Delivery bird

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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Delivery bird

Ashan 4 721

The day was well into the morning when Goku stepped out of his humble abode. He reached his hands into the sky and stretched as much as he could to get some feeling into the tips of his fingers and toes. Blood flow was always pretty slow since he had these massive wings that needed circulation as well. They were blood hogs for sure especially when he needed to use them. “Be free my friends,” he told his wings as they stretched out next. Goku felt light headed when they fully extended and his heart pounded hard in his chest. His wings jittered and enjoyed the breeze that they seldomly got to feel since they were too often folded up unused. It was a shame that he had not really utilized his blood’s capability after all this time.

Goku was mid stretch when some woman came storming towards him with a small brick sized cloth that had been tied with some plant material. Her hair was all over the place and she looked a mess. Goku knew her but what he did not know was why she was headed right for him with that expression. “Oh Goku! Are you headed across town today? I remember you had said something about delivering some food. Would you mind stopping by my uncle’s place? I stitched up one of his shirts but I just got word that I am needed down by the hospital. See, I would not want to burden you but it is my uncle and he needs this shirt before he goes out tonight.”

Goku did not want to deny the woman what she requested. However there was one problem. He had no idea who this woman’s uncle was or where he lived. He had to ask, “where is he?” while accepting the cloth in one hand and depositing it into a bag he had tied to his stomach which contained an assortment of fruits and bread that he had purchased from the door to door salesman boy that morning.

“Ah! Silly me, of course you must think of me as crazy for coming with such a request and expecting you to know who he is. See it made sense in my head because he works directly with the needy in that area. Ask around, I’m sure they will be able to point you in the right direction. Ralphie is what he goes by.”

Goku said, “okay then I will ask for a Ralphie. If I cannot find him I will bring the shirt back to you. How did you know I was leaving today by the way?”

“You know how word spreads through the grape vine!” she called to him. She had already started hurrying away to do whatever it was she needed to do.

“What an odd lady,” Goku said just as a realization popped into his head. He took the shirt out of his bag and held it in his hands. “Almost made a blunder there. One wrong move and I would have squished food all over this shirt!” he then went to his back yard where he could get a running start and finally took off into the air. Goku was happy that he got some practice the previous day with flying. His wings had quickly picked up on flying again since it was in his blood and he was able to fly fairly well in the spring skies. He still ached, but he was not flying all too far away. Across town was his destination which was simple if he was able to take breaks on top of buildings.

There was no reason why Goku had decided to fly today other than he wanted to get into the habit of using his wings more. He could have just as easily walked across town if he wanted to. Flying was definitely a faster affair which was made very apparent when he crossed major intersections without having to wait even a moment for traffic to pass by. There were no shoulders to bump against up here except the birds which knew to steer clear of something much bigger than themselves.

Goku took his first rest atop a large red building with a flat roof to the slight surprise of a house wife who was doing some yard work at the time. “What in the blazes are you doing on my roof?” she shouted at him.

“Just taking a break, do you mind?” Goku asked. “I am delivering some food to people that need it and I needed to catch my breath. And a shirt, for a neighbor’s uncle.”

“You a messenger then? It’s not every day someone with wings lands on your roof so excuse my concern,” she said.

“Hehe,” Goku said while scratching his head, “no, not a messenger. Just trying to do something good for those a little less fortunate than me. I managed to get some fruit and bread with some spare change I had and thought I should donate it before it goes bad since I’m not going to be able to eat it all.”

“That’s a nice gesture. I’ve got some bread about to go bad that we will not be able to use. Come down here and I will go fetch it.” The woman ran off into the house and soon came out with some bread that had been neatly cut.

Goku glided down to the ground and took the bread graciously. “That’s awfully nice of you. What is your name? I would be happy to pass on your name and act of good will.” Goku smiled at her and was happy that he had found a generous soul today.

“Mary,” she said, “let’s keep it at that. Now get going, I have to finish working on the yard.”

Goku took off again with a running start and soared over the skies of the town. He managed to find a relatively warm pocket of air that made maintaining his altitude very easy and as his luck would have it he was carried all the way to his destination. He flapped hard to soften his landing as he arrived on the correct street. He walked right over to one of the locals and emptied the bag of food onto a table nearby. He said, “please get this to those who most need it today. It’s a gift from myself, Goku, and a kind soul named Mary. Oh by they way, do you know a Ralphie? I have a shirt for him that I’ve been asked to deliver but I have no idea what he looks like or where he lives.”

One of the people nearby came over and inspected the food to make sure that it was at least edible. Too often people gave away food that was already bad that wasn’t worth giving to people with poor dietary conditions as was. He was happy to see that the donation was in pretty good shape. “Ralphie usually happens by around noon. If you stick around for a while you’ll be able to catch him eventually. I’ll point him out to you unless you want to just leave the shirt and I’ll get it to him.”

Goku winced a little. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I told my neighbor I would deliver the shirt. I would hate for something to go wrong. I can wait a while. I need to rest anyways since my wings are pretty sore. I will probably end up walking back home now that I consider how much work taking off is.”

“Suit yourself then. I’ll be off to deliver this food, I will return shortly.” The man walked off and Goku was left to sit around and watch the locals go about their business. This was the poorest part of town that Goku was aware of. He usually associated it with petty crime and hunger which was why he liked to bring food around here when he could. Goku was not the richest of souls and he barely counted as middle class after laboring away. He wished he knew how to make some more money but it was difficult because he had no real skill or value to add to society. He sat around thinking about how he might be able to use his wings for money by delivering things around town since it had seemed fairly simple to do. He came to the conclusion that he might be able to make a business out of it one day unless the competition was fierce.

Noon came and went and Goku was able to hand off the shirt to Ralphie who did need it. He was walking around shirtless. Goku wondered if the man only had the one shirt. Regardless, Goku needed to be heading back. He had some stuff to take care of on the way back such as looking at help wanted signs and talking to prospective clients for his services. With any luck he would have a good gig tomorrow.

word count: 1530

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