Riddle Me Timbers [Catalina]

Whenever Gaunt & Catalina meet, all bets are off

67th of Ymiden 716

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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Riddle Me Timbers [Catalina]

Timestamp: 67th of Ymiden, 716th Arc

It sure was a grimy sight, all those skulls cemented crudely into the wall above the Bones' doorway. Sure, it served its purpose to give off that spooky vibe that one would expect from a 'seer' specialized in reading bones and whatnot. Gaunt just couldn't help but shake off the feeling there was more to it than meets the eye, he wasn't the spiritual kind but he'll be damned if he'd let himself be damned! While he tried his best to catch a glimpse of life in those cold, hollow sockets, it was needless to say he was catching more glimpses shot his way from passer-by's, covering their mouths with their hand, snickering and mocking him in muffled voices. It'd might have been cute, if it had been coming from girls that is, not salt water pirates with more hair on their tits than a goddamned silverback gorilla.

Of course Gaunt's trusted ally and best buddy in the world, turned his back on the loon staring at the skulls and gniffled right along with the orang-oetangs, with his runny nose wheezing and rolling around the muddy alley, taunting Gaunt with his legs spread, flashing him with broadest grin that derpface allowed. "Son of a bitch!"
Gaunt acted like he was about to kick the pug, the following attempt at scurrying off to safety from the position on his back was...Surreal. Made Gaunt wonder how evolution hadn't dealt with these majestic creatures yet. He wouldn't be surprised if a lemming was able to outsmart this pug. Gaunt loved'm to bits still, though usually only really shown when someone insults or tries to harm the lill' rascal.

"Please come in....Or piss off, but don't keep standing in front of my door all day!"

The raspy voice came from the looming depths, guarded by its stoic keepers of the grave. Bombastic as it may sound, in reality it was just a Crazy Old Skull Lady whining. Gaunt wordlessly knocked on the wooden door before pushing it further open, revealing the inner sanctum of this -quite literally- bone'y oracle. This self-proclaimed sanctuary was easily described in one word, trashy. In every sense of the word. There was dust laying on top of everything, including pre-established dust. It almost brought a tear to his eye, to know there were people out there that were messier than him. Making his way through boxes, crates, drapes, drapes and more drapes, he finally arrived at ... a drape covered, dented box with crates serving as chairs. Oh happy days.

"How can I be of assistance, m'dear?" Gaunt's immediate thought was to bluntly tell this old bat that she could come to his aide by offering a chair that didn't have rusty nails sticking out into his butt cheeks. "I'd like to know what you can see in my future." Was all that came out politely from between his clenched jaws, enduring the piercing pain from this seat doing a fine impression of a nail bed. In his mind Gaunt could already hear the old woman read his future and go: "You'll get ripped off, that'll be 5 gold nel." Grimacing at this thought, he waited and looked at the woman take out a couple of small boxes and laying them out before her.

"What I see, is what they show me. From left to right, these are bones of sheep and...powerful humans that lived before your time. The bones of these mighty ones tend to tell me more than the ones of sheep, which makes sense of course. "Of course." "How much do you want to donate me for my readings of your times to come, young man?"

It might have come from all the dust going up his nose to his brain, but Gaunt figured if he was going to get fucked he might as well get proper fucked. "5 gold nel, if you use these bones." Pointing at the bones of mighty warriors and sages, al though for all he knew they could have been bones from the chicken she ate last night, fuck it, he wasn't going to crawl back now! "Alright, let us SEE." Ramming the bones in a leatherbound cup, she did a conga'esque dance before throwing the bones in the center of the dented box. Gaunt's eyes inadvertently remained fixated on the sprawled bones, like he had the slightest fucking idea what he was looking at. Moments passed without a word from the lady, until finally Gaunt looked back up and saw the lady equally fixated on the bones, with even more wrinkles on her face than before. Her eyes seemed extremely concentrated on one of the bones in particular. When Gaunt caved and coughed, she jerked up and opened her mouth, seemingly trying to find the right words.

"Well...what these bones show is that you will go on travels far and wide, fight battles of both wit and blade, that you'll see the world, beyond this island." Emphasizing her words with a crooked finger placed on each bone that indicated whatever she was rambling on about at that moment. "And this one?" Gaunt asked, casually but clearly having noticed the most important bone, the one she was staring at for so long, had gone untouched. The woman did not reply. "And this one?!" The woman finally caved.

""It's a sign. You'll either gain the Immortal's blessing...Or incur their wrath."

Soon after she spoke those hushed words, Gaunt found himself 5 gold nel lighter and with his aching behind kicked out the place, standing there with Cappy looking at him like he was the derp.
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Riddle Me Timbers [Catalina]

Catalina was bored.

She was more than bored. She was very very bored. And that was never ever a good thing. Not for her, and not for those around her. But thankfully (maybe) the cause of her boredom was right in front of her. He was tall, even for a Biqaj, handsome and had been a very good partner the night before. But now? Now he had turned up here, in O'Rourke's where she had been enjoying a quiet drink. "I just want to talk, Raynarde. Let me buy you a drink, we can talk, yes?" She sighed, deeply and gestured in irritation to the bar. He had come back with a large glass of whisky for her and a pint of ale for him. Then he sat, opposite her and spoke again. "We were good together, Raynarde. We have tonight, if we wish it. Imagine, we can spend the night making sweet, beautiful..." whatever else he was going to say was lost as she picked up his tankard of ale and poured it over him. "You spend tonight drying off. I am going" she said, firmly.

Picking up the glass of whisky, she drank it back in one go and then stood, turning towards the bar and putting her glass down with a smile to O'Rourke. "They do not understand, I can not be caged" she said. She stopped to give The Cat a quick scratch behind the ear and then she exited the Inn. He did not follow her, he was too busy cursing about his wet trousers. Catalina did not care about that at all, although she did wonder what his name might have been. He had been pleasant enough company and had served his purpose but why, oh why, did they insist on wanting to share and talk and all that rubbish?

What a waste of a perfectly good body, she considered. Maybe her ideal man was a mute

So, with a smile on her face as she considered that this might be actually true, Cat saw the Four'in'Hand and she decided that, all things considered, she was feeling lucky. She had spent the night in pleasureable passion, the idiot she had spent the night with was skilled as a partner and thankfully gotten rid of without violence. Yes, that would be the thing to do and so she made her way into the gambling establishment with a very definite swagger in her step.

As always.
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