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Name: Osigurome

Age: 30 arcs

Race: Yludih

Date of Birth: 18 Saun 686 Arc

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Fluent: Common
Basic: Yludih


Yludih: Osigurome’s body is blocky and colorless, appearing much like many other Yludih. It’s quite difficult to tell her apart from others of her race, but in Uleuda that does not matter.

Human: Osigurome’s human illusion is one of a pretty blonde with full lips, usually painted. Her eyes are a darkened emerald, enhanced by the black around them. She is thin, of average height with a rather buxom build. Her voice is sultry and sensual, but mildly high pitched.

Naerikk: Decidedly darker than the Human illusion, the Naer seeming has dark brown hair, pitch black irises and almost a permanent sneer plastered on her face. The painted markings are always the same, with thin royal blue lines falling under her heavy lashes. Slashes of crimson adorn her cheeks, meeting with the royal blue lines, and a dark purple covers her lips. Her body is muscled and tight, much as one would expect from a warrior.

In search of herself, Osigurome tries her best to learn from those around her. Since her ‘birth’, she has been around the human majority in Rynmere, and has decided that she fits in among them the best. She does her best to blend in, but doesn’t always succeed. She usually attempts to cover her faux pas with shy coyness or overt sexuality.

Coming Soon

Small housing in Andaris, with a fat, fluffy cat named Phluffles.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Stealth [SP] 20 20
Disguise [SP] 15, [RB] 10 25
Poisons [SP] 15 15

Basic Knowledge

Knowledge of Rynmere Nobility
Knowledge of Poisons
Knowledge of Basic Disguises

Specialized Knowledge

Accents: They Change the Disguise!
Hiding in Plain Sight: They Don’t Notice New Things!
Marks Section




Sstill no.
  • City Dweller Starting Package
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