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This section is for Character Sheets specifically. Please make sure to read over the starting guides, rules, and the lost history information before completing a character sheet.

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Re: Character Profile


Hello Aloysius!

First of all, let me welcome you to Standing Trials.

There are a few minor fixes we need to make to your character sheet before we can begin with approval, but that's what I'm here to help with.
  • From the top, your description of your character is a bit spare, with not much in the way of detail. What are his eye color/hair color/height/build/body mass/etc.? You don't have to include all of those details right away, just a general idea of how tall a person is and their basic physical parameters are appreciated.
  • Skill Section: You have the max level of certain skills set to 100, when they should be 250. Typically fast track skills are max 100, while every other skill should be 250. For example:

    Fletching (25/100) Novice <-- This is incorrect
    FastTrack + Racial Bonus: Psychology (25/100) Novice <--- as you have noted this to be your FT, it is correct.
    Riding (5/100) <-- This is incorrect

    Also, your skill levels are too high for a beginning character. In addition to your racial bonus (which is starting at 25, you have it correct), you get 50 skill points to distribute among your skills. Please correct that issue, and let me know when you have?

    As well, your knowledges are the default knowledges that are included with the character sheet template. There's nothing wrong with that, but it appears they don't match your skills that you've chosen.
  • On the Skill ledger, you have to show how you're spending your skill points, and where they're coming from. Typically you start with 50 skill points + the 25 for your racial bonus. You need not include your racial bonus in this skill ledger as long as it's properly labeled in the previous skill list.
  • At tier five with no wealth threads as yet, you start at 66 WP. Please clear the +1 to your wp on the second line of that ledger.
Apart from these fixes, your sheet looks good atm. Please fix those, and respond here, I'll look at it again and see if you're ready for final approval!

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