sword lesson for beginners

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sword lesson for beginners

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Goku finally turned out for his first sword lesson. He had put this moment off for years after he got his first sword. He came dressed in his armor from head to toe and held his sword with both hands. He wished that there was an easier way to go about transporting the armor to the right building. Wearing it and walking all that way was very difficult. He did not know why he was asked to show up in armor in the first place. It was a sword lesson not a tryout to become some sort of soldier. He followed the instructions because he did not want to be chastised. He heard about how strict teachers could be. Some would make examples out of students and dismiss you if you were disrespectful. Goku kept this in mind not that he thought that he was ever disrespectful on purpose. He had pride so as long as that was not attacked he knew he would be okay.

Goku was one of several that turned up for the class. Goku was the new student of the lot. All the other students were in their armor sets. Some were leather and some were plate. As soon as they arrived they took off their armor and set it aside. “Why are you taking the armor off?” Goku questioned the nearest student. The student had ash colored hair and a fierce look about him. He looked to be in his mid twenties. Goku thought he was staring too long so he averted his eyes to scan the rest of the students though none piqued his interest.

The man responded telling Goku that “the armor is just a means of building strength training. We do not actually train with the armor on. Not at the lesson at least. We are supposed to train with it on our own time.” He finished taking his armor off and put on a uniform that looked much more comfortable. Goku did not even know about the second uniform. The ash haired person said to Goku’s questioning look, “you will get one of these in time. You will have to get a set ordered.”

“If the intention was to train our bodies it definitely worked. I feel exhausted already.” Goku took off his own armor cumbersomely. By the time he had removed it all the instructor had already begun speaking to the class.

“The reason I’m teaching you this sword strike first is because I myself do not possess very offensive force. I can move about the battle field and even analyze the ground you stand on, but I need to get close in order to strike. Judging by how you fought in the last week’s practice, you are all becoming very formidable close ranged fighters. This is why you need adequate defense. That’s enough questions for now. We need to do this now.” The instructor sounded almost panicked, as if he knew that they could be interrupted at any moment.

“Next lesson, an opportunity is granted via paying attention. I’ll not go into detail, but this is the piece of me that I must entrust to you. This is your lifeline, your friend, and it may eventually be an enemy.” The instructor placed a palm on Goku’s collarbone and emitted a loud yell as he mimicked a swipe of his sword onto Goku’s neck. He panted then quickly positioned himself behind Goku. He threw a piece of paper at him, grunted, then shifted his position again. He’d do this until Goku managed to dodge the paper as it flew. He then kicked Goku hard enough to land on his hands and knees. Goku was very confused. He felt pain from all the hits even though they were very weak.

As if this pain wasn’t enough, the instructor took the flat side of an ordinary looking blade and smacked it hard against Goku’s exposed side. It smarted so much that Goku thought he would give up already. “If you give in, if you’re not strong enough, then you will die,” the instructor said somberly, “If you have what it takes to be a swordsman, you will survive. I’m sorry, but this is how it’s done. Fighting off more than one enemy is tough. You will need to train to be able to block strikes and dodge others simultaneously.”

Goku could barely comprehend what he was being told. Him entire body was trying to keep up and his mind wasn’t even thinking on its own anymore. Goku stood up with his katana drawn. He was ready for the next attack string. The instructor sheathed his metal blade to replace it with a wooden one that he grabbed off of a wall rack. The instructor moved quickly at Goku. He horizontally slashed at Goku’s blade and knocked it into the air. The other students moved out of the way so that it could fall harmless on the floor behind them. The instructor was clearly competent with the sword which made him seem like a god against someone like Goku who did not even know how to properly swing the sword and did not know how to use proper positioning.

“Tell me new student, have you any experience at all with the blade?” the instructor asked Goku. He waved his hand so that Goku could go pick his sword back up.

“None at all. I can draw it and sheath it, that’s about it.” Goku said while running over to the blade. It looked alright even though it had taken a hefty blow.

“somehow I doubt that is even true. Show me.” The instructor walked up to Goku and some of the students started snickering. Goku gave them a scowl. He then put the blade back in the scabbard. “Wrong” the instructor said a lot more nicely. “watch me. See how I hold the scabbard with my free hand? I then bring the blade along to line it up and then slide it in. “That was your one demonstration. You can stand off to the side and practice this today. I will give the other students their lesson now.”

Goku hung his head in shame because he really thought he knew how to sheath properly. How was he supposed to know that there was so much finesse involved? He did not get an attitude and he did not complain. He walked over to the furthest wall from the other students and practiced pulling his blade out and putting it back in. It was not as easy as the instructor made it seem. Goku kept at it for a half hour. Eventually the instructor had time to check up on him. The instructor nodded in approval but he still had some posture related concerns. He adjusted Goku’s arms as he performed the motions to show where he could improve. Goku was then sent home. The instructor said that too much on the first day was enough and that carrying his armor back home was enough exercise for a new student.

