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The Unwashed Hordes

The Unwashed Hordes!

The Nation of Melrath is often a target of hostile Outlanders seeking to plunder her fortunes. Whether they be Uthaldrian barbarians and monster-tamers, pirate reavers, or rogue mercenary groups, one will never lack for a fight when it comes to the defense of Melrath.

If you want to dev a reaver/raider/ravager for yourself, please see the form below. Otherwise, anyone who is inferior to a Commander, is free to be devved as long as they adhere to the skill limits listed for each tier (listed at the top of each tab).

I will add to this roster as I feel inspired and as you guys dev them.

The Unwashed Hordes

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs (Excepting the Commanders) if they want a challenging battle/brawl/raid.

The Commanders

The Commanders require moderator approval and oversight in order to use in threads.

The Lord of Lather
Name: Dryden Kurgan
Race: Human
DoB: 23rd Ymiden 691
Tier: Commander

Combat: Seige (Catapults/Scorpions): Master
Science: Master
Leadership: Master
Seafaring: Expert
Cooking: Expert
Tactics: Expert
Endurance: Expert
Detection: Competent
Combat: Unarmed: Competent

A very dapper reaver from the Ne'haer region, he has made berth somewhere to the west of Melrath, in a hard-to-find cove, from whence he commands a small fleet of ships. He's known and feared for butchering his enemies after killing them, and boiling their fat to craft soap, which he sells at a decent cost on the black market of Melrath.

He detests dirt and grime. He is known to take daily baths in the cabin of his Brigandine. Sometimes twice a day. If he wasn't so vicious and effective a commander, his men would've likely gotten tired of his antics long ago. But as it is, he runs a tight fleet of ships. His flagship is a Masterwork Brigantine called 'The Ivory Dove'. It is armed with explosive missiles, that he places carefully in loaded ammunition to launch with the ship's two catapults.


For submitting Captains, the skill set up is thus: 8 skills1 master, 3 expert, 4 competent. They are often accompanied by a contingent of a dozen or more faceless npcs, and sometimes one lieutenant or Grunt.


For submitting Lieutenants, the skill set up is thus: 8 skills, 2 of these skills are expert, 4 of these skills at competent, 2 of these skills at novice. Lieutenants are accompanied often by a half dozen faceless npcs or pets, and sometimes a Grunt.


For submitting Grunts, the skill set up is thus: 6 skills, 1 skill at expert, 3 skills at Competent, and 2 skills at novice. Grunts sometimes come with a faceless sidekick or two, or a pet.

The Shallow Grave

For updating our dearly departed enemies as you slay them.

You may submit raiders to this thread for approval.

Raiders/Reavers/Ravagers may have absolutely no magic skills, marks, or magical practices.

For the submission of new fighters, please follow this format

In the course of your adventures, should you vanquish one of these foes, please resubmit them with the updated information and a link to where you killed them, and they will be immortalized in the Shallow Grave.

There are a few ground rules, put together by Pegasus, which I'll list below:
  • In your review request - you must link to this thread - showing your submission of the NPC here. These NPCs do not follow the usual rules and our Peer Reviewers need to know that you are playing to your skills.
  • Consider these "flavour" NPCs. They follow the same rules as flavour NPCs , but with more skills than usual flavour NPCs.
  • The same rules for story as Flavour NPCs apply. You can meet them, see them in passing, notice them in a bar, etc. If, however, an NPC becomes a significant part of your story, then they should be submitted as a city NPC.
  • Please use them in a way which makes story sense for their level of experience.
  • Remember that not all Hordies are villains.
  • Remember that not all Hordies are warriors.
    In the course of your adventures, should you vanquish one of these foes, please resubmit them with the updated information and a link to where you killed them, and they will be immortalized in the Shallow Grave.
  • Villains / Hordies can grow with your pc. If you wish to move them UP a Role - then please post using the code below and giving a good reason why.
  • No marks, no magics etc.
  • You must post here and update every time the NPC is used.
  • More than one player may use any NPC here.

Code: Select all

[sptitle=Nickname][b]Name: [/b] 
    [b]Thread Appearances:[/b]

  Description of the raider.  What s/he's like, what his/her weaknesses are, what their strengths are.  What weapons they prefer.

Since this will need supervision, please do add a post here each time you use these NPCs in threads. I will add their appearances as you all defeat, conquer, and vanquish your foes.

Should you kill them, that will need to be recorded also. They will need adding to the Shallow Grave.

Thanks for keeping me up to date!

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Synopsis of threads:
Credit: Pig Boy
word count: 904
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Re: The Unwashed Hordes

The Branded
Name: Sigorn
Race: Human
DoB: 13 Ashan 684
Tier: Lieutenant
Combat: Blades (Expert)
Leadership (Expert)
Stealth (Competent)
Tactics (Competent)
Intimidation (Competent)
Detection (Competent)
Athletics (Novice)
Combat: Axes (Novice)
Thread Appearances: None yet

Sigorn leads a small group, no larger than half a dozen at any time, of unintelligent but reliable barbarians that have been robbing outsiders and violently attacking individuals baring intricate enough Embla for it to seem like they should have more than the barbarians find on them. Sigorn is a lithe, hairless man who fights with more ferocity than might who has only continued to trouble the Ragnari and Ydalir because of his ruthless willingness to sacrifice people to ensure his own escape. His people follow him out of a strange loyalty that can not be shaken. Sigorn prefers to fight with a short sword though he always carries a pair of throwing axes to use against opponents who try to keep him at a further range. Sigorn likes to keeps his allies close and his enemies dead, but unfortunately he doesn't perceive many people as his ally. Even among his own men, he always suspects the worst of people.

Sigorn has several scars going down the left of his face but few know the origin of them. They were not obtained in battle but instead in interrogation.
word count: 223

Sesser Mark

  • Transformer's Toolbox [Minor]: Azrael can make superficial changes to his appearance (hair, nails, skin, eye, and voice.)
  • Ever Alluring I: Azrael seems to endure harsh conditions better than others and everyone, despite sexual orientation, is just a bit curious what he would be like in bed.

Spirit Impact

  • Darksight: Azrael's perception of light and dark have been flipped, allowing him to see more clearly in an absence of light than in the day.
  • Crow's Embla: So long as he doesn't mention proper names of people, either his own or that of others, he will be able to fit into any setting that he visits in Melrath. Once he uses a proper name of any person (even if it's made up) within another's hearing range, the effect is null until the next trial.

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Re: The Unwashed Hordes

The Kid
Name: Kyron
Race: Mixed Blood [Human x Aukari]
DoB: 43 Saun 701
Tier: Grunt
Skills: Detection (Expert), Intelligence (Competent), Navigation (Competent), Stealth (Competent), Athletics (Novice), Combat: Ranged (Novice)
Thread Appearances: [Fensalir] Abrupt Introduction (gravely injured)

Son of a slave, Kyron fled the shackled life he was destined for when his village was raided and joined a mercenary company at the age of sixteen. Ever eager to try and prove his mettle, the company he was originally a part of never gave him much of an opportunity to do so, relegating him to menial tasks. So he bid his time and built what skills he could, eavesdropping when possible and quietly watching as the company slowly imploded. He joined a select few that left and wound up in another mercenary company that put him to work as a scout. He found he had a knack for navigating the land around him and picked up the short bow along the way. However, his lack of experience and desire to prove himself are still his greatest weaknesses and he often finds himself in sticky situations.

He's easily distinguished by his short, messy, sun-touched auburn hair, intense blue gaze and scars the cover him from head to toe from his time in the company and as a slave.
word count: 217
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