Examination, Experimentation

Yeva takes her entrance exam for the linguistics program at the University of Scalvoris.

A satellite of the prestigious Viden Academy, this collaborative effort has truly been successful on Scalvoris and many great inventions and discoveries are made on a regular basis!

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Re: Examination, Experimentation

"You should listen to me, Yeva. Listen to me, don't listen to the other. The Immortals use us as playthings, they don't care beyond how their ends may be served... What do you want from me?"

Yvithia repeated the words of warning that Azrael had spoken to Yeva. "That is what the apparition said? Yes?" Of course there was little use in lying to one such as Yvithia. Besides, she'd just said the words verbatim, as if plucked directly from Yeva's ears the moment she heard them. "Not a fan of Immortals, was he?"

"But then, one can hardly blame the Avriel, given how they were created, left to their own destruction and then against all reason, to thrive." Yvithia smiled in her cruel but frank way at Yeva. "Perhaps that speaks to the cruelty of the world in general. That such a debased race of creatures has not only defied a world that wanted no part of them, but to dominate their corner of it, wherever they went. The Founder of Korlasir alone dethroned them from their ancestral birthplace of Aeva's Peak. They merely flew elsewhere, and it wasn't long before that elsewhere was theirs to own and dominate."

Yvithia was perhaps oversharing in this little history lesson of the Avriel, but she thought perhaps Yeva above all deserved among humans to know some more about the winged people of Athart. Or maybe there was a deeper purpose to sharing it.

"At any rate, I only gave an impression of him. That was not Azrael, for he has not died as far as I know." Yvithia nodded at Yeva, "I apologize for the deception, the exposure to aspects of your past was part of the test."

"As for whether you should trust Immortals, or anyone in general..." Yvithia's mouth twisted, and she shrugged. "It's always a calculation. What you have to gain from that trust, how well you can leverage that trust to earn the maximum understanding of your situation, and to thrive in spite of it. I have to confess, as an Immortal I find it difficult to think in such base terms as survival, longevity, and lasting legacy."

"That said, one Immortal has only just ascended recently, and seven more dropped from their wings, helpless as poisoned flies." Yvithia looked at Yeva, wondering what she made of that. "That said, perhaps it's time I thought of such things. What do you think, Yeva?"

This said, since the bargain had been struck, and Yeva had already agreed to put a finger on the scale of how Gernevoir developed from its reemergence in Rharne, she would give Yeva her mark. The young woman would feel the mark take hold over her eye, like a scar that ran from her temple down to the top of her cheek. It felt cold, not unlike the early frost of winter's breeze. But then it began to fade, and she felt Yvithia's power in her.

"I will be watching you, Yeva of Rharne." Yvithia said, walking out through the backdoor of the councilor's office. "Remember your task, and take care who you share the news of our meeting with..."

So saying, Yvithia went away, leaving Yeva to consider her words such as they were.

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Woo, this was fun to mod and I'm so glad you made it back to wrap up with me! Yeva is such a layered and detailed character and it's always a pleasure to write with her.

I hope you go through with the task Yvithia assigned you, and let me know when/if/where you need moderation toward that end. I'd be glad to guide your efforts either with modded threads or trackers.

Great writing here, I look forward to reading the next chapters of Yeva's story.
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