Do this job or else!

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Do this job or else!

Cylus 4 721

The storm lasted for several hours and by the time it stopped, it was already dark outside and Goku felt both exhausted and famished. He could no longer wait for food and needed to leave the small shelter he had found in search of something to eat. Therefore, Goku decided to approach the door with a spider that clung to his shoulder; he had landed on Goku just like that and had not moved from that position. Goku didn’t question it. Goku opened the door and stepped outside, noticing that he was at ground level and that there was a small village not too far away from his position. "Hey! What are you doing here?" Someone suddenly shouted from further inside the village.

By the time Goku looked to see who had called out to him, he had already run up to her until he rested three meters away from his position. He stood an inch shorter than Goku and wore a guard’s uniform. He was wearing a scarf over his mouth and nose from the storm and a pair of glasses over his eyes. It was far too dark during that time to make out any specific features of the guard. "I am getting something to eat." Goku answered truthfully with an innocent tone in his voice.

The spider on Goku’s shoulder looked at the boy as if to the idiot over there to shut up so it could get some sleep. "Where did you get that?" The guard demanded. "What’s your name? Are you a villain? An ally? Friend or foe?" The guard seemed to be full of questions.

Goku's stomach growled, which only reminded him of how starved he was. "I am very hungry and I do not have time for this." Goku stated.

"Just answer the question," The guard ordered.

"The name is Goku,” Goku said in response with a tone of irritation in his voice.

"I wish I could let you, but I’ve been told to grab the next foreigner I come across and take them to the leader’s office and it has been said that you need to report there as soon as possible." The guard answered.

Goku sighed and it took what little self-control he possessed in this situation to prevent him from muscling his way out of this; he did not want trouble today, nor did he think he wanted to hear what this small time village leader wanted from the likes of him. "I'll deal with that tomorrow, but right now I am tired and hungry and I am certain at this hour anyone of importance is asleep as we speak" Goku said.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to move freely about the village or its boundaries until you receive clearance." The guard replied, not realizing just how badly Goku needed food. "Until then, you will have to accompany me to the office; perhaps we can get you some food and a place to rest there." The guard added.

"Come, just take care of this guy already and get what you need." Goku thought to himself.

"Anyway, you need to come with me, if you resist then I will have no other choice but to detain you indefinitely." The guard explained.

Goku sighed loudly and looked at the guard of this village he knew nothing about; he knew that attacking him would not be the wisest decision. However, he was hungry and he had been patient with him or at least as patient as the young man became. Additionally, Goku wanted to act wisely and while he did not want to ruin his chances at inducing chaos among the entire populace, he was irritated and could not hold back any longer. "Please allow me to walk freely in the village." Goku said as firmly as he could.

"I cannot allow you to do that sir." The guard replied. "Now please come with me." He ordered before walking away.

Goku followed for a time. Several minutes of walking without talking Goku turned down an alley. The guard’s eyes widened beneath the spectacles when he realized the action Goku decided to take in the darkness of the night. The guard rushed towards him in an attempt to stop him from escaping and grabbed his hands. “Was that an attempt to escape me?" He asked. "Do not play with me me, I am a guard despite my age and if you keep this up, I will arrest you. I have an entire village of guards on my side and you have nothing. Do not take me lightly." The guard informed.

Goku did not want to surrender to the guard in front of him, but he also knew that a direct attack would result in failure, imprisonment, and probably even death. Goku closed his eyes and hoped that the guard would be too distracted to notice the flaws in his lie. "I'm sorry, I am very hungry and tired, which is making me a little more irritable than usual. I lost track of you in the darkness" Goku explained as he clutched at his stomach.

"Very well, comply now and I will forget to mention your mistake." He offered.

Goku hesitated for a moment but was able to take a couple glances around and found himself looking at a surrounding neighborhood of connected living quarters with the help of the moonlight. "Very well." Goku replied. He was escorted to an immaculate home that stood out from every other place in this town. He wondered what kind of ruler could live in a building like this when everyone else seemed to be living under the poverty level.

The inside of the home was just as luxurious as the outside. There were a number of guards and servants bustling around, all looking a lot better off than the riff raff that Goku saw outside. He was led to an office where he was introduced to the leader.

The guard from before spoke up, “this is Lucifer, the mayor. He has a task for you.”

“Welcome to my town,” Lucifer said, not bothering to look up while he counted a pile of coins. “I am in need of help. There has been word of a revolt building up and I fear I lack the guard force to defend against the might of an entire populace.”

“So, just typical guard work?” Goku asked. He looked at the money in wonder. It was probably more than he would ever earn in her lifetime.

“Well, yes and no. First I need you to help quell the rebellion. You know, get rid of the leaders. That will come with a payment then I’m willing to pay to keep you around to make sure nothing else goes awry. Do you align with any faction?” Lucifer finally turned his full attention to Goku. His eyes pierced into his to detect any lies. Goku was filled with a dreadful feeling, one that told him that it was probably best not to lie to him in the first place. Luckily he had no reason to. He was just a visitor in these lands. As soon as he got a chance he would escape this place. For now, he had to play by the rules and keep his ego in check.

“I’m not aligned to any faction, no,” he replied which set the rich Lucifer at ease.

“Excellent. Are you interested in my proposition? I will make it very worth your while.” Lucifer spread out some money for emphasis, “you can ask any of my employees, it pays to work for me.”

“Okay then, I accept,” Goku said with a nervous smile. He didn’t want to be a guard though, he wanted only to sneak to some food. But being a guard turned out to be a good way to get on the inside.

“Great,” Lucifer said without emotion. “The ungrateful revolters are hiding out in the forest. Go deal with them then we can negotiate a salary to keep you on my guard team.”

“Sure thing,” Goku said.

Goku was taken to a room where he was briefed on the mission. He nodded his head every so often and pretended to know what all the tactical key words meant. He was given a pack full of supplies for the mission and a big basket of food. “Food!” Goku shouted when he was finally given what he came into the village for. Goku went outside and found a nice table to sit down under the moonlight. He ate and ate and ate and ate. With each passing bite he felt his stomach fill ever so slightly. His stomach was like a bottomless pit so when the foot was all consumed he felt as if he was still starving. He needed more. Goku spent the rest of the night scrounging around the village looking for scraps to munch on. At some point he got so exhausted that his vision started to blur and eventually he passed out. That was the exact moment that Goku woke up!

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Re: Do this job or else!


Player Name: Goku

Points awarded: 10
Magic xp: none


non-lucid dream.

Renown: n/a
Loot: n/a
Injuries/Overstepping: n/a
Wealth Points: n/a
Consequences: n/a

Skill Review: All Skills used appropriately to PC's level. Non lucid dream so no skills used.
Notes: Hmm the quest for food is ever-present. This was a strange and very dreamy non-lucid entry to Emea. It reminds me of my own nonsensical dreams.

I found it amusing that after Lucifer gave Goku a job and went through all the trouble of explaining strategy to him, he gave him the delivery to be made, which was food that Goku wanted to begin with :lol:.

Anyway, enjoy the points.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this review, feel free to PM. Enjoy your rewards!
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