Surviving the dream forest

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Surviving the dream forest

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Goku wanted to do anything to take his mind off of his current situation. He recalled being captured by a “little” girl who was the size of a house. She captured him thinking he was a pet to be kept and dressed up. He scrambled to the few remaining pieces of meat and cheese from his food bowl to eat them as comfort food. He naturally turned to sugar to distract himself. That brat had dressed him up in a fox costume so he thought he looked ridiculous. The thought of being treated like an animal sickened him to the bone. He had to admire the make of the costume. It was carefully sewn so that it even looked like he had real fox fur and a tail. He escaped as soon as he could but he now had to find something to do in the wilderness. He could not go back into the town full of giant people. Goku did not like giant people as it happened. He preferred real people who at most would call him mean names or bump him on the road.

He was surprisingly able to see in the dark. The moon shined overhead and that alone was plenty enough for his to see in the dim lighting. “Why don’t I just sleep like this?” he wondered. He doubted he would have much trouble keeping alive in the forest at night, especially if it was hidden. Also, he didn’t feel any night time chills because of the costume. His costume fur kept his perfectly warm, maybe even a little too warm when he stood near his fire. He walked around and tried to figure out what about the outfit made it difficult to walk. It felt easier than the previous day when he had gotten first dressed up, because he had fallen down an innumerable amount of times that day. Now he felt like walking was easy. He darted back and forth between the trees and noted just how much dexterity he had gained.

When he finally tired he navigated back in the direction he thought was safe. He panted heavily and begun to realize for the first time that he was not sweating. He craved water and chose to drink some up off of a giant leaf on the ground. Then something caught his eye. It was a mouse scurrying around on the floor. It passed between leaves and stones and was none the wiser to Goku’s presence. His instincts kicked in and he pounced. The mouse had no chance in the world of escaping. Goku’s foot slammed onto the tail and squished the poor mouse tail. Goku studied the squirming mouse and tried to pin its body down with his other foot but this proved much more difficult now that the mouse knew it was in danger. It squirmed left and right and the few times Goku could pin it down it just wriggled around and escaped.

Goku got too focused on catching the mouse that he didn’t realize that the mouse had actually pulled free from his first paw. It left a piece of its tail behind then darted off. Goku felt disappointed and hungry after that failure. He felt like he needed to kill something now, to prove that he had a what it took to survive this dream. He sniffed around, looked around, listened around. Every one of his senses seemed to be dulled. It was the costume’s fault. It covered his ears and nose. It seemed magical in nature because no matter how much he wiggled or pried at it the fabric clung to him.

Pretty soon he came face to face with an angry looking cat. Goku could hear meowing, tiny meowing like there were kittens hidden somewhere. Then there was this mama cat who bared its fangs at his and hissed. It seemed as though Goku had come to the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, he didn’t think this was a fight that he would lose. He was many times the cat’s size. If only he knew how little that mattered.

Goku leapt at the cat and was surprised to see how nimbly the cat side stepped his and slashed into the costume’s fur. Goku squealed and snapped with his fists only to miss. The cat circled Goku and hissed again. It ran by slashing as it went. Goku was able to get his own hit in with his fist but the costume softened his blow so there was hardly any damage dealt! Now he knew that he wasn’t going to win unless he cheated. He was in a fox costume, so he had to be cunning like a fox. He wished for a solitary moment that he could turn into a real fox that would be a good way of catching the cat.

Using the powers of his inner trickery, he called out to his foot for help. He just needed the cat to trip, or get a leg immobilized. Then he could use his superior might to finish it off. He focused on the cat’s circular path and held his foot ready. The next time the cat ran by Goku kicked with his foot dug into the ground. A pocket of earth pushed up from underneath its paws, sending it crashing onto the ground. Then, Goku pounced on it and knocked it out with his fists. He was sloppy, very sloppy. He would have killed it but… the sounds of those poor kittens made him sad. He did not need to hear them and he doubted he could if he got out of here.

However the pit of his stomach was giving his that weird feeling again. It wanted to eat. What, he had no idea but he thought to reward it for all the fun fighting a cat had been. He could wait till he was out of this god forsaken forest. Goku kept walking through the forest. He tried to get some place where animals would not attack him. He did not feel safe especially in this costume. He walked for what felt like hours. He spotted a stream to drink from so he hurried over to get his fill. He looked into the water and to his surprise he started to change as he drank the water. The fox costume melted away into the stream but Goku’s body became smaller. He guessed that he was being morphed by the water for whatever reason.

“Strange stream,” he said. He peered back into the water to find that he had been turned into a cat. He let out a meow and heard kittens meowing not too far from him. He could not believe that he had been able to become a cat just from drinking some magical dream water.

The possibilities presented to his were interesting. He walked around in his new form, realizing that it was difficult to do. It was like when he had been forced into the fox costume except he was actually a cat instead of being stuffed inside some fur. He warmed up to the assumption that this was going to happen over again until he woke up. He quietly walked all the way back to the safe part of the forest where he drank from another stream. This stream turned him to his natural form. “Thank goodness,” Goku said, “no more streams I can’t handle it anymore.”

Goku was ready to escape up but the forest refused to end. “I wonder if some day I will be able to tear my own path instead of relying on the beaten trail,” he thought by talking to a firefly that landed on his hand. The insect did not respond. “There is not much else to do except exercise. But out here in the mud? I don’t want to do that. I must find something more exciting to do.” Goku sat down on a rather large stone and heard the sound of metal scraping across the ground. He looked to his side. He saw that his sword was with him! He had not noticed that it had appeared at his side when he had his form changed by the stream.

Goku stood. He drew his sword and held it out in front of him. He was very inexperienced with the sword so he only knew how to draw and sheath it. Swinging was a different story. “I should just do what I have seen others doing with swords. Swinging up to down and left to right seem like good starting points.” Goku should have gotten a lesson fore his stance was horrible and his grip misbalanced. He did not think too much of the awkward feelings he felt. He was in a dream with no teacher around so he had to do with what he had.

Goku swung the blade carefully top to bottom over and over until his arms felt numb. That did not take long since the muscles had not built yet. He took a quick reprieve and tried horizontally. He kept the routine going until he began to tire. Somewhere between rest cycles Goku lost track of time entirely. He kept going and training until his mind went numb. He woke not long after.

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Re: Surviving the dream forest


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Comments: Well, that was certainly an interesting dream. I have to admit, I would have loved to read about the house-sized little girl that captured Goku and wanted to keep him as a pet in more detail. That fox costume she had dressed him up in definitely came in handy when it comes to escaping into the wilderness though.

I found the thread and Goku’s adventures in the wilderness fairly amusing to read, and unlike some of your earlier threads, it was relatively easy to follow. There were a few expressions that I found a bit odd, such as Goku calling out to his foot to help, but that’s a comparatively minor issue.

Enjoy your rewards!
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