And Kisaik was only left to wonder what it might be about. So he spent the rest of the time passing the time with the tree, making small talk. Talking about small critters, the weather, and acorns.

Once he'd gotten tired of the smalltalk with his tree-friend, Kisaik got up on his feet, and knocked politely on the Yellow Dragon Tree's bark. "I have to go now, but I was wondering if I might borrow some of your seeds for planting later? I'd like to help you spread your children if I may?" He smiled brightly up at the tree, waiting for its response. It took some moments, long moments. Kisaik almost suspected nothing would come of his request, when the tree began to shiver, as if a breeze were running through it. Yet no chill wind this way came. The night was as still and calm as a limpid pool of water.

Then, its branches began to shake and shiver. In no time at all, dried-up blossoms and acorns began falling down on Kisaik, all around him. He thanked the tree profusely for its generosity, and with that began gathering up the seeds and dried blossoms. He'd eat some of them, so he could grow the seeds later on if need be. But the rest he'd store in his domain bag for safekeeping, where they'd be kept fresh and dry and safe until it was planting season.

So, Kisaik hopped onto the saddle of Phee, and flew off into the moonlit night of Cylus, heading back to Hopetoun. He almost wondered if anyone would believe he'd actually talked to a tree. Kirt would probably believe him, and Lady Vega! He'd tell them about it, he resolved. Yet when he arrived, the whole episode slipped his mind, for whatever reason, and he was thus engaged in the caretaking of the orchard the rest of the day.

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Re: [Hopetoun] Treetalk, or Talking to Trees?


Discipline: Try to keep focused while asking questions of a very unusual conversationalist.
Discipline: Don't be spooked by the telepathic tree.
Discipline: x 3
Etiquette: How to address a tree and ask it nicely for some seeds.

Loot: Enough seeds for the growth of a single Yellow Dragon Tree.
Lost: -
Wealth: -
Injuries: -
Renown: -
Magic XP: -
Skill Review: Appropriate to level.
Points: 10
- - -
Comments: I have to admit, I was a little confused at first because the writeup doesn’t say that Yellow Dragon Trees are telepathic. Then I found out that it’s a calendar event though, so it makes perfect sense. Please make a note in the review request or the thread itself next time though!

That being, said, that was quite an entertaining thread in my opinion. The way you describe him, Kisaik does indeed sound like a very gallant knight, and his surprise when the tree began to speak was obvious!

The conversation with the tree was … well, I can’t help but wonder if flowers might have more to say as well now. It did sound like a somewhat awkward and frustrating experience. I like that Kisaik didn’t doubt the tree’s wisdom regardless of how slow it was!

I can’t help but wonder what exactly is going on with the spirits, and if we’ll ever find out – and if it is related to the War against Slag’s Deep in any way. Either way, I’m glad that the tree granted Kisaik’s request. I wonder when and where he will grow the seeds, and if he’ll ever tell people about his adventure with the talking Yellow Dragon Tree!

Enjoy your rewards!
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