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Faldrass Fish Pie

Faldrass Fish Pie

Developed by Darius Baer.
Main Ingredient(s): Without question, the most critical ingredient in the Faldrass Fish Pie is the Faldrass Potato. If there is no Faldrass Potato, the dish cannot be called a Faldrass Fish Pie. Any fish can be used, although purists will insist that a true Faldrass Fish Pie should be made with Veil Fish.
Appearance: Faldrass Fish Pie resembles the appearance of what one might expect of a burning jacket potato, with a blend of lava orange and charcoal on the outside. Inside, the potato and fish are steaming hot, with the former having slowly cooked the latter over the space of a few breaks.
Taste: Faldrass Fish Pie tastes very similar to any other kind of fish pie, depending on the choice of fish. It is its appearance - and ability to maintain its temperature for breaks at a time - that has made it popular and memorable.
Price: Faldrass Fish Pie is an affordable meal for most people.
Availability: The Faldrass Potato is only grown near Hopetoun, on Faldrass, and as this is a key ingredient in the Faldrass Fish Pie, its locality limits its availability beyond Scalvoris.
Any other details: The Faldrass Potato retains its heat so well that it essentially acts as a miniature oven. Once a fish has been deboned, the meat can be inserted into the potato in a raw state, and after a few breaks, the Faldrass Fish Pie is ready to eat. Due to its heat, Faldrass Fish Pie is usually served on the end of a stick, and the same stick can be used to test that the dish is ready to eat.
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Re: Faldrass Fish Pie

 ! Message from: Pegasus
That is a very ugly-looking pie! But it is an approved one!
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