“Thank you for the lesson,” Goku made sure to say while getting his armor back on. He had not talked to any students other than the ashy haired one. He was excited to come back soon to learn some names. He desperately needed some friends from outside his neighborhood anyways.

Goku had to take a break on the way home. He stopped by a park to sit on a bench and enjoy the… well the weather wasn’t very enjoyable. It was still that time of year where it was very cold to be outside. He was somewhat lucky that he was in all that armor because it meant that he was warm. The metal was cold but the heat from his body clung to him. He looked very out of place in the park. People walking by actively avoided him thinking that he might be sort of weird. His armor was not standard to any faction so he was assumed to be a stranger from out of town. Goku wished that someone would come talk to him or that he had the energy to walk around to approach someone. Instead he was stuck alone and bored until he could muster up the energy to finish his journey home.

Once Goku got home he was so tired. He did not care how much he slept in the following day he would not be performing any exercises. He thought he earned a break. “Would it hurt to try practicing the drawing again?” he thought when he finally sat on his bed. “Was the instructor telling me that to get me to want to train on my own? Or am I thinking too much?” Luckily Goku’s hunger answered that question for him. “Oh no, I have dilly dallied too long. I have to get out to the market before it gets too late. Walking in that armor set both ways really ate into my day. I must have lost a whole hour or two that I was not planning for. Hungry and sleepy at the same time, what a combination.” Goku did not decide to leave the house. He told himself he would after a quick nap but he did not get up from his bed until the next morning.

edit log: made the instructor weaker, hopefully weak enough to be a flavor npc
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Re: sword lesson for beginners


Strength x 3
Combat (blade) x 2
Endurance x 1

Loot: -
Lost: -
Wealth: -
Injuries: Bruises from his instructor’s hits, especially in the side where he smacked him with his sword. Goku will be sore for a few trials.
Renown: -
Magic XP: -
Skill Review: See below.
Points: 10
- - -
Comments: I like how determined to improve his combat skills and get stronger Goku is. I found it interesting that the students were apparently asked to walk to the school in their armor as a means to build up strength – and took it off upon arrival. It definitely sounds as if it had that kind of effect as Goku mentioned being exhausted already, before the class had even begun!

I also appreciate your RPing Goku’s Novice Blades skill. I like that you started with the very basics, such as learning how to draw a blade. You don’t read about that very often!

This thread has a similar problem as the last one that I reviewed. Goku seems to be in some sort of sword training place that offers classes this time. When I checked the link map for Scalvoris, I couldn’t find any place like that though. It’s okay to use minor locations such as someone’s home without making a writeup, but when it comes to an actual school with teachers, you should either use an established location or write something up yourself.

Furthermore, the instructor gives me the impression of being above Flavor NPC level once more. He kicks Goku hard enough for Goku to land on his hands and knees which suggests a greater level of strength, for example. Furthermore, he sounds rather skilled with a blade.

You even mentioned that he was clearly competent with a sword in the thread.

You also mentioned that Goku came dressed in his armor. When I checked your CS in order to see which kind of armor he has, I only found the following “x1 set of good-quality Tier 4 armor”. This is something that a Tier 5 PC can have, but could you specify which type of armor exactly (e.g. studded leather armor) it is, regardless?

It’s something that is rather important to know.

Furthermore, you mentioned Goku using a katana, but he doesn’t have one in his inventory, and it doesn’t sound as if someone at that training place gave him one to practice with either. You can’t just give your PC weapons. If you want to buy a new weapon, you should spend WP.

You overplayed Endurance again, and furthermore, you overplayed Discipline. His instructor kicked Goku so hard that he dropped to his hands and knees, and then he smacked him with his sword, so hard that he thought about giving up. A few moments later, Goku continued his training though, and at the end of the thread, he only seemed to be tired.

At low Novice Endurance/Discipline, Goku shouldn’t be able to deal with such things that easily.

Parts of the thread were confusing once more. You mentioned the instructor kicking Goku hard enough to land on his hands and knees, for example, but in the following sentence, you suddenly called his hits very weak. I was also a bit confused about the exercise where he threw paper at Goku and asked him to dodge it. If I threw a piece of paper, it wouldn’t get very far, unless it were actually a paper ball.

(Did Goku succeed, by the way? It would have been interesting to find that out!).

That being said, enjoy your rewards, and let me know if you have any questions, please!

P.S.: I might have added “Acrobatics” to the list of skills used as there was an exercise that involved dodging – which is part of the Acrobatics skill.
